Mission Statement

OUR MISSION: (A) To teach and preach a sacred, meaningful, inspring way of understanding the history of cosmos, Earth, life, and humanity in colleges, universities, churches, synagogues, retreat centers, living rooms, and private and public schools across North America. (B) To network with and support others who are committed to a just, healthy, beautiful, and sustainably life-giving future for all species. (C) To further evolution's tendency toward greater cooperation and interdependence at ever increasing scale and evolvability.

OUR MESSAGE: The marriage of science and the sacred for personal and planetary wellbeing and ongoing transformation.

OUR VISION: The clear and unmistakable emergence of the Ecozoic Era — i.e., a mutually enhancing human-Earth relationship — within our lifetimes. This includes seeing the majority of the world's religious leaders and followers enthusiastically embracing an evolutionary, ecological worldview.

OUR MARKET: Mainstream North Americans (especially young people) who have never heard The Great Story or who have not yet fully realized its magnificence.

OUR COMMITMENT: To trust that all our needs will be taken care of and to go wherever there is interest, regardless of a group or organization's ability to compensate us.

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