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We've been grounded! A cancer diagnosis (lymphoma) struck while in the midst of speaking events in the Puget Sound region. Fortunately, Washington is the one state in which our health insurance fully applies — and we've got dear friends in the area who have offered us shelter for the several months of treatment that will (hopefully) lead to a full recovery.

Meanwhile, we have cancelled all speaking engagements through January 2010 and have begun the joyous work of evolving our itinerant evolutionary evangelism into fully electronic evolutionary evangelism — at least temporarily. CONNIE has engineered for us a weekly podcast and is working on a host of creative projects that our on-the-road lifestyle had persistently interrupted for 7 years. MICHAEL is learning about online webinar tools that will enable him to shift from public speaking to Internet teaching and training.

Those wishing to become "Friends of Michael and Connie" can support our ministry with their tax-deductible donations here. We're also hoping to be offered retreat locations where we can work on longer-term creative projects (new books, curricula, etc) that don't lend themselves to completion while we are living on the road. If you have a second home or are open to having us house-sit while you are away for a few weeks or longer in 2010 or 2011, please let us know:   BTW: You can tell by the chemo-induced hair loss in the photo which one of us is undergoing treatment.

     CANCER UPDATE: Grateful for the Gift of Life

by Michael Dowd

At the end of August, just 6 weeks after Connie and I emerged from rafting through the Grand Canyon (2 waterfall photos at left), I was diagnosed with diffuse large B cell lymphoma, with a large tumor in my spleen. Three weeks ago I began R-CHOP chemotherapy in Seattle. I'm to have six chemotherapy infusions over three months: every two weeks through the end of November. Then, if necessary, I'll undergo radiation (or possibly surgery) in December. Between now and the end of the year we're staying with dear friends on Whidbey Island, who have an organic garden and orchard, lots of raspberries, and a great open view of the sky and the Olympic Mountains. Just this morning, Connie took the photograph (left) of me pointing at the setting moon. All things considered, we could not be doing better … Read more

     NEW WEEKLY PODCAST: "America's Evolutionary Evangelists"

by Connie Barlow

Michael and I are thrilled to have begun recording and posting a weekly podcast on evolutionary themes. Initiated in August, the podcast website now includes 9 half-hour episodes in the archive. Make sure you download all these back episodes when you begin your free RSS subscription, or browse the titles and sample among them for online listening. Titles thus far:

"Your Brain's Creation Story"                       ♦ "When Death Gets Personal"
"The New Atheists As God's Prophets"         ♦ "Evolutionary Emergence"
"Evolution and Infidelity"                             ♦ "Mentors in the Movement"
"Generation Waking Up, with guest Joshua Gorman"
"Humanity's Rite of Passage into Adulthood"
"Humanity Grows Up: From Beliefs to Knowledge"

     HIGHLIGHTS OF MICHAEL'S BLOG POSTS from the past few months

by Michael Dowd

  • "Friends of Michael and Connie"
  • The Big Integrity Movement
  • Review of Richard Dawkins' new book, The Greatest Show on Earth
  • 6th Nobel Laureate Endorsement: Charles Townes
  • Grand Canyon Revelations: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Reality: God's Secular Name
  • Sex Scandals and Instincts: It's Your Biology, Stupid!
  • David Sloan Wilson: Evolutionary Psychology in the Media
  • Presentation (and video) at Agape Spiritual Center
  • Presentation at Skeptic Society (Distinguished Lecture Series at Cal Tech)

         WHAT'S NEW? on website

    by Connie Barlow

    Since our last installment of this e-zine in May, we've made 15 major additions to our educational website. Click on our illustrated What's New? page and quickly browse the entries, which include: a photo-essay of a sacred site of the Epic of Evolution ("The Great Unconformity" in the Grand Canyon); a new children's story by Connie for free download that is titled Tree Talks About Death; online listening of several new sermons by Michael or Connie; announcement of the launch of our new weekly podcast; audio interview of Connie speaking to EnlightenNext podcasters on the topic, "The Third Face of God," and more.

         DVD SALES AT REDUCED PRICE through 2009

    by Michael Dowd

    Here is a gift idea that will also help us immensely: Burn copies of our DVDs for others. Deepen your knowledge of The Great Story and share an inspiring evolutionary perspective with your friends and family by purchasing one or more of our DVD sets and then making as many copies as you wish. Duplicate them yourself or have Kinkos do it for you. PDFs of the DVD jacket graphics can be downloaded from the DVD purchase page (linked below) and you can purchase blank DVD cases at Staples, Office Depot, or OfficeMax. Burn as many copies of our DVDs as you'd like! For example, a minister from a large church in the Midwest bought two of our DVD sets and then had Kinkos make 35 copies of each, which became his Christmas gifts to the volunteer leaders of his church that year. Click here to access the reduced price page and order online: $25 per 4-hr set, rather than the standard $30 price. This offer is available to Evolutionary Times readers through the end of 2009.

         RESOURCES ON OTHER WEBSITES recommended for evolutionaries

    by Connie Barlow

    We have added several new hyperlinks to our own favorite links page. Among them: (1) an amazing 4-minute remix of Carl Sagan's classic "Cosmos" series that engineers the narration so that Sagan is singing his words! (October 15 it hit 1 million views on YouTube — less than a month since it was first posted there); (2) music video of a revered ancestor, the "walking fish" Tiktaalik; (3) news gleanings by NHNE Pulse, which is a way for evolutionaries to take note of noteworthy events and ideas while bypassing the trivial. Michael has also written a blog post that highlights the work and websites of William (Billy) Grassie in the Epic of Evolution movement. Michael recommends "The Machine Is Us/ing Us" on YouTube. And check out Craig Hamilton's online Academy for Evolutionaries and his new course, "Awakening to an Evolutionary Relationship to Life".

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