Thomas Berry in Video and Audio


LEFT: Thomas Berry (1914-2009), cultural historian, Passionist Priest, and mentor of countless individuals inspired by the Great Story, is portrayed at the bottom of this picture, drawn by Sr. Mary Southard. RIGHT: Click for a 48-minute YouTube video of Thomas Berry reciting 9 of his poems to an enthusiastic audience.

Photos above: April 2007 by C Barlow and M Dowd
   In preparation for the June 2001 "EarthSpirit Rising" Conference held in Louisville KY, Connie Barlow (over the phone) and John Cock (in person) audiotaped Thomas Berry reading short passages (selected by Barlow) from his 2000 book, The Great Work, published by Bell Tower / Random House.

All 11 passages that Thomas read aloud during those sessions (each 2 minutes or less) are now freely available here, in mp3 format below.

Thomas Berry and the audio recorders assert no copyright, so go ahead and download these audios for use in educational and inspirational settings — for furthering The Great Work in myriad ways!

Short AUDIOS below (right-click to download as mp3)

   1. Dedication Page   

   2. Lilies of Youth   

   3. The Great Work   

   4. Universe Work   

   5. Universe Story   

   6. Direction   

   7. Great Self   

   8. New Revelation   

   9. Metareligious   

   10. Universe Power   

   11. Universe Is For Us   

Photos right: plants along the creek (April 2013) that
runs through the meadow where Thomas experienced
his "Lilies of Youth" epiphany. Also, the home that his father
purchased near that meadow, when Thomas was a child.


VIDEOS now on youtube: Lou Niznik Legacy Collection

Lou Niznik's great work was certainly his journeying to speaking events of Thomas Berry in order to capture the talks on the pre-digital technology available at the time. All this he did with no remuneration. Now, The Thomas Berry Foundation has made the Niznik film collection available to everyone everywhere by way of youtube. The selection below is a sampling of the best.
  • "The Celebratory Liturgy of the Universe"

  • "The Art and Crisis of Planet Earth"

  • "The Universe and the University" (pt 1) and (pt 2)

  • "The Historical Mission of Our Time"

  • "Thomas Berry at Port Burwell" (pt 1), (pt 2), (pt 3), (pt 4)

  • "Thomas Berry - The Twelve Principles" (filmed 1984, with Brian Swimme also speaking)

    Photos below by Lou Niznik:


  • THOMAS BERRY DVD now available
        Caroline Webb and colleagues have just made available for online sale a new DVD with 2 short pieces ( 8 and 9 minutes) on and with Thomas Berry. Beautifully illustrated, and with superb narration and music, this is a must-have video for institutions to use for events on the Universe Story, Thomas Berry, and Ecozoic awareness. Price: $18.00 plus shipping.

  • Thomas Berry and the Earth Community" - superb resources of Berry's great work (website by Caroline Webb)

  • 48-minute YouTube video of Thomas reciting his poetry.

  • Text and audio of Thomas presenting "The Ecozoic Era", his 1991 address to the Schumacher Society.

  • "Gems of Deep-Time Wisdom": Compilation of Thomas Berry's best short quotations.

  • Free downloadable STUDY GUIDE for group exploration of Thomas Berry's book, The Great Work.

  • The Ecozoic Times - The EcozoicTimes.Com is a news source and resource center for the emerging Ecozoic Era. Begun in 2010 by Allysyn Kiplinger, the website explores both the philosophy and the real-world expression of "Ecozoic", as lined and defined by Thomas Berry: "a geologic era of mutually enhancing human-Earth relations."




    LEFT COLUMN PHOTOS: Michael Dowed with Thomas Berry in the early 1990s, April 2007, and November 2008.

    RIGHT COLUMN PHOTOS: John and Lynda Cock, with Connie Barlow, in front of the Thomas Berry home in Greensboro NC, April 2013. Connie Barlow with Thomas Berry April 2007.

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