Evolutionize Your Life   

Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow explore how an understanding of our brain's evolutionary heritage can help us thrive despite "mismatched instincts" tempted by "supernormal stimuli". (publ. 2012)

Watch 5-minute previews of each of the 6 sections:

  • "Inspiring Naturalism" (Michael Dowd)

  • "Physical Instincts" (Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd)

  • "Internet Gaming Addiction" (Shane Dowd)

  • "Your Brain's Creation Story" (Connie Barlow)

  • "Evolution and Infidelity" (Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd)

  • "Modern Women with Stone-Age Instincts" (Connie Barlow)

  •       Thank God for Evolution!

    Published in 2008, this is the companion DVD to Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution. Disk 1 covers the core concepts of the book, including public v. private revelation, day v. night language, nested emergence, the sacred direction of evolution, awakening to our role in the cosmos, God and reality, evolutionary integrity, and more. Disk 2 is geared for religiously moderate and conservative audiences; here Dowd bridges scientific concepts to core Christian doctrines. Both programs were filmed in audience settings and are richly supplemented with illustrations. We recommend you also download FREE STUDY GUIDES (4-5 week or 12-15 week versions) that are designed for group recitation of book passages, sampling of DVD segments, and guidance for discussion. Scroll down to buy

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     "Evolutionize Your Life" (2-disk set)
      "Thank God for Evolution!" (2-disk set)

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