Evolutionary Psychology / Quadrune Brain (Triune Brain)
charts used by Michael Dowd & Connie Barlow for telling The Great Story


Our human brain contains the foundations of vertebrate brain evolution: our reptilian brain (our Lizard Legacy) and our paleo-mammal brain (our Furry L'il Mammal). Evolved later is our human rational brain, the neocortex (our Monkey Mind), and highly developed in the human are the prefrontal cortex or frontal lobes (our Higher Porpoise; higher purpose).


Note: upper level of charts drawn by Connie Barlow; lower level by Nancy Margulies

  • AUDIO 2011: "Modern Women with Stone-Age Instincts"
       Connie Barlow interviewed by Claire Zammit for Women on the Edge of Evolution

  • LISTEN to a free half-hour AUDIO, "Your Brain's Creation Story", presented by Connie Barlow at a Sunday morning worship service of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island, WA, August 2009.

  • Short VIDEO of Michael Dowd presenting a program on Evolutionary Brain Science.

    The science and practical implications of an understanding of "Your Brain's Creation Story" can be accessed in the central chapters of Michael Dowd's 2008 book, Thank God for Evolution, which is endorsed by six Nobel laureates. For a quick introduction to how evolutionary brain science helps us understand (and develop compassion for) current events, visit these BLOGPOSTS or ONLINE AUDIOS:



    "Zoey 101, Brain Science 101"

    "Evolutionary Morality and Ethics"

    "Lizard Legacy Bites Three More Alphas"

    "There's Nothing Shameful About Accountability"

    "Sex and the Olympics"

    "I'm a Human with Mismatched Instincts"

    "Religion and Self-Control"

    "President Obama's Testosterone Levels"

    "Sex Scandals and Instincts: It's Your Biology, Stupid!"






    "Evolution and Infidelity"

    "Your Brain's Creation Story"

    "Every Man's Dream; Every Man's Nightmare"                  





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    Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow explore how an understanding of our brain's evolutionary heritage can help us thrive despite "mismatched instincts" tempted by "supernormal allurements".    Nov 2012

    BELOW: Connie Barlow uses hand puppets when she brings the basic understanding of our evolved brain to CHILDREN. She regularly does this in a 6-minute "story for all ages" in church services (with the kids up front), but she has also done this in the religious education classroom for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. When with kids, she embellishes the playful lesson with song. Visit the SONGS page of this website and scroll down to "All Are Here for You" and "Lizard Legacy". She passes out buttons (below) for the kids to take home. When with TEENS, she passes out a flier with the charts on it and sometimes gives away buttons — which the teens leap for. This material (on romance, love, and lust and on substance addictions) is centrally important to them.





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