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    This married couple, America's "evolutionary evangelists", live permanently on the road, teaching and preaching an awe-inspiring, inclusive, science-based message of hope and possibility in churches and living rooms as well as in public and private schools all across North America.

They have presented these programs for more than 400 UU congregations, UU summer camps, and minister retreats since they began their traveling ministry in 2002.

Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow have also been featured speakers at continuing education programs for UU ministers and directors of religious education at The Meadville-Lombard Winter Institute (2005), for annual retreats of the Mountain Desert UU District (2004), NH/VT-Maine District (2006), Ballou-Channing District (2006, 2007), Southeast UU District (at The Mountain in 2006), UU Washington Area Religious Education Council (2007), SW Chapter of UU Minister's Assoc. (2008), SW UU Summer Institute (2008), Stebbins UU Summer Camp , Asilomar CA (2005), UU Summer Camp at Ghost Ranch NM (2006), Four Corners UU District Summer Camp (2006), Elliot Institute Summer Camp (2009), which serves UU organizations in BC, WA, and OR; Murray Grove Retreat (UU Homecoming) NJ (2010); Mid South District UU weekend retreat (2011); PSWIRL Summer Camp (2011) Camp DeBenneville Pines CA

Examples of Programs by CONNIE BARLOW


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  • Popular & Academic PUBLICATIONS BY CONNIE BARLOW (books and online text, audio, and video works)

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  • Examples of Programs by MICHAEL DOWD


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  • Works by MICHAEL DOWD (books and online text, audio, and video works)

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       Skinner House Books published in November 2010:

    The Whole World Kin: Darwin and the Spirit of Liberal Religion (F. Muir, ed.)

  • MICHAEL DOWD's chapter:
    "A Story Big Enough To Hold Us All"

    Questions for group discussion

  • CONNIE BARLOW's chapter:
    "We Are Stardust: The Epic of Evolution in Children's Religious Education"

    Questions for group discussion



  • "The Wonder of Evolution" (article in UU World)
  • The cover story of the Spring 2006 issue of the national magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association features the work of Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd — "itinerant evolutionary evangelists" — in bringing a sacred understanding of evolution into Unitarian Universalist circles, where it powerfully bridges the spiritual and philosophical diversity inherent in this liberal faith tradition. (written by Amy Hassinger)

  • In addition, Connie Barlow's 1997 book, Green Space, Green Time: The Way of Science, was excerpted for the cover story of the Nov/Dec 1998 UU World.

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    New Dimensions Radio interview
    with Michael / Connie

         Rev. MICHAEL DOWD, a former pastor and author of the 2008 Thank God for Evolution, and CONNIE BARLOW, an author of 4 popular science books, embody the marriage of religion and science as husband and wife. They view themselves as emissaries of a worldwide ecumenical movement that draws from the contemporary wisdom of those on the growing edge of science and meaning.

  • brief UU BIOGRAPHIES for introducing Michael or Connie at UU events

  • Michael Dowd's biography and publications list

  • Connie Barlow's biography and publications list



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    Sermons: MICHAEL DOWD


  • 2013: Ecology Is the New Theology
       Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe, NM

  • 2013: "God Rebukes the Religious Right: Repent Or Face Hell and High Water"
       Jefferson Unitarian Church, Golden CO.

  • 2012: "A Story Big Enough to Include Us All"
       First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, MN

  • 2012: "The Evidential Reformation: Humanity Growing Up"
       First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY

  • 2011: "A Story Big Enough to Hold Us All"
       Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ft. Myers, FL

  • 2010: "The New Atheists As God's Prophets"
       People's Church (Unitarian Universalist), Ludington MI

  • 2009: "The Gospel According to Science"
       Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church, Houston TX

  • 2008: "Evolutionary Good News"
       First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, WI

  • 2008: "Why I Thank God for Evolution"
       Unity of Marin, CA

  • 2008: "Thank God for Evolution!"
       First Unitarian Church of Dallas, TX (2nd version at First Unitarian Austin 2008)

  • 2006: "The Gospel According to Evolution"
       Unity Church of Christianity, Houston TX

  • 2006: "The Epic of Evolution"
       Unitarian Universalists of Hendersonville, NC

  • 2006: "The Great Story"
       Unity of Woodinville, WA

  • More AUDIO and VIDEO of talks/interviews
       can be viewed at


    Sermons: CONNIE BARLOW


  • 2013: "How Religion Is Failing Our Youth"
       Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hendersonville, NC

  • 2013: "Stages of Life: Dreams v. Legacy" (MLK Sunday)
       Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, CO (topics incl death and climate change)

  • 2009: "Your Brain's Creation Story"
       UU Congregation of Whidbey Isl, WA

  • 2008: "Evolution: Truth, Beauty, and Utility"
       UU Fellowship of Hendersonville, NC

  • 2008: "We Are Stardust" (intergenerational service)
       Unitarian Universalist Church of Riverside, CA

  • 2008: "Evolution Now: A Manifesto for our UU Congregations"
       Cedar Lane UU Church Bethesda, MD (PDF).

  • 2006: "Celebrating Evolution"
       Second Unitarian Church of Omaha, NE

  • 2006: "An Evolutionary Celebration of Death"
       Unitarian Society of Hartford, CT

  • 2005: "What Is Our Cosmic Task?"
       Yakima Unitarian Universalist Church, WA

  • 2003: "Is This Not Divine?"
       Unitarian Church of Asheville, NC



  • 2006: "Cosmos, Mysticism, Reverence for Life"
       First Unitarian Society of Denver, CO


    Michael's book is endorsed by 6 NOBEL LAUREATES and other science luminaries, including noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum

    Visit the Thank God for Evolution website for

  • samples of audio and video clips from Rev. Dowd's media interviews and live presentations

  • links to NEWS REPORTS of the book and Dowd's ministry, including articles published in New York Times Magazine and Washington Post.

  • Rev. Dowd's BLOG: "The Evolutionary Evangelist"

  • link for purchasing the book

    "We're fortunate to have Michael Dowd on our side (the 'our' being humanity)."
      — Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine

  • ♦ Click for brief BIOGRAPHIES for introducing Michael or Connie at UU events.


    LEFT: Connie Barlow speaking; CENTER and RIGHT: Michael and Connie narrating an "evolutionary parable"
    with volunteer actors at 2004 Meadville-Lombard Winter Institute (UU) and 2011 PSWIRL summer camp (UU)

    CONNIE BARLOW and THE REV. MICHAEL DOWD are Unitarian Universalists who have been called "America's evolutionary evangelists." For 7 years they have lived entirely on the road, delivering sermons and workshops for more than 350 UU congregations, as well as for other religious and secular groups. Their work was featured as the cover story of our national membership magazine, UU World, in the spring of 2006.

    CONNIE is the author of 4 popular science books that bridge evolution and meaning. Her 2001 book, The Ghosts of Evolution, was's top-recommended science book for several months. Her 1997 book was excerpted as the cover story in the Nov/Dec 1998 issue of UU World.

    THE REV. MICHAEL DOWD, a former UCC pastor and community organizer, is the author of Thank God for Evolution, published in 2008. It has attracted endorsements from 6 Nobel laureates, other prominent scientists, and a host of leaders across the religious spectrum. Reports on the book and Dowd's ministry have appeared in 2008 issues of New York Times Magazine and Washington Post.

    Connie and Michael not only speak about the marriage of science and religion; they live it!


    ♦ Click for brief BIOGRAPHIES for introducing Michael or Connie at UU events.

    ♦ Click for list of UU CONGREGATIONS that Connie & Michael have presented at during their 5-plus-year journey.

  • For details on past presentations, refer to our LIST OF PAST EVENTS.

  • To see our current itinerary (where we are scheduled to be and when): CURRENT ITINERARY.

  • Click to read enthusiastic PRAISE for our work from scientists and religious leaders and from Unitarian Universalists.

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    that Connie & Michael have
    come upon during their
    visits to UU congregations.

         Click for complete list
    of Worship Resources for an
    "Evolution Sunday"

    (detailed descriptions & publicity templates)

    For Sunday services, only one of us presents a short sermon form of these topics. For 2-hour follow-up workshops, Michael usually offers an adult program by himself. In the rare event that both of us are free to be at your church or fellowship on a Sunday morning, Michael will give the "sermon" and Connie is happy to be invited to offer a (free) R.E. program concurrently for kids.

    Connie's SERMON titles: Click for DESCRIPTION of / PUBLICITY for each program

  • "Stories Big and Small for Identity, Strength, and Action"
  • "Passing It Forward"
  • "How Religion Is Failing Our Youth" - sermon audio (recorded at UU Hendersonville NC, 2013) and video of Connie speaking on this topic, UU Birmingham AL, 2013.
  • "Stone-Age Instincts / Supernormal Allurements" - AUDIO UU Whidbey Island WA; VIDEO UU summer camp (2009)
  • "Death Through Deep-Time Eyes" - AUDIO of Connie's 2006 sermon at UU Hartford CT

         DESCRIPTION of / PUBLICITY for each program

    Michael's SERMON titles: Click for DESCRIPTION of / PUBLICITY for each program

  • "Climate: The Great Reckoning / Homecoming"
  • "The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness"
  • "Ecology Is the New Theology" (audio or video of sermon at UU Santa Fe 2013)
  • "Big History Is the New Bible"
  • "Religion 3.0: Evidence As Modern-Day Scripture"
  • "God Rebukes Religious Right: Repent Or Face Hell and High Water" (audio at Jefferson UU, Golden CO 2013)
  • "Stone-Age Instincts / Space-Age Temptations"

         DESCRIPTION of / PUBLICITY for each program

    SELECTING A SPEAKER: We each usually speak in different churches on the same Sunday. We prefer to determine which of us speaks where, based on (1) driving considerations (only Michael drives our large van, so Connie has to be dropped off first), and (2) Connie prefers small to mid-size congregations, whereas Michael is happy to present in large venues. Note: Only Connie does intergenerational services.

    Connie or Michael "STORIES FOR ALL AGES" for Sunday Services (6 to 8 minutes)
  • We Are Made of Stardust - Michael or Connie - (how atoms were formed within stars)
  • Animals in Your Brain - (to accompany Connie's sermon, "Your Brain's Creation Story")
  • Who's proud to be related to a reptile?" - (Michael, or to accompany Connie's sermon, "Evolution Now")

    Connie's "RELIGIOUS EXPLORATION LESSONS FOR KIDS and TEENS" concurrently in classrooms as guest teacher (if both Connie and Michael are available to come to your church)

  • Your Brain's Creation Story (different versions for TEENS and elementary)
  • Ancestor's Tale (age 4 and up) WATCH Connie present this: right
  • We Are Made of Stardust (elementary age)
    Click for DESCRIPTIONS of all 3 of these children's programs.


    templates for



    Free follow-up presentation by Michael Dowd
    (90 minutes, for a weekday evening)

    Evolutionize Your Life:
    Coming Home to Reaity

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: "Deep Time Wisdom: An Inspiring Vision of Humanity's Future"

    Click for Description of the program for announcements and PUBLICITY



    Michael Dowd's evening program is a dynamic oral, music, and multimedia presentation. He brings his own high-lumen, digital projector with him, as well as a large screen and extension cord. The only equipment he needs from the host facility is a handheld or clip-on microphone and one or two long tables for setting up resources for sale.

    (Requires high-speed internet connection.)



    ♦ Click here for DESCRIPTIONS / PUBLICITY templates for each program

    Order of Service suggestions - i.e., hymns, chalice lighting, readings

    ♦ Click for brief BIOGRAPHIES for introducing Michael or Connie at UU events.

    Rev. Michael Dowd applies "stardust" (glitter) during an Intergenerational
    "We Are Stardust!" service at the Peterborough NH UU Church;
    Connie Barlow describes how the chemical elements now in our bodies
    were created inside ancestral stars.

        LEFT: Michael Dowd in 2011 leading the 5-minute "Story for All Ages" at Sunday morning service of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Venice, Florida. The kids with the puppets are assisting with the story, "Who's Proud to Be Related to an Iguana?"

    IF BOTH OF US ARE AVAILABLE TO COME TO YOUR CHURCH SUNDAY MORNING, we suggest that Michael do the guest sermon and Connie be invited to serve as guest teacher in an R.E. class. Upper elementary is her favorite, but lower elementary or middle school are also possible. Please check our ITINERARY to see if we are double-booked on Sunday morning at another church, or whether both of us will be coming to your Sunday service. For any classroom R.E. program, please know that Connie needs to talk with the teacher or R.E. Director in advance of its being scheduled. Another possibility is to schedule Connie to do her hour-long "River of Life" program for families after Sunday lunch at the church. (This has worked very well in several UU churches.)

    Please visit the webpage description of Connie's R.E. programs for KIDS.

    The Great Story is the 14 billion year narrative of cosmos, Earth, life, and humanity, which draws upon the discoveries of the full range of sciences. Told in meaningful and dramatic ways, The Great Story becomes our collective sacred story, inspiring individuals from a wide range of religious and secular worldviews. Also known as the Epic of Evolution, this perspective was the topic of Connie Barlow's cover story of the Nov/Dec 1998 issue of UU World.

    Connie and Michael have been working with UU members to link this widespread movement to the science, humanist, pagan, and liberal theistic diversity of our UU heritage. The spiritual and psychological benefits that flow naturally from living within an awareness of this story are experienced as Great News by a growing number of people the world over and draw each of us to participate in, what celebrated cultural historian and geologian Thomas Berry calls, "The Great Work" — the work of ensuring a just, healthy, beautiful, and sustainably life-giving world for future generations of all species.

    Until the spring of 2002, when they embarked on an itinerant ministry of teaching and preaching the Great News of the Great Story, Michael and Connie were members of the First Unitarian Society of Rockland County (New York). They are now members of the UUA Church of the Larger Fellowship.

    Scheduling Presentations

    Contact us

    Michael and Connie are passionate about these topics and will present them wherever there is interest.

  • For GUEST SERMONS/MESSAGES at Sunday morning congregational services, we gratefully accept whatever compensation a congregation typically offers guest ministers or speakers.

  • For church SUMMER CAMPS, DISTRICT MEETINGS, AND OTHER GATHERINGS, we are happy to negotiate fees that will work for your group.

    We try to schedule appearances on a region-by-region basis to minimize transportation time, costs, and energy. Because our ministry also depends on earnings from selling our books and DVDs, we will appreciate access to one or two LONG TABLES in your lobby or Fellowship Hall for setting up our wares.

    Please know that we generally book Connie into one UU church on a Sunday morning and Michael into a different church in the same vicinity, so we do not appear together, except for longer church retreats and trainings. In addition, Michael presents a FREE multimedia evening talk for each of the two churches on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday immediately following the Sunday service. We carry our own portable screen and high-lumen digital projector to use for the evening follow-up program, so the only thing you need to provide is an adequate room and voice amplification. Because book and DVD sales following the presentation are usually substantial (we make the table self-serve, so no assistance is required for that either), we suggest you publicize the event as FREE (or donations) and consider it as an opportunity to attract newcomers from the wider community.

    Depending on whether we are also presenting for other organizations in your town or city, we may ask you to locate HOME HOSPITALITY for us for the night preceding a morning service and (sometimes) through the morning following the evening workshop. Click here for a handy list of information on our HOME HOSPITALITY needs. We intend this list to supply prospective hosts with all the information they need to feel comfortable in extending us an invitation.

  • To learn more about our work and the impact we are having, click on About Us and What Others Say.

    ♦ Click for brief BIOGRAPHIES for introducing Michael or Connie at UU events.

  • Click here to view an annotated list of popular & academic WRITINGS BY CONNIE BARLOW.
  • Click here to view an annotated list of popular & academic WRITINGS BY MICHAEL DOWD.

        ♦ Click here to preview or purchase

     Sample or subscribe to Michael and Connie's 


  • "Inspiring Naturalism"

  • "Evolving Faith"

  • ♦ Click here to view or download PUBLICITY PHOTOS.

    ♦ Click here for a handy list of information on our HOME HOSPITALITY needs and requests.

    ♦ Click here for DESCRIPTIONS / PUBLICITY templates for each program

    Order of Service suggestions - i.e., hymns, chalice lighting, readings


    Michael (left) and Connie (right) presenting at the UU camp DeBenneville Pines, CA in 2011

    UU Congregations We Have Presented At

    Since 2002 Michael and Connie have been guest speakers at Sunday services (sermons, and often the children's component as well) and/or offered evening workshops at UU fellowships and churches in:

  • Alabama - Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Auburn, Huntsville, Birmingham
  • Arizona - Flagstaff, Green Valley, Sierra Vista, NW Tucson, Tucson, Sedona, Chandler, Phoenix
  • Arkansas - Little Rock
  • California - Anaheim, Asilomar Summer Camp, Berkeley, Carmel, Conejo Valley, Davis, Escondido, Fremont, Fullerton, Goleta, Grass Valley, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Los Gatos, La Mesa, Mission Viejo, Modesto, Napa, Newbury Park, North Hills, Oakland, Palos Verdes Estates, Pasadena, Rancho Palos Verde, Redwood City, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, East San Diego, San Dieguito, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Santa Rosa, Santee, Stockton, Ventura, Visalia, Vista
  • Colorado - Alamosa, Boulder, Denver, Pueblo, Littleton, Colorado Springs, Glenwood Springs, Durango,
        Grand Junction, Durango, Bayfield, Golden
  • Connecticut - Hartford, W. Hartford, Danbury, Manchester, Westport, New Haven, Woodbury
  • Delaware - Mill Creek, Newark
  • Florida - Bradenton, Miami, Vero Beach, Fort Myers, Odessa, Orlando, Valparaiso
         Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beaches, Plantation,
         Greater Naples, Sarasota, Valpariso, Pensacola, Panama City, Bonita Springs, Tampa, Venice, Sun City Center
  • Georgia - Lawrenceville, Augusta, Atlanta, Hilton Head, Athens, Savannah, Statesboro, Metro Atlanta North, Gwinnet
  • Idaho - Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Moscow
  • Illinois - Evanston, Springfield, Rockford, Palatine, Peoria
  • Indiana - Fort Wayne, Hobart, Muncie, Lafayette, Bloomington, Indianapolis
  • Kansas - Lawrence, Manhattan, Salina, Topeka
  • Kentucky - Louisville, Lexington
  • Louisiana - New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lacombe, Shreveport
  • Maine - Ellsworth, Portland, Sanford, Rockland, Milford, Damariscotta, Yarmouth
  • Maryland - Columbia, Easton, Adelphi, Lutherville, Bethesda
  • Massachusetts - Springfield, Needham, Worcester, Belmont, Northborough, Concord,
         North Andover, Reading, Greenfield, Littleton, Brookline, Winchester
  • Michigan - Flint, Birmingham, Lansing, Traverse City, Ann Arbor, St. Joseph's, Midland, Clark Lake, Kalamazoo, Brighton, Farmington Hills, Muskegon, Sarnia (Port Huron), Ludington, Grand Traverse
  • Minnesota - Minneapolis (1st Universalist), Minneapolis (M Servetus), St. Paul (Unity), White Bear (Mahtomedi), Duluth
  • Mississippi - Jackson
  • Missouri - Springfield, Kansas City, Ellisville, St. Louis
  • Montana - Billings, Missoula
  • Nebraska - Omaha
  • Nevada - N. Nevada (Reno)
  • New Hampshire - Franklin, Peterborough, Milford, Exeter, Tamworth, Portsmouth South
  • New Jersey - East Brunswick, Hunterdon County, Englewood, Murray Grove, Ridgewood, Lincroft,
         Galloway County, Titusville, Summit, Montclair, Plainfield, Cherry Hill, Princeton, Paramus
  • New Mexico - Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Ghost Ranch, Los Alamos
  • New York - Rockland County, Sussex County, Long Island, White Plains, Binghamton, Orange County, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Manhasset, Albany, Washingtonville, Canandaigua, Syracuse, Syracuse (May Memorial), NYC (All Souls), Staten Island, Briarcliff/Croton/Ossining/, Rochester, N. Westchester
  • North Carolina - Asheville, Brevard, Hendersonville, Kitty Hawk, New Bern, Greenville, Greensboro (Jamestown), Durham, Raleigh, Wilmington, Black Mountain (Swannanoa Valley), Charlotte, Morehead City
  • North Dakota - Fargo-Morehead
  • Ohio - Cincinnati, Columbus, Kent, Cleveland (+ Westfield Twnshp), Hopedale, Dayton, Berea, Canto, Miami Valley, Marietta
  • Oklahoma - Tulsa, Tulsa (Hope), Ardmore (SWUUSI 2008), Stillwater, Oklahoma City, Norman
  • Oregon - Hillsboro, Newport, Portland, West Hills of Portland, Hood River, Bend, Klamath Falls, Eugene
  • Pennsylvania - Berks County (Reading), Pittsburgh, South Hills of Pittsburgh, Meadville, Harrisburg
  • South Carolina - Greenville, Clemson, Beaufort, Columbia
  • Tennessee - Nashville, Greater Nashville, Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Pleasant Hill, Cordova, Memphis, Gray, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro
  • Texas - Dallas, Galveston, Houston (both), North Houston, Stafford, College Station, Denton, Austin, S. Austin, Plano, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Midland, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Huntsville, Waco
  • Utah - Salt Lake City
  • Vermont - Woodstock, Burlington, Norwich
  • Virginia - Newport News, Loudoun County, Sterling, Easton, Norfolk, Reston, Fairfax, Manassas
  • Washington - E. Wenatchee, Whidbey Island, Port Townsend, Bellingham, Kirkland, Olympia, Seattle, S. Seattle, W. Seattle, U District of Seattle, Forest Park, Bellevue, Des Moines, Yakima, Edmonds, Vancouver, Woodinville
  • Wisconsin - Madison (First + James Reeb), Ripon, Racine, Kenosha, Wales, Mukwonago, Milwaukee, Wausau
  • Wyoming - Cheyenne
  • Eastern Canada - Montreal, North Hatley, Halifax
  • Western Canada - Victoria, Naramata, Vancouver, Vancouver Island
  • NOTE: This list may be incomplete. For a complete record of where we have spoken and when, see PAST ITINERARY and ITINERARY.


    Click here for a list of UU BEST PRACTICES
    that Connie & Michael have come upon during
    their visits to UU churches and fellowships.


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