Evolutionary Salon 3

Listening into the Future: What is Calling?

A deep exploration into evolution,
where we are going and where we might go as a planet.

May 20 - 24, 2006

Whidbey Island, WA


Images from Evolutionary Salon 2
at Chinook Center on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound.

"There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe." — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The theme of this third, 4-day Evolutionary Salon is "Listening into the Future: What is Calling? A deep exploration into evolution, where we are going and where we might go as a planet." It is scheduled to be held May 20-24, 2006 at the Chinook Center of the Whidbey Institute, a remarkable retreat setting located on Whidbey Island, an hour north of Seattle, Washington. Our shared inquiry will be:

How do we understand, interpret, apply, and communicate the evolutionary worldview offered by mainstream and emerging sciences, and harness the collective intelligence and social creativity of our species, to facilitate a positive impact on the evolution of humanity and the natural world?
Or, as we named it during the first salon:
How do we support a movement toward the conscious evolution of increasingly conscious social systems?
we want to better understand the motions of the social body as it moves to wake up:
  • What is the worldview and what are the activities and strategies of the emerging movement to BECOME the new society, and how can we make the community of co-evolutionists more visible to itself so that it can be as influential as possible?
  • What existing or visionary forms of social creativity could play significant roles in the evolution of social systems?
  • How can "the Great Story" (the epic of evolution told as a personally and socially meaningful, inclusive, science-based creation myth) be told in ways that inspire millions of people with different belief systems to cooperate along just, sustainable lines? And what would have to happen for such a big picture sacred story to spark people to find their calling or contribution, becoming active agents of social creativity?
  • What can we learn about the interrelated facets and dynamics of social evolution that can be used as a curriculum to educate agents of conscious evolution of social systems as well as orient people to the role of their work in the larger movement?
  • How can salons, such as this, draw in diverse thought leaders and practitioners, sending them back out with increased individual and collective awareness, coherence, effectiveness and co-evolvability?
  • We see this as a potential turning point in human evolution. With the evolutionary paradigm emerging as a significant force in virtually every facet of human endeavor, we believe it is time to start weaving these strands together to serve a better future. We know that evolutionary innovation and emergence is not just something that happened in the past, but is happening right now in profound ways — developments in which we are intimately involved. We feel an imperative for ourselves — and for society as a whole — to become more conscious, co-creative participants in this evolution. We believe that generative cross-disciplinary conversation among well-networked, knowledgeable people is catalyzing an important shift in that direction.




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    Bill Aal,   Margo Adair,   Zoe Alowan,   Ann Amberg,   Thomas Arthur,   Tom Atlee,   Karen Boxberger,   Susan Cannon,   Nadia Chaney ,   Ashley Cooper,   Michael Dowd,   Martin Ehrensvard,   Stephen Syzgy Feig,   Tree Fitzpatrick,   Carl. H. Flygt,   Anne Forbes,   Sheri Madrone Herndon,   J. Andrew Hoerner,   Peggy Holman,   Charles M. Johnston,   Anodea Judith,   Bill Kauth,   Kevin W. Kelley,   Lion Kimbro ,   Jim Lorman,   Lynnaea Lumbard,   Abigail Lynam,   Willow Wind Mannan,   Nancy Margulies,   Milt Markewitz,   Catherine J. Martell,   Miriam Mason Martineau,   Stephan Martineau,   Marie R. Miyashiro,   Joy Moulton,   Scott Nelson,   Rick Paine,   Laura Pedro,   Cliff Penwell,   Jean Robertson ,   Adin Rogovin,   Jim Rough ,   Jack Semura,   Aviv Shahar,   Karl Steyaert ,   Daimon Sweeney,   Peter Selim Thurrell,   Marc Tognotti,    Judy Wallace,    Patricia Wilson,    Kachina Katrina Zavalney  

       MICHAEL DOWD - convener of Evolutionary Salons 1 & 2; organizing & process design teams

    The idea of convening Evolutionary Salons like this came to me in the spring of 2004, after reading John Stewart's book, Evolution's Arrow twice in one week, and Robert Wright's book, Nonzero. I am a former pastor and sustainability organizer at both local and national levels. In 1991 I wrote EarthSpirit: A Handbook for Nurturing an Ecological Christianity, which was an early attempt to reinterpret the core aspects of the Christian faith from the perspective of today's cosmology. During the mid-to-late 1990s I managed the first government funded program in the U.S. designed to produce large-scale citizen behavior change along ecological lines — the Portland Sustainable Lifestyle Campaign, in Portland, Oregon. Now I'm an itinerant evolutionary myth-maker, evangelist, theologian, and storyteller. Together with my wife, Connie Barlow, a science writer, I live permanently on the road teaching and preaching a meaningful (sacred) evolutionary perspective in colleges and churches all across North America. My passion is telling the 14 billion year history of everyone and everything in ways that evoke awe, gratitude, and trust, inspire faith and open-heartedness, and empower people to follow the path where their own great joy and the world's great needs intersect. What I bring to this salon is an experiential knowledge of how to communicate an integral, evolutionary-based message that people across the religious and philosophical spectrum (including conservatives) generally find meaningful and inspiring. I look forward to the input of other salon members re how to even more effectively tell The Great Story — the epic of evolution — in ways that touch, move, and inspire people of every faith tradition and motivate all of us, religious and nonreligious alike, to work together for the common good of all species.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: (1) What are the most effective ways of bringing people together and harnessing their collective intelligence? (2) How can we further the evolutionary impulse and organize/govern ourselves as a species (globally, nationally, regionally, and locally) so that there are real and effective incentives for individuals, corporations, and nation-states to cooperate and serve the common good (each benefits substantially by doing so), and equally effective incentives against disregarding or damaging the common good? (3) How can the epic of evolution be told in a mythic way, as a big picture sacred story, so that it inspires and motivates billions of human beings with different worldviews to really want, and then to successfully manifest, the possibilities expressed above?

    Websites: wwww.TheGreatStory.org (130,000+ hits per month) /

      PEGGY HOLMAN - salon organizing & process design teams; Open Space facilitator

    I consult with organizations and communities, increasing their ability to achieve what is most important to them through growing their capacity for inviting the emergence of new ideas and relationships. I work with generative processes for whole system change, encouraging people to take responsibility for what they love. The result is stronger organizations, communities, and individuals. Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, and Dialogue are integral to my work because of their great promise to unleash the human spirit for individual and collective good. I am a co-founder of the Open Space Institute (US), an association dedicated to "opening space" — a process, philosophy, and practice that encourages people to act from passion and responsibility to better serve their organizations, communities, and themselves. My first book, The Change Handbook: Group Methods for Shaping the Future (Berrett-Koehler, 1999), co-edited with Tom Devane, has been warmly received as an aid to people wishing to increase the impact of their organizations and communities. I co-hosted an international conference, The Practice of Peace, bringing together 130 people from 25 countries, including Israel, India, Colombia, Haiti, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Nigeria, and Nepal, to examine the threads of peace building that transcend specific cultures.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: What do we already know about seeding, growing and evolving enlightened communities and inspired organizations? How can awakening people to their place as the current face of evolution support them in identifying their calling to contribute to the whole?

    Website: www.opencirclecompany.com

      TOM ATLEE - salon organizing team & process design team

    I am founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute and author of The Tao of Democracy: Using Co-intelligence to Create a World that Works for All. A lifelong activist, in the 1980s I became increasingly frustrated with dysfunctional activist groups. In 1986 I had my first lived experience of a self-organizing, chaotic-but-functional leaderless/leaderful group on the Great Peace March. This mobile tent city of 400-500 people walked across the US from LA to DC in 9 months, during which time I had many experiences of a collective form of intelligence that emerged when certain conditions were present. After the March I began studying this phenomenon in order to help progressive groups. The more I learned, the more I realized this larger intelligence is present — and can be increased — in all human systems, from couples to civilizations. My activism shifted to promoting democratic innovations that could increase the collective intelligence and wisdom of whole communities and societies. That decade-long focus led me to join the steering committee of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation. On the side, I have been exploring a more inclusive theory of wholeness and what intelligence would look like if we took wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity seriously. I bring thoughts about how wholeness evolves (or not) through dissonance-stimulated learning; a fascination with the intersection between evolution, complexity and social change; and a sense of urgency about achieving sufficient civilizational collective wisdom to counterbalance our rapidly growing collective power. I believe this gathering's concentration of committed, creative intellect can, if we really hear each other, generate truly significant breakthroughs for humanity's benefit.

    Websites: http://www.co-intelligence.org / http://www.taoofdemocracy.com / http://www.democracyinnovations.org

      TREE FITZPATRICK - Hearthkeeper and salon organizing team

    I am a writer, an attorney, an organization development consultant, and a mother. Mothering has been my most important career. I'd love to talk about my theory that mothering is a good paradigm for creating human systems that serve humans. I often think that I won't be taken seriously when I mention my mothering-as-human-systems, but what is more central to human systems than nurturing the human future? I co-convened "The Practice of Peace", a conference at the Whidbey Institute with participants from twenty-five countries in 2003. I was a steward of Spirited Work for a few years, an ongoing experiment that embodies collective wisdom as a conscious system. In the early nineties, I co-founded a for-profit training business that offered all of its services unconditionally, allowing each participant to set their own fees. This business still operates using the same financial model. It is possible to work in the world using new economic models. I've been published a little bit but not enough.

    I am passionately interested in co-creating conscious human systems. I believe that all roads lead to Open Space Technology, which is, I believe, collective wisdom. Integrating inner capacities into physical-plane human systems is essential to evolution.

    BURNING QUESTION: Do you have enough? If so, I'd like to hear about what constitutes enough for you. If not, I'd love to learn what it is that you would need to have enough. Can we create systems in which everyone can have enough? What will such a system look like?!


    William Aal is a longtime political activist, organizing since the early 1970s. He offers training in popular education methodology and economic literacy. He is a co-founder of the Urban Action School, dedicated to urban-based popular education. Bill William is currently a board member of the Washington Biotech Council and has been involved in issues of biotechnology and globalization for the past 14 years. He works with farmers on both sides of the Cascades as a board member of the Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network. He is currently a board member of the Washington Biotech Council and through this has been involved in issues of sustainable agriculture, working with farmers, farm workers and agricultural organizations for the past 5 years around issues of genetic engineering, agriculture, and corporate consolidation. He is an associate producer of two award-winning videos on biotechnology. He has hosted and designed major public dialogues on these issues. A former manager of computer programming, he is a member of riseup.net, which provides e-mail and related services to community organizers and activists around the world. He works with Integrative Activism, a group dedicated to promoting connections between leaders and organizers in spiritual activism through the use of computer social networking tools.

    BURNING QUESTION: How do we engage people in conversations about social healing and social creativity in ways that encourage them to act on their values?

    Website: http://www.toolsforchange.org

       MARGO ADAIR - Planning Team

    Margo Adair has long been in the forefront of exploring the connections between consciousness, politics, and spirituality. Developer of Applied Meditation, Margo is the author of Working Inside Out and Meditations on Everything Under the Sun, acclaimed and well-read books on Applied Meditation — a contemplative practice that integrates intuition, visualization, and mindfulness and is used by therapists and healing practitioners around the world. Margo is the coauthor of two pamphlets: "The Subjective Side of Politics" and "Breaking Old Patterns, Weaving New Ties." These pamphlets have been widely reprinted and continue to influence the development of workshops across the country addressing issues of race, class, and gender. This work was instrumental in the development of the Inter-Group Dialog movement on college campuses, helping thousands of young people grapple with issues of diversity. Margo has extensive experience training, consulting, and mediating on issues of diversity and equity in the peace, environmental, women's, GLBT, and domestic violence movements.

    BURNING QUESTION: How to develop deep trust and sharing of resources across social divides?

    Website: http://www.toolsforchange.org


    Following recent extensive visits to ancient temple sites sacred to the Goddess I feel deeply reinspired to explore how to heal the "Gender Wars" and how to bring about an understanding of the Goddess and the Divine Male. This feels crucial to the creation of a healthy culture capable of stewardship of our Mother Earth.

    Zoe Alowan has been actively engaged in sacred art for many decades. As a painter, sculptor, dancer, puppeteer,mime and educator her work explores transformation and healing. Her life is about honoring and remembering our intrinsic essential wisdom and wholeness. She utilizes the inspiration of beauty, humor, song, and authentic ritual movement as a way of celebrating her vision.

    Oberlin college, 1973 B.A. in child psychology, art and education Boulder Mime Theatre 1975 - 1977 Boulder School of Classical Indian Dance, director 1984-1986 Museum of Ancient and Modern Art, Children's Art Director 1987 - 2001 (creator of free Saturday Morning Children's Art Classes for children and parents coordinating corporate donation of art supplies and donation of local artists' teaching services for fourteen years as well as creating children's art exchange programs with Bali and China and Russia.) Nevada County Comunity Youth Service Award 2001 Nevada County Children and Families First ArtPlay Grantee 2000 Grass Valley Graphics Group, countless Art Exhibitions in U.S., Europe and The Western Block Director, Full Circle Threshold Choir (a capella women's choir who sing for those who are dying or are struggling with life challenges, i.e. all of us) Women's Temple Groups

    BURNING QUESTIONS: How to bring the most radical hope possible to people who are either in denial or are overwhelmed with the state of the world. What can we do?

      ANN AMBERG -

    I am an artist, group facilitator and student of The Universe Story and contemporary spirituality. I am currently working with The Heritage Institute as Curriculum Coordinator. In a previous 20-yr. career as an art director and book designer I was also a communications consultant for non-profit organizations and local tribal communities, helped operate a Christmas Tree Farm, and was a bereavement counselor at Evergreen Hospice. In 2002 I worked at the Whidbey Institute. 2003-2004 I lived at Schumacher College in Devon, England where I facilitated courses in New Cosmology and Indigenous Studies, and taught mandala/art workshops for kids and adults. I live in Langley on Whidbey Island. The major project I am currently immersed in is the creation of a series of 10 mandala art pieces and associated writing that reflect the powers of the universe through form and symbolism at various levels of consciousness from the personal to community to Gaia to the cosmos. I hope to eventually incorporate the art and writing into a book/exhibit to serve as an educational tool and as a personal expression of the experience of these fluid dynamics. I am currently completing a degree in Integral Ecology through Prescott College and simultaneously a two-year Masters in Contemporary Spirituality through the Lorian Association.

    BURNING QUESTION: How does the experience of beauty, grace, and mystery and enter into our questioning of the conscious direction of our evolution?


    Hello. I am a performing artist integrating contemplative juggling, abstract rhythmic vocalization, acoustic music, subtle storytelling, and digital media into an evolving form of participatory ritual theater. In a synchronized choreography of sound, motion and light, I interact with natural objects, geometric shapes and projected image. I seek to harmonize the whole, embodying and making visible subtle interactions of sense, soul and the biosphere. My being/work is in-formed by the rivers, oceans, meadows, forests, slopes, weather, gravity, light and magnetic resonance of the Pacific Northwest. When not making art, I enjoy guiding individuals and groups into practices of embodied awareness. Twenty years ago, career threatening injuries led to an ongoing inquiry into ever more exquisite qualities of attention and movement meditations. In 1991 I graduated from the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. Integrating the Feldenkrais approach with practices from my own personal explorations, I currently offer classes, workshops and private sessions opening a mindful space for the emergence of authentic presence in effortless action.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: What communal practices might cultivate and hold space for embodied experiences of authentic presence generating artistic expressions of the emergent edge of our development?


    shown throughout the region and was regularly published in a women's publication, VerveWomen. As a student at Cornish she became familiar with the Northwest Mystic School which included Morris Graves, Mark Toby, and her mentor Charles Stokes, which continues to be an influence in her work. She brings intuition, compassion and metaphysical/mythical understanding to her work as well as her personally developed technique and extraordinary use of color to her work. She also specializes in mandalas.

    Cornish school of the Arts Wisdom Counsel for Verve Magazine Worked with Amnesty International Hospice work Illustrator for various publications and theater productions

    BURNING QUESTIONS: How do we generate a vision of sustainability that promotes action in a forum that is accessible to the uninitiated populace?


    I describe myself as an integral futurist and itinerant scholar-practioner choosing projects with "evolutionary leverage". My deep soul work and calling is in conscious evolution. That is, to bring my full self to co-sensing the collective future that is wanting to emerge and co-enabling that which is most life affirming and positive. I am working with research methodologies and technologies to uncover the collective images/visions of the future that exist mostly unconsciously, inchoately, and inarticulated within us, and make them more conscious and visible. This is a way to assist our conscious work of creating an attractor. I'm also something of a frustrated artist, a dedicated meditator, and have been irresistibly drawn toward evolutionary systems, the complexity sciences, consciousness, and interdisciplinary work in general for many years. I'll even admit to writing my Ph.D. dissertation in the field of Futures Research to indulge those passions in an academically acceptable way! My current practice includes teaching, writing, coaching, and consulting, and I'm affiliated with Pacific Integral, Kore Leadership, and the Arlington Institute. Education: BS Engineering Physics (basically a double degree in electrical engineering and physics plus biology for fun), Texas Tech; MS Chemical Engineering, Purdue; Ph.D. Integral Studies with concentration in Transformative Learning and Change in Human Systems, CIIS. Past highlights: associate professor of management at Antioch University Seattle, corporate positions in executive management and engineering in the semiconductor, defense, and demolition industries, a US patent on the semiconductor material SIPONT, a variety of international organizational consulting projects, produced and co-hosted a Sunday radio talk show "On The Path", and received an environmental award for a construction waste recycling business. Cultural transformation got into my blood at the end of the Cold War when I co-founded (with my now-husband) a company that collaborated with Aeroflot, operating air charters and facilitating exchanges and trade between the eastern Soviet Union and the western US. Ongoing research projects include transformative development of leaders, especially women leaders (the emerging Feminine seems to be a powerful shaper of the future), and discovering and clarifying collectively held Images of the Future (IOF). The IOF concept emerged from trans-disciplinary historical studies in the late 50's indicating that the single factor correlated with the successful reorganization of a civilization in transformational breakdown was the existence of a coherent and compelling Image of the Future held by a marginalized creative minority (typically more developmentally complex than the majority). In the late 90's I began this research by interviewing a broad cross-section of Seattle-area Cultural Creatives, and a remarkably coherent and nuanced set of collectively held IOFs did emerge. After attending the second Evolutionary Salon, I feel called to join with others working in this evolutionary paradigm to co-create a large-scale project for gathering, synthesizing, and displaying the evolving collective Images of the Future. Besides text, we can bring in art, audio, video…so many things are possible now with technology (and passion!)

    BURNING QUESTIONS:What are our most powerful, coherent, and elegant collective images of the future...what are we calling forth? Is it what we desire and intend?

    Websites: www.pacificintegral.com and www.koreleadership.com


    I'm a poet and emcee, a visual artist, a group process facilitator, a musician, a copy writer and editor, a scribe and documenter, a community organizer, and events host...and i collect hats! I received a black belt in ITF Tae Kwon Do, a grade ten certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music, a BA in English Literature from UBC, completed the Heart of Facilitation training. I've been a practicing/professional artist and poet for six years, have been performing for at least twenty years...I've written a book of poetry called Predatory Grace, and collaborated on a book called The Colouring Book (a collection of writings from young people of colour living in BC). I'm part of a collective, called Meta4, that gives hip hop workshops for youth in detention and rehab.

    BURNING QUESTIONS:How can we leverage privilege of all sorts in order to truly benefit from listening to each other? What is it going to take to truly steward this abundant, generous, gorgeous planet?

    Website: www.beatboard.org


    I bring passion, playfulness, and presence into relationships, opening space for the realization of one's deepest gifts, encouraging individual emergence and community cohesion. Guided by my sensitivities to recognizing human patterns, I use my experience as an educator and counselor to create supportive yet challenging environments, inviting people into a co-creative practice of inquiry and discovery. This collaborative effort is used to clear away obstacles, identify sustainable tools, and build foundational structures that will open pathways for conscious living and intentional action.

    I recognize the inherent wisdom of each individual and am fiercely committed to helping others expand awareness and give voice to the intrinsic integrity of their immediate experience. I assist individuals in connecting with their felt-sense and identifying core beliefs and habitual patterns of behavior in the process of actualizing their creative potential. Supporting such openings and clearings in individuals creates fertile ground upon which collective intelligence may emerge, be recognized and trusted.

    I am currently interested in exploring the role of individuals who tend to the embodied presence and communal health of a group, taking its pulse, nourishing and supporting optimal health. These individuals are guided by What IS and What Could Be, inviting passionate attention towards that which needs to grow and is ready to blossom forth into the world.

    I have spent the last 7 years working as a counselor, teacher, self-discovery mentor, and wilderness trip leader. I've worked individually with children and adults and have facilitated groups in the areas of parenting, grief and loss, anger management, and personal growth. I specialize in Play Therapy, Filial Therapy with teachers and parents (groups that focus on strengthening the child-caregiver bond), and Transpersonal/Integral Counseling. I am also actively exploring the role of online communities and their power in facilitating depths of intimacy, expanding potential for community, and bridging the path from isolation to communion.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: One trend I am witnessing in society is a great longing for intimate, resonant, communal experiences and an active reaching out in efforts to satisfy this need. This pull towards connection seems to be closely aligned with the evolution of consciousness and evolutionary awareness. How best can the energy of this vast human potential be channeled? How can large numbers be inspired and supported in finding their calling and becoming active agents of social creativity? What does this look like in the day-to-day world? What does this need in order to sustain the force with which it is being birthed?

    Websites: http://www.easilyamazed.com/blog and http://www.ashley-cooper.blogspot.com


    I'm very interested in emerging fields of collective intelligence. I want to learn from participating in such fields, and I want to help further the growth and proliferation of such fields. I wish to attend ES3 in order to do whatever I can to contribute to this important process. I also wish to attend as preparation for the proposed meeting Moving the Edge of Business in Denmark in August (I'm a member of the convening team together with Finn Voldtofte, Ria Baeck, Jan Nouwen), where we propose to use CI to make a difference in the world of business.

    I am someone who never seems to stop enquiring who I am, even in this moment, and in this, and in this. I have an urge always to touch life and always to be touched by life. To interact deeply and intensely with others. To live in radical poetry and in radical honesty. To live among fir trees, squirrels, deer, and people who are passionate about this question, who am I?

    I have a Ph.D. in Hebrew and Arabic language and culture. I've taught Hebrew and Arabic at Danish and Israeli Universities for most of the past 15 years. I've translated Greek and Arabic mystical texts into Danish. I'm part of the convening team for an upcoming CI event, Moving the Edge of Business, in Denmark in August.

    BURNING QUESTIONS:What wants to emerge in this moment? Where can we go in this moment? Where does it hurt? Where is the edge of evolution right now?


    Stephen's presence is heart-centered and catalytic. As a poet, visionary activist, and medicine man, his passion for progressive social change begins within and extends into the vastness of unimagined possibility. Stephen has been described as an "agent of change in a love-starved world," as a "harbinger of the coming age of love, healing, and self-awareness," and as a "healing, loving, compassionate, community minded, inclusive, creative, ecstatic lover of life, fully conscious visionary with a voracious appetite for learning and a passion to bring love and healing into each space that he occupies." Stephen's gifts for facilitating transformation stem from an ability to see outside the box of how things appear to be and from his capacity to artfully and masterfully reveal the inherent wisdom that allows for healing and insight to occur in spontaneous and unexpected ways. "Stephen sees the things that everyone sees along with the things that no one sees and puts them together in unique ways that are in alignment with a resonant common thread of untamed primal innocence, interconnectiveness, and love." Through a keen and discerning innate wisdom, along with a capacity to be comfortable and playfully creative at times of uncertainty, Stephen weaves transformational metaphors of healing that serve as spiritual antidotes for the illusion of separation and as medicine for those who have temporarily forgotten their wholeness. One of Stephen's passions is in the creation and production of transformational events for groups of resonant kindred spirits, activists and lovers of life. He was the visionary and lead facilitator for the I.O.G.B. events, which were a series of social experimental gatherings of kindred spirits convened for the purpose of healing the inherent disconnection and gender wounding that occur as a result of our culture's relational conditioning, along with being a portal like community experience in opening one's heart in agape (to the same depth as that commonly experienced from eros) and in creating a deeply bonded loving community of friends. Stephen's passion for progressive social change is a component of his personal commitment for co-steward of spaceship earth and extends into the fields of medicine and the healing arts, conflict resolution, philanthropy and project funding, environmental preservation, youth empowerment, and in fostering resonant heart-centered communities. He currently serves as a member of the National Advisory Council for the Earth Harmony Foundation http://www.earthharmonyfoundation.org, a Board adviser for the American College for Advancement in Medicine http://www.acam.org, and as an enthusiastic supporter of numerous progressive organizations such as Yes!, Challenge Day, Circle of Life, and others.>

    BURNING QUESTIONS: What will it take to awaken our individual and collective love intelligence? How do we work together to bring this awakening? How do we design a world where we love all of the children of all species for all time? (Borrowed from William McDonough.) How can a small group of people (if not a single person) catalyze the awakening of consciousness within a large number of people such that their recognition of a common interconnected thread of community stimulates their becoming active agents of love who enthusiastically participate in social healing and progressive social change? And, following Krishnamurti, How can I clear whatever is in the way of seeing and relating to each person as an aspect of the beloved?


    I've worked out the first naturalistic theory of conversation to be proposed in the scientific and philosophical literature. The work purports to account for all conversation, taking its departure from the theory of speech acts and some basic logic from Kant. The spiritual dimension is also treated, and here the guidelines come mainly from Rudolf Steiner. The emerging field of Collective Intelligence appears to be anticipated by my theory, and experimental approaches on the Sheldrake psychic field model are readily suggested. My training is in molecular biology and brain science, with 25 years of Chinese qigong and more recent work in modern analytic philosophy under John Searle, John MacFarlane and Barry Stroud. I worked at the Institute of Noetic Sciences under Willis Harman and Brendan O'Regan in the 1980s. Other friends and acquaintances include Stanley Krippner at the Saybrook School, Anthony Freeman at the Journal of Consciousness Studies, Craig Hamilton formerly with WIE and Josef Chytry at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. Author of Conversation - A New Theory of Language, published by Anthroposophic Press, Great Barrington, MA

    BURNING QUESTION: Can Collective Intelligence and its evolutionary purport be universally enabled by conversation theory?


    My passion for the earth and all her creatures has been with me as long as I can remember. This was channeled into a first career as a research biologist and ecologist, a second career in natural resources planning and policy, a third career in growing a consulting practice, and a current re-adjustment in that practice to . . . ? My business, Partners in Place, LLC, builds environmental partnerships and community collaborations (see website for details). In 2006, I am not taking new clients. Instead, I'm working on two writing projects, based on my experiences. The first is a cycle of seasons journal template, accompanied by a facilitator's guide. The second, and more challenging, is a series of essays on lineage. I enjoy being the co-parent of an amazing young adult daughter, gardening indoors and outdoors, celebrating the seasons, traveling on pilgrimage to sacred sites, and creating collage.


    Website: www.partnersinplace.com


    The evolutionary imperative has brought me through many diverse paths seeking to be of service in the world — as philosopher, photographer, journalist, teacher, activist, organizer, facilitator, and social change artist who sees herself as a passionate optimist seeking greater resonance and communion with her global family.

    Attending a small Christian liberal arts college began a lifelong inquiry and forged a foundation of questioning and a spiritual life rooted in mystical traditions and engaged with the world. My path has always included the many but nature stands in the center of my personal ecosystem. I learned several years ago that my roots are Jewish and this irony and paradox continues to intrigue me. Buddhism has brought me the clearest understanding of inner liberation technologies and personal transformative practice, which inspires me to understand how these spiritual technologies can be integrated into our political world, where inner and outer technologies meet. As a student of philosophy and literature, my deep love for story & dialogue sits at the root of my passion for profound and evolving change in a complex world — the role of imagination and spirit. Personal mantras have been the meme of conscious evolution and Hafiz's quote "Nothing evolves us like love."

    I received a Master's degree in literature, critical thinking, cinema studies and philosophy, while my professional and activist work has taken me into the broad field of communication. Leveraging information technologies and empowerment and how stories shape our beliefs about what is possible, I dove into broadcast journalism and spent a combined 8 years as news director of a community radio station and as producer/host for a provocative public affairs program in Seattle. The journey continued with the next 4 years immersed at the heart of a global communications network: Indymedia. Jumpstarting network consciousness, discovering best practices, immersing myself in integral communication, developing collective intelligence processes and the architecture of cooperation and participation, was an everyday necessity. Open source, distributed networks, and living systems principles were fundamental design elements. We were collectively, globally, walking an evolutionary edge without a blueprint.

    A personal pivotal moment was meeting Pierre Levy, and his invitation a year later to do my PhD with him sparked a profound inquiry. To further this exploration, I convened the Collective Intelligence Circle to bring evolutionary process technologies to the Northwest Social Forum. I remain committed to engaging this bioregion with the bigger questions of our social tranformation possibilities and new ways of being and imagining together. Current projects include working with a bioregional project called Imagine Cascadia to engage our bioregion in a series of conversations about our sustainable future, discovering the work we must do together, and how we can bring consciousness to already existing networks that can serve to connect us to one another in more profound ways.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: How do we disseminate the evolutionary patterns and memes from these salons and our collective work in the widest way possible, seeding them in our local ecosystems and in the larger cultural creative field? How do we harvest the evolutionary edge consciousness and translate it in language and process that can be shared by many? How do we heal the small and large fissures in the fabric of the collective so that the field is clear for the highest evolutionary potential to emerge? How do we develop bioregional strategies of cooperation that take into account the consequences of our individual and collective action and the evolutionary agenda for sustainability?
    What does collective intelligence in action look like?


    J. Andrew Hoerner is Director of Research for Redefining Progress, a sustainability think tank with offices in Oakland and Washington DC. His work focuses on the use of tax and market-based instruments to better harmonize economic, environmental and social justice goals, and on coalition building efforts, especially between labor and environmentalists. He has been Director Research the Center for a Sustainable Economy, Director of Tax Policy at the Center for Global Change at the University of Maryland College Park, a journalist and editor of Natural Resources Tax Review, an attorney in private practice, an organizer for the Rochester Peace & Justice Education Center. He has been a consultant on behalf of the governments of Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States. He received his BA in Economic from Cornell University, a JD from Case Western Reserve School of Law, and a Masters in Economics from the University of Maryland College Park. In addition to the above he is the founder of Love & Politics (www.loveandpolitics/org) a group committed to support progressive activism rooted in a more nurturing and inclusive vision of family, sexuality, relationship, and community. He is a leading member of the effort to craft an economic policy plank for the newly-founded Network of Spiritual Progressives. With Loraine Hutchins, he founded Sacred Flame, a two-year experiment in the study, practice, and promotion of sacred sexuality, built on radical queer feminist principles. And he is trying to create the Convergence Institute (working title), a residential community for activists and scholars designed to promote dialogue between diverse progressive movements and approaches and address the most fundamental question of the contemporary left, which he take to be "How do we replace the Marxist vision of socialism as a pole star for the contemporary Left -- or revive it in some more credible form?"

    Andrew's publications include: with Steven DeCanio, Florentine Krause, & Paul Baer, "Cutting Carbon Emissions at a Profit (Parts I & II): Opportunities for the U.S & Impacts on U.S. Competitiveness and Jobs," Contemporary Economic Policy vols. 20 and 21, 2002-2003 with James Barrett, Clean Energy and Jobs: A Comprehensive Approach to Climate and Energy Policy, Washington DC: Center for a Sustainable Economy and Economic Policy Institute (2002). http://www.rprogress.org/newpubs/Clean%20Energy%20and%20Jobs.pdf A Golden Opportunity: Strengthening California's Economy through Climate Policy. Oakland: Redefining Progress (2006). http://www.rprogress.org/newpubs/2006/goldenopp0106.pdf Environmental Tax Reform: The European Experience, Washington DC: Center for a Sustainable Economy(2001) Good Business: A Market Analysis of Energy Efficiency Policy, Washington DC: Center for a Sustainable Economy (2000) "Harnessing the Tax Code for Environmental Protection: A Survey of State Initiatives," State Tax Notes, 1998 Alternative Approaches to Offsetting the Competitive Burden of a Carbon/Energy Tax, Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (1997) "Taxing Pollution," in Ozone Protection in the United States: Elements of Success, edited by Elizabeth Cook, Washington DC: World Resources Institute (1997) with Frank Muller, Carbon Taxes for Climate Protection in a Competitive World, Bern, Switzerland: Swiss Ministry of Economic Affairs (1996) "The Louisiana Environmental Tax Scorecard," In Green Budget Reform: An International Casebook of Leading Practices, edited by Robert Gale, Stephen Barg, and Alexander Gillies. London: Earthscan Publications, Ltd, (1995) with A. Miller and F. Muller, Promoting Growth and Job Creation through Emerging Environmental Technologies, Washington, DC: National Commission for Employment Policy, Research Report No. 95-3 (April 1995) ed., The Capitol Gains Controversy, Arlington VA: Tax Analysts Press (1992).

    BURNING QUESTIONS: To what extent does evolutionary theory provide guidance for radical activists? Under what conditions do our institutions coevolve toward mutualism rather than parasitism or predation? How do we keep evolutionary pressures from killing progressive alternatives?


    Questions of cultural evolution--our place in it and what our times ask of us -- have pretty much defined my life's work. That includes writing, teaching, consulting to organizations, leading think tanks on critical issues, and working with individuals to develop capacities for mature leadership. I'm just finishing up seven years of work on a most recent book (that addresses making sense of our time and the tasks of mature leadership). These day's I split my time between Seattle (where I consult and see clients) and an old Victorian sea captain's house on the coast that I am renovating (and where I do my writing). Down there, I'm also involved in leading a five year effort to save a two mile stretch of pristine dunes and sea shore from development (and have it become a state park).

    I'm a psychiatrist by training, before that a sculptor, and off and on a musician. I was for 15 years founder and director of the Institute for Creative Development, a Seattle-bases non-partisan non-profit think tank and center for leadership training. I think of my most important accomplishment the authoring and development of Creative Systems Theory, a comprehensive framework of understanding change and interrelationship in human systems (with particular pertinence to understanding current cultural change). My books include "The Creative Imperative" and "Necessary Wisdom."

    BURNING QUESTIONS:It has a cultural level and a personal level. I think these very tricky times. I see the ability of leadership at most all levels in culture to have regressed significantly in recent years (at the same time the capacity demands of the critical questions has increased). The cultural level question: Given this, how do we best facilitate the needed perspective and leadership. More personally: My response to this regression has been to focus on writing and through this further pushing the edges of my own thinking. (I've stepped out of significant visibility.) But I am wrapping up work on the most recent book. What will be my right cultural role and on its completion? That is the question I will most be playing with personally during the gathering.


    Anodea Judith has been called a prophet for our time. She considers herself an evolutionary psychologist with a lifelong fascination with the human journey and its evolutionary possibilities. As a past psychotherapist and popular workshop presenter, she has been writing and teaching maps for both personal and collective transformation for 25 years. Anodea holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and is the author of 4 books, several audio products and an award winning DVD. Her newest book, WAKING THE GLOBAL HEART: HUMANITY'S RITE OF PASSAGE FROM THE LOVE OF POWER TO THE POWER OF LOVE addresses the three essential questions of any guiding myth: Who are we? How did we get to where we are right now? Where are we going?

    BURNING QUESTIONS: My burning question has long been "What is the next organizing principle for human society?" I came to an answer to this in researching my latest book. As networks are a big part of this answer, I seek to network with others asking the same question. We cannot do away with the old system until we have a viable system to replace it with. This system is alive and well and growing up beneath the old system. The next question: How do we make the transfer from the old to the new with the greatest ease and least amount of suffering?


    Social inventor, visionary and entrepreneur: Over the past 22 years Bill has conceived, co-founded and presented the following: o The New Warrior Training Adventure of the ManKind Project, Inc. This powerful initiation in healthy masculinity has 37,000 graduates. Each man enters a small follow-up group where he learns and integrates communications skills, emotional literacy and conflict resolution. A transpersonal life mission guides each man. o The Inner King Training offers an opportunity to deepen leadership skills experientially in blessing, facing mortality and exploring who really occupies the place of God in our hearts. o The Warrior-Monk Training Intensive teaches experientially the truth of "I create my reality" as it guides "pilgrims" in answering three questions: Who am I? Where am I going? & With whom? * The Sacred Lifeboats Seminar invites us to look seriously at our current social, political and environmental situation. We then explore social inventions which might allow us to survive and thrive in the rapid change years coming all too soon. Community Builder: The ManKind Project (MKP) functions as a fraternal learning organization that teaches men leadership, personal growth, and spirituality through initiation, training and service to others. The MKP has 40 autonomous, yet linked, centers across the US, Canada and around the world including England, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and dozens of smaller communities. Hundreds of other service/learning projects (for men, women & children) have been seeded from the men initiated and trained by the MKP. Bill estimates that this work generates 3 to 4 million hours of "social capital" (the glue of society) each year. Relentless Optimist: Bill's current passion involves his penchant for self-replicating social inventions.

    Author: A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men's Support Groups, published in 1992 by St. Martin's Press. (Still in print and selling.)

    BURNING QUESTION: How might we build the sustainable new culture now as we move into a time of progressively rapid change in directions we can not see coming?

    Website: www.sacredlifeboats.com


    Kevin W. Kelley, an artist, best-selling author and entrepreneur, heads World Perspectives, a company specializing in Earth and space imagery and development of products which illuminate new perspectives on our World. Kevin conceived, edited, and produced the international best selling book The Home Planet, (1988) a compellation of the most beautiful photos of the Earth taken from space by space farers and accompanied by inspiring quotes by astronauts and cosmonauts. The Home Planet was on The New York Times bestseller list for 8 weeks and over 600,000 volumes have been published in 11 languages and 14 countries. Kevin also co-authored the widely acclaimed Embracing Earth: New Views of Our Changing Planet, published by Chronicle Books as their lead volume for the fall of 1992. RELATED TO THE SALON: I have a deep interest in understanding the true genesis and key to our curent crises (see my question). I believe that the writers, artists, storytellers, film makers, and other creatives are central to the timely dissemination and update of any essential information - and my focus is primarily in that direction once satisfied that we had something worthy of the effort. Towards that end I have been envisaging and developing a new way of seeing and understanding time, Creation and evolution. It enables simultaneous tracking, visualizing and correlation of the evolutionary processes and events of the cosmos, geology, climate and Life, from billions of years ago to the present moment, and on into distant future. In part, this is a next generation 'timepiece' - a dynamic, empirical, and interactive deep-timeline, clock and calendar all in one. It will also enable easier visualization and understanding of The Great Story. For a long time now, I have pondered evolution and the nature of Intelligence in Creation. This has led to an a deeper inquiry into how Creation evolves from within, in part, through a kind of intuitive, non-cognitive, inherent knowing that is intrinsic to Being. As this inquiry deepens I am beginning to suspect that our crisis may be reside more in the arena of consciousness and spiritual attunement than just in intellectual ignorance. Kevin has attended two prior Evolutionary Salons.

    BURNING QUESTIONS:How can our current predicaments and opportunities be best understood and how can such understanding, if apprehendable, be most effectively communicated into the world in the most efficient and timely manner towards making the changes that will be needed if we, and much of Life, are to have a rich sustainable future?


    I am node #F495AC36 of the Internet Creativity Council of Egalitarian Communities. I work to establish ontological rockets for collectively intelligent green Darwinians struggling for the freedom of Imagination in the Tron base of Open Source world that covers WikiLandia. Fears of excess induce paralysis, and the devil whispers: 'I cannot grow, I cannot keep up.' I reach out over the digital void, 'Yes you can. You have an e-mail address, after all. Bet you didn't think you'd have one of those, when we told you about it in 1993.' I've embraced my inner cyborg, it's the only life we've ever lived, and can see my distorted face in the mirror of the computer. The Chinese said demons always travel in straight lines, so why does distortion make you nervous? If you can't control yourself, how can you demand it of others? Gibran taught me: My children are not my children; they are the product of life's longing for itself. I can strive to be like them, but I cannot strive to make them like me. I trust that the archer sees the mark, on the path to infinity. My 5 year old daughter, she fills me with awe. Hers is another world. I went to Harvey Mudd College for 2 years. My professional history is utterly boring. Crack open Google to 'Lion Kimbro,' though, and you see another world. I write up and down the Internet, but mostly on a little known site: 'CommunityWiki.' I wrote a book called 'How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought You Think,' that people seemed to like, but I'm much more excited by the online organizing work I do now. And the adventure! Oh, the Places We'll Go! There is a project I'd like you to know about, it's called 'The Internet.' Today, a fairyland, living inside computers. That interior world is becoming an exterior world. Like the world itself, you can love it, or you can hate it. Choose: To dream a sweet dream.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: When's the session on Network Based Activism?

    Website: www.speakeasy.org/~lion/



    Threshold Foundation Hollyhock/Cortes Island Pacifica Graduate Institute/Center for the Study of Depth Psychology in Santa Barbara One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City Naos Foundation

    I am a depth psychologist and an Interfaith minister. I co-founded Temenos Associates, a workshop company in the Bay Area, in the mid-eighties and taught consciousness workshops in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Washington, DC. My husband, Rick Paine, and I co-founded Naos Foundation in the mid-nineties, offering Vision Fasts in the Utah Canyonlands and creating a four-year Mystery School based on the Native American medicine wheel. I have been on sababatical for a couple of years, writing up my past work and rethinking my future steps. I have most recently been studying the Christian Rapture and its implications for the earth.

    BURNING QUESTION: What helps someone move out of a fundamentalist position without engendering more fear?


    For the last 7 years I have had the good fortune to teach with two transformative and r/evolutionary higher education programs. The Audubon Expedition Institute at Lesley University, offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in environmental education and environmental studies. Each semester, students and faculty live and learn together in a particular bioregion of North America. The second program, Living Routes is a semester long study abroad program based in the international community of Auroville in southern India. The semester focuses on sustainability in community and examines the integral role of the evolution of consciousness in sustainability work. Both programs follow an educational model that blends experiential, holistic, and student-centered learning through a transformative framework of intensive learning community work. In these programs sustainability is examined and lived, (to the extent possible), through three lenses, the cultural, ecological and inner or spiritual lenses. Self-inquiry, deep ecology/new cosmology and awareness practices are recognized as complimentary to cultural and ecological studies and practices. These programs, while they might not describe themselves this way, aspire to cultivate 'co-creative participants in the evolution of consciousness' and to catalyze that evolutionary process. I am interested in exploring how to do this work more effectively, in a way that's more personally sustainable and with less struggle (both from within our programs and from without). I live in Bellingham, WA within the Cascadia bioregion. My work has been influenced most recently by New Cosmology and the Evolution of Consciousness, Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects and Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: What are the multiple forms that a pedagogy for integral sustainability and the evolution of consciousness might take (drawn from Karl Steyaert's question)? And how do we build more accessible and acceptable bridges between more traditional environmental and social justice studies, and studies for integral sustainability and the evolution of consciousness?


    I was born in the woods of western Washington. It was a stormy night and my mother was disappointed that I came so quickly. As a child I wanted to be a cowboy. I caught frogs, built forts and made waterfalls in the runoff from the endless winter rains. The smell of mist, magick and decaying forest floors is that of home. In the undulating breaths of days passing into seasons time proved irrelevant. As an artist I am fascinated by mood and moment; of light dancing with shadow, and the never ending motion of the sea... and I do believe that we can make the ocean smell of oranges!! I have accomplished the creation of many treasure hunts and look forward to working on a full scale world wide treasure hunt, some time in the near future. I am also working on creating the town of Eleswhere, being somewhere, where I plan to arrive at myself over and over again... Yes! Really seriously I hold this vision and a space for it to unfold as a town, a community, and a play ground for the higher self.

    BURNING QUESTIONS:Where is my place in the evolution of this planet, and how can I be of assistance to others within the dance of awakening to the ever present fresh breath of wind breathing them to wake?


    NANCY MARGULIES works with corporations and educational groups worldwide. Nancy facilitates visioning sessions and presents ideas using her unique form of graphic representation, Mindscaping. This technique enables Nancy to both facilitate and capture discussions in a form that clearly conveys essential concepts, relationships, and patterns. Mindscapes also make the information more memorable, lending clarity to the ideas presented. She attended the first Evolutionary Salon and captured the conversation in using her Mindscaping talents and will do so for the 3rd Salon as well. In workshops tailored to meet client needs, Nancy leads strategic planning sessions. Most recently for the City of West Hollywood and the City of Richmond, CA. Over the years she has collaborated many times with Meg Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science. Her other activities include working with Fritjof Capra, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox and 3M. She has also worked with President Clinton and the Cabinet, the Dalai Lama and facilitated workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey, South Africa and India. She contributed to the development The World Cafe process with Juanita Brown and David Isaacs. See www.theworldcafe.com, and leads World Cafes in a variety of settings. Nancy's most recent books include Mapping Inner Space, Revised, and Visual Thinking, Mapping Inner Space is the most widely used guide to visual mapping in the world. It is published in seven languages, with a forward by Margaret Wheatley.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: What can we do NOW to step into an experience of relating to each other as if our evolution has already taken a leap forward?



    Retired from IBM -- a broad set of cultural, technical & management experiences
    • Partnered in a Sustainable Agriculture/Horticulture Start-up Company
    • Co-founder & Director of the non-profit -- Organizational Learning Center-NW
    • On several other Boards forr Spiritual, World Peace and the New West Seminary
    • Preesident of P'nai Or -- a Jewish Renewal Congregation

    Educational and professional history and accomplishments, books, major projects you'd like us to know about. While working for IBM I was able to live and work abroad -- Europe, South America, and the Far East where I learned to appreciate how differently various cultures approach life -- how they plan, design, live their lives, bond as cultures, relate to the world of nature, and address their spirituality. My orientation was projects -- creation, design, implementation and management, and included programming systems, product design, and organizational improvements. After retiring in 1991 I went back to school at Portland State University (PSU) where I read Peter Senge's, "The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of Learning Organizations" . And through a fortuitous set of circumstances I met Dr. Senge, got immersed in public education, systems thinking, and sustainability. I am particularly focused on the spiritual facet of sustainability through a statewide, grass roots intervention that institutionalizes our learning, choices and commitments in education, business, community, faith institutions.

    • Co-founded a non-profit whose mission was tto bring learning organization concepts and principles to elementary and secondary education.
    • Led a task force to define an 'excellent education system' around purpose, principles, and best education practices -- linking public education to the long range quality of life, civility, and economic goals of their communities.
    • Designed and facilitated the 'Caring for Creation' segment of the United Religions Initiative's N.A. Conference
    • Design and facilitate workshops and conversation groups on the "Earth Charter', 'Spirtuality thru Living Systems', etc. Bachelor of Arts in Math-Physics, Whitman College 1962 Masters of Business Administration, PACE University 1976 PhD courses in System Science, Education, & Public Policy, PSU 1991-1998 Appreciative Inquiry Certification, Case Western Reserve University 2003 Master of Arts in Whole System Design, Antioch University 2003 Achievements
    • For my Consultation Project at Antioch and Case Western Reserve, I worked with one community to define their desired future in terms of balanced sustainability in a 'Learning Community' partnership with their public schools.

    BURNING QUESTION: How might I be part of a collective effort to recognize the universal guidance toward ethical behavior?



    Essence Communication, British Columbia


    The theme and intention of the salon is aligned with my life and work, hopes and care. I am eager to meet and network with others who are interested and committed to offering their life, their gifts and insights to evolution of the Whole. I hope that we can come together in authentic presence and be attentive to what can arise when we listen to more than the sum total of who we are as individuals. Therein I believe lies promise for direction, inspiration, and clarity for humanity and this earth adventure embedded in the Great Evolving Kosmos. I will attend with my 2.5 year-old daughter, Adonia, and also want to attend so that she can contribute to and soak in the event.

    I live in Nelson, British Columbia (Canada) with my husband, Stephan, and our 2-and-a-half year old daughter, Adonia. I moved to Canada in 1992, having grown up in Switzerland. The first ten years here we lived in a spiritual community founded by Stephan that focused on spiritual practice, exploring the next step(s) in consciousness evolution and the integral embodiment thereof. Our inquiry and experience all pointed to Collective Individualism as a central piece of the next step.

    In 2002, after a decade of community life and a broad variety of engagement at the bioregional level, we decided to take a year off (or rather, on!) and travel through Europe and North America holding the question: "What is the next step(s) in consciousness evolution?" We felt inspired to ask other people, having spent much of the previous decade implementing whatever glimpses and intuitions we had had ourselves. And so we traveled to monasteries, spiritual communities, met with families, writers, social activists, and spoke with a wonderful collection of individuals and groups.

    Returning home, greatly enriched, inspired and also affirmed by our pilgrimage we founded Next Step Foundation, an organization dedicated to applying an integral perspective to parenting, education, ecology, and community. I have also been very involved with the development of the Integral Education Center of Integral University. I am writing a book on Integral Parenting and, together with Stephan, developing a course on the topic.

    As I contemplate who I am and what I am most passionate about it all seems to come down to this: I feel we are invited/challenged to live life to its fullest, and I yearn to partake in making this potential a reality. What does "full life" mean? Ever-stretching into the breadth and depth of this existence, tasting, savouring, embracing, jumping high, kneeling down low, moving into places I resist and allowing the felt friction to inform where I next need to grow and shed, seeking to uncover the core self that resides within and share this with others. By moving from identification with the personal to a transpersonal perspective I see a real possibility that we can discover true communion, and that this is a key to responding effectively and deeply to the conflict and strife present at many levels across the planet today.

    Also, as a mum of a wee lassie I spend much of my days simply being with my girl, discovering life at her side, bending down to smell the dandelions, prancing around the living room with ribbons, dollies, and other treasured objects that she likes to dance with, and above all aspiring to feel into the space between us so that I can respond more attentively to her being and becoming. She is my spiritual practice. I am honored to accompany her.

    I love to dance, to move, to sing, and I love people – have always been fascinated by who we are and why we do things the way we do and how this could perhaps be different or not... I hold an M.A. in Psychology from the University of Zurich, with specialization in Youth and Child Psychology and am also a certified teacher of Laban Modern Dance and a singing instructor. For the last decade I have been working in private practice as an integral therapeutic counselor – took a break from this to become a mama, and am now gradually resuming this work.

    BURNING QUESTIONS:What needs to happen within each of us and amongst us so that we are available and ready to consciously and willingly participate in evolution's next step(s)? What ingredients do we need to bring to the table so that together we can "hear the call from the future"? And then, how might we respond and move toward embodying this call in our very lives, facilitating the journey from what is heard to what is lived and embodied? Also, how might we accompany infants and children as they grow and orient themselves in this world so that we do not place a ceiling on the unfolding of their potential? How can we help them experience at all levels of their being­body, mind, soul, and spirit­the miracle of being enfolded in an evolving Universe, and support them in their journeys toward becoming ever-more conscious participants in this life adventure?


    After 5 years of travel studying the great wisdom traditions, exploring my inner worlds and participating in various intentional community experiences, a profound spiritual experience during a Vipassana retreat in India led me to found a spiritual community in 1992. The central goal of the community was to awaken in our midst what I, at the time, called "We-consciousness". This required a commitment to personal evolution and growth as well as a commitment to authentic relationship. Our second goal was to embody our findings into our daily life. We therefore engaged in spiritual practice, we explored right livelihood, we grew our own food, cleansed our bodies, became active socially and politically, built with straw, started accredited internships for university students for hands-on educational programs, engaged deeply in open communication, and practiced together in sacred communion the allowing and welcoming in our midst of the One that is greater than the some total of all of us.

    In 2002 it became clear that some of the glimpses and experiences of authentic communion that we had experienced in our 10 years as a community held answers to our human predicament. Simultaneously a shift in consciousness seemed to be underway whereby more and more people were beginning to speak of collective-individualism. Excited, we (my wife, Miriam, and I) decided to go network and left on a one-year pilgrimage looking for people feeling, sensing and experiencing this emergence. While travelling our daughter joined us. In many ways our one-year journey has become a four-year adventure that we are still on. In the meantime we have founded a non-profit organization dedicated to the collective embodiment of our human potential. We are presently developing a course on Integral Parenting; I have started an initiative in the Interior of BC a few years back that is now in the final phase of creating a cooperative to manage 40000 acres of land integrally. We are also working on a very exciting project, the creation of a 3-month intensive for people seeking to immerse themselves in integral life. Our long-term dream is to create an Integral Village where the personal, collective, and embodied potential of Integral Life is explored, seen, felt and experienced by the people living in it as well as by any visitor coming thru it. In other words, the creation of a new "field" at the level of consciousness and an expression of that very "field" in 3rd dimensional reality. In other words, a response to Duane Elgin's beautiful question: "How does awakening looks like as it moves into the world?" Looking forward to meeting you all!


    My burning questions, ones that I have been travelling with for at least 18 years, are: What is the dormant potential that exists in human beings when we truly come together? And what if we were actually able to harness this dormant potential as a stage in consciousness evolution as opposed to brief glimpses in moments of grace? What would we awaken in our midst? What are the tools for this to happen? Can we sustain this level of awakening for extended period of times? What is in our midst when we truly and authentically come together? Are we ready for this?


    Greetings! Since 1985 at the age of 25, I've been passionate about helping organizations create results and joy at work by capitalizing on its human element - namely feelings and needs - in organizational systems rather than dismissing, tolerating or "managing" our humanness. My current work, an organization framework I developed called Integrated Clarity, brings a compassion-based solution to all levels of the system: intra-personal, inter-personal and organizational. I've been astonished at the impact on happiness this process can create. ~ A chapter on organization effectiveness and communication (Integrated Clarity: Energizing How We Talk and What We Talk About in Organizations) I've co-authored with Marshall Rosenberg, the developer of Nonviolent Communication, will be published in October 2006 in the 2nd edition of The Change Handbook by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. (editors Peggy Holman, Tom Devane, Steven Cady.) ~ Wanting to find a creative foundation for the discovery of a new framework for my work, I traveled around the United States for two years as a golf professional playing on the LPGA's developmental Future's Tour. Golf and life in organizations have a lot in common - everything you think will work won't, and everything you think can't work does. In both, what can be achieved with the mind pales next to what can manifest from the heart, spirit and soul. But you have to experience this to really get it. ~ I'm grateful for my teachers that include Marshall Rosenberg, Marshall Thurber (the R. Buckminster Fuller and Dr. W. Edwards Deming influenced consultant), therapist Judith Orloff Faulk, Nonviolent Communication trainer Sylvia Haskvitz, executive coach and psychologist Dr. Barbara Flood, the spiritual meditation master Gurumayi Chidvilasananda of the Siddha Yoga lineage, Tibetan Buddhist monk Geshe Michael Roach and my maternal grandmother, Kame Shimabuku - a third-generation Okinawan (Japan) priestess. Other influences include William Bridges, Jim Collins and Kimball Fisher. ~ I'm the president of Elucity Network, Inc., an organization communication and development firm that works with businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, healthcare organizations, universities, family systems and communities. I studied organization communication at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where I graduated with honors - despite all the parties! I~ I'm based in Tucson, Arizona and have associates in Portland, Oregon (the honorable Martin Heltai) and Denver, Colorado. We're always looking to collaborate with new associates who share the same life-affirming purpose for work as a vehicle for healing as well as productivity.

    BURNING QUESTIONS:What is love? And how can we systematically and productively rekindle its flame in the workplace and our everyday communities?


    A little phrase from the Gratitude website inspired me to begin this "nonbio." So "to witness life as a waking art," with people and place, inspires me to host and hold Aldermarsh, a retreat center and my home, as an experiment in possibilities. I have slowly learned that I have had an underlying competitive current that emerged as a push to "do something" and to "be effective." Even as I come together to acknowledge the bigger picture in rapid societal design and change I must remind myself that loving and maintaining alignment with Source is primary to being an influence for change. Walking my talk or walking the walk is Walking in Beauty. As I shape my interactions, moving from competition toward collaboration, I find there is room for everything. All life is in co-creation — not separate, ever. When I act from this knowing, I act in concert with my work-in-the-world, whole and seamless. The universe/ earth's abundance is not limited, with not enough to go around. It is constantly evolving and opening and we divine humans hopefully will become aware of our origin and stardust body.

    BURNING QUESTION: Can I be in presence open to an emerging outcome?

      SCOTT NELSON - Wifi Troubleshooter

    The eldest son of two school teachers, I had an idyllic upbringing in rural British Columbia. After high-school I studied math and computer science for a year and then left home and travelled through Australia and Aotearoa for a year before starting at Simon Fraser University, from which I eventually graduated with a degree in philosophy and geography. Worked for the following year in the field of public relations and then travelled for a year north through the Arctic and south to Oaxaca. I started my first company in '93, helping environmental organizations get a head start on the Internet (orange stage?). Left that at the end of '99 and became involved in globalization and media activism (green stage?). Suffered a psychospiritual crisis, discovered integral philosophy and became interested in mysticism and spirituality about two years ago (beginning of yellow stage?) . I am currently a freelance consultant helping progressive organizations produce electronic media and transition to Web 2.0, utilizing open source technology.


    Website: http://virishi.zaadz.com


    What will it take to heal our planet? Huge populations in the United States and the world appear to have no common ground for conversation, understanding and mutual vision. As I enter my 60's I need to-- Listen into the future and hear the call. I don't need another conference. I need to sit in circle, listen and share my voice.

    I have been blessed to have participated in many circles. Like you my life has been devoted to healing the planet in one way or another. My titles have included: director of Runaway House, minister, commune developer, psychotherapist, group facilitator, emotional healing guide, wilderness guide. Forty years of wonder and magic. Most recently my wife Lynnaea and I developed and led a 4-year mystery school based upon the medicine wheel.

    Lynnaea and I have just moved to Whidbey Island and are starting a new phase of our life. What does it mean to be an elder? What is calling now? I am nourished by walking on the earth.

    I have been deeply touched by the work of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimm and have wanted to explore Evolutionary Christianity for some time. I feel called to return to my Christian roots to find conversations of common ground for healing the planet. I am listening and learning as I step into the next evolutionary phase of my life.


    I am thrilled to be a person who has surrendered to their true calling. For the past 20+ years, I have been a management consultant focused on leadership and organizational transformation, working with some of the largest companies in the world. Two years ago I began a transition toward broader social impact. I didn't have the language at the time, but my focus shifted from primarily business to the all-out support of conscious evolution. I lead a six-month Self-discovery program called 'Coming Home - to our deepest purpose, joy and freedom'. I am also engaged in the formation of a network of catalysts - those who are leading the way toward the shift in consciousness required for humanity's next step. I am blessed to be married to my kind, loving, funny and tremendously supportive best friend, and to have two grown sons who I am also proud to call my friends. For over twenty years, I have helped leaders of Fortune 500 companies stimulate breakthroughs in their businesses by tapping the power of human commitment. My clients have been primarily U.S. Fortune 500 companies, such as GE, Allstate Insurance, and Hughes Space and Communication, but I have also worked with global companies with locations in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. I spent two years living in Europe working with the challenges of a merged organization as it shifted to a Pan-European strategy. This work has helped me understand what it takes to shift the thinking of large groups of people, and I intend to use that expertise to contribute to the movement of global conscious evolution.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: 1. How would we articulate a common theme that unites the work of those of us who are champions of conscious evolution?
    2. If an extraordinary personal experience is what is required to produce a shift in consciousness at the individual level, then a. How do we help a critical mass truly experience our connection to each other and all that is in a way that stays alive day to day? b. Is shifting consciousness person-by-person the only way to create a paradigm shift?



    I am interested in the original voice that infuses each of us--both in our authentic expression and in the sense of the Original tone that informs all of life. Listening for this universal tone has guided my work for the last 25 years. Currently I'm the director of Sunrise Ranch, a 60-year-old community in Colorado based on the premise that each of us is divine, and it's ours to discover what that means to us and to those with whom we share this remarkable journey. I'm also an editor, an ethicist and a consultant--and I'll be adding to the abundance of facilitators at the gathering.

    Educational and professional history and accomplishments, books, major projects you'd like us to know about. I earned an MA in English with an emphasis on editing. I'm trained in mediation, consensus-based facilitation and dialogue (DiaLogos), ShadowWork facilitation and ethics (Right Use of Power). My chapter, "Ethics as Healing: Another Approach to Conflict Resolution," appears in the book "Conflict Resolution in Communities."

    BURNING QUESTIONS: 1) The technologies that power personal growth and transformation seem to be generally effective and well developed. How many of them are useful at the collective level? 2) How indeed can we cross the threshold into the next range of transformation collectively; in a culture that fosters individual development, how might we take the next steps as a whole?


    The work of the Evolutionary Salons is the work of our Living Room/Collaboratories - the work of transformation, both personal and cultural, to a collaborative sustainable mindset and way of living. We are focussed on creating local networked communities of learning and practice towards the transformation - so far in Calgary Alberta; Kitchener and Toronto Ontario; and Portland, Oregon. We held our own first small scale local Evolutionary Salons two years ago! - see our website's Past Events. We've been using Open Space, and spreading Conversation Cafes widely in Calgary. I have wanted to attend your earlier Evolutionary Salons, and have followed your reports eagerly. This time I'm free to come, and I'm invited - so I want to show up and join in the experienc, and deepen our networks.


    ADIN ROGOVIN of Portland, Oregon, has 30 years varied experience as a corporate manager including 10 years as Chief Financial Officer. He has 17 years service on non-profit Boards and Staff including, The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, Seven Generations Land Trust, Lost Valley Educational Center, Parker Street Coop, The Natural Heritage Institute, The Eugene Children's Peace Academy, The Center for Wise Democratic Processes, and The Co-Intelligence Institute. Adin's passion is focused on promoting wise collective process and transforming democracy and civic governance through developing, teaching, and implementing citizen deliberative councils and integrated process design. He is co-founder of the Eugene Facilitator's Collective, is a trained Dynamic Facilitator, who has worked with The Blue Mountain School, Alpha Farm Community, The Veterans for Peace, and the Pleasantville, NY Great Oak Council. Adin organized The Lane County Low Income People's Wisdom Council and the Walnut Street Coop, a coop house in Eugene.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: What does a conscious evolution movement look like?


    Jim is a consultant, author, speaker and social innovator. He originated "Dynamic Facilitation" and the "Wisdom Council." He leads the acclaimed seminar "Dynamic Facilitation Skills for Emergent Leadership." (www.DynamicFacilitation.com). Jim is the author of Society's Breakthrough/Releasing the Essential Wisdom and Virtue of All People, co-founder of Wise Democracy and six years host of 'The Jim Rough Show" on community access television.

    BURNING QUESTION: How to shift the quality of thinking among all people to be creative and collaborative?

    Website: www.WiseDemocracy.org


    I am a theoretical physicist working in the interrelated areas of information physics and a subject that I call cosmological complexity — how the universe evolves and organizes from essentially nothing. Much of my work has been carried out as a physics professor at Portland State University, where for the past decade I have been working to synthesize the ideas of complexity and cosmology to better understand emergence and evolution in the universe. I also seek to understand the foundational role that information plays in physics (including quantum physics and the second law), and to establish fundamental connections between apparently different subjects, such as the phenomenon of forgetting and the second law of thermodynamics. I am also a meditator, someone interested in cultural change, an astronomical sky gazer, fly fisher, and father of my late daughter, Patty Jeanne. As a meditator I am also trying to engage in a dialog on the story of the universe with those involved in Eastern spiritual backgrounds in order to include the hearts and formative voices of all traditions. As we await the potential discovery of life elsewhere in the universe and as our ability improves to create new life forms here on Earth, I have also become increasingly concerned that we face shifts of tectonic proportions in our most fundamental beliefs about life, consciousness, and our place in the universe. While we are creating mass extinctions, we are simultaneously also creating new forms of life — even potentially new and different forms of consciousness. Admittedly the future is hazy, but the potential changes are so fundamentally transformative that we must enlarge the context of our thinking and let our voices be heard about these critically important issues. In the long unfolding of the universe we humans are probably a transitional life form. Our present time is likely to be a defining moment in human evolution. We need to be reminded of this fact — and that we ourselves are the creators of this change.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: What do these potential transformations (please refer to my background statement) mean to our understanding of life, consciousness, and our place in the universe? How do these changes fit within the context of long-term evolution in an emergent universe? What strategies can we adopt to approach the coming changes with knowledge and wisdom? How can we have a serious discussion and educate each other about these potential changes without being dismissed or marginalized?


    BURNING QUESTIONS: Question 1: What is the opportunity of this day? What is the op-port-unity (Optional-PORT-of-UNITY) of this meeting? Question 2: What would happen if for one day we were all completely freed up from our experience (I mean our total experience) - how would we look at the world and at each other and what would happen? Question 3: If you and I are each a neural end in God's brain and the synaptic cleft between us is the most prime space for God's evolution to emerge, wherein our conversation (within and without) generate the neurotransmitters of evolution - what kind of evolutionary space do we make for God and for us? Question 4: Imagine an unnamed grantor has given this evolutionary gathering $50,000,000 (50 millions) - we are asked to agree and decide on a plan of action - our charge is to use this money in the next three years to help and facilitate our fellow humans and this beloved Earth in making the evolutionary leap that is knocking on our doors. How do we go about it? What kind of personal and collective development is called for in this? What ways and processes will enable us to put together an action plan? What are our first three actions?


    I enjoy exploring ways of living and learning that are collaborative, empowering, sustainable, creative, and playful. My intention is to support people in living joyfully and in harmony with each other and with all life on the planet. I have spent much of my life facilitating learning in various forms, including more than ten years of teaching the theories and practices of sustainability, community building, and personal and social transformation, in settings ranging from college classrooms and study circles to gardens and mountain ranges. I have had the opportunity to work, play, and learn alongside urban gardeners in inner-city Detroit, Buddhist monks in Nepal, teenage organic farmers in the mountains of Vermont, and superheroes in New Orleans. From 2002 to 2005, I lived and worked at the Findhorn Community -- a holistic learning center and ecovillage in northeastern Scotland -- where I re-designed, coordinated, and led an ecovillage-based academic study program, as well as teaching Nonviolent Communication (an approach to peaceful social and personal transformation) and yoga. My formal education has included Master's degrees in Anthropology and Natural Resources Policy, as well as extensive training in Nonviolent Communication, aikido (a nonviolent Japanese martial art), yoga, and Buddhist meditation. I am currently traveling across North America leading trainings in Nonviolent Communication and sustainable community development. In September 2006 I will settle in Oakland, California to create a community-based learning center, integrating Integral Theory, ecological sustainability, permaculture, self-directed learning, participatory research, and Nonviolent Communication.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: What would a pedagogy for integral sustainability and the evolution of consciousness look like? In other words, to what extent can we identify a range of essential theories, principles, practices, processes, conditions, and other characteristics of learning communities which might support the creation of a sustainable, peaceful, and joyful future?


    I have been dedicated to finding what would make the world work since my early teens if not before in some ways. Places along the path (some of which I have never left) include Buddhism, The Farm and other learning communities, humanistic psychology, and Sufism. Decades of observation -- of self, others, and society -- often with an evolutionary perspective, have led to some insights which seem worth sharing. Collectively I call these the Open Question Approach. They concern the underlying structure and workings of humanity's natural form of collective intelligence, and how that structure can be readily and widely adapted to social evolution toward explicitly stated ends. More than insights, practices based on them produce a rapid, deep sense of connection and a structured, rapid, and predictable appearance of collective intelligence. This can be built into any organization of any size.

    Early on I eschewed acknowledged authority and expertise as sources of knowledge, and thus have few formal credentials. After all, authorities and experts had created a world which did not work. Becoming one of them so I could contribute more of the same did not appeal. This says more about my dedication to my quest than about my wisdom, perhaps. Or perhaps not. During the Cold War I edited "The Peace Catalog," an anthology of ways ordinary people could help prevent nuclear war. I founded and for 13 years published the leading trade journal for new age and metaphysical bookstores. As the central communications channel in that industry it can justifiably claim a significant role in bringing spiritual and other alternatives to their current level of cultural acceptance. I obtained a self-designed degree in Sustainable Culture at age 45 from Fairhaven College in Bellingham. I studied and use Nonviolent Communication (not so well) and Emotional Freedom Technique (better). I am currently working on a distillation of the Open Question Approach, aimed at its application to social change.

    BURNING QUESTIONS:Will we make it? Will the rising tide of awareness, knowledge and wisdom, desire and intention, coalesce into a force with the coherence and power to overcome the effects and continuance of short-sighted and destructive actions and patterns? If so, how will this happen?


    I have just finished a children's (or beginner's) version of the Univese Story. I look forward to receiveing feedback about its form and content. I'm also inspired to meet other lovers of our story.

    I have spent (my father would say "wasted") my entire adult life trying to discover how to live in a state of graceful union with the Divine. I first tasted this possibility in the late 60's (with the help of research done in Switzerland in the 1940's by Stan Owsley). I have had no success whatsoever in my pursuit, but having a definite aim has made my life into a remarkable, if wild, goose chase. I abandoned all notions of a career at an early age and have found more than a hundred different ways to earn money. I have lived and studied with Sufis, Buddhists, Gurdjieffians and other walking wounded of the spiritual circuit. I have married, raised four children and travelled the world. For the last decade I have lived in the spiritual community of Auroville in southern India. It is designed by its founders The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, to have a significant impact on the evolution of consciousness in the world. Again, no obvious signs of success, but just think, What if? So far, it is the largest non-sectarian intentional community on the planet and has an outstanding track record in environmental restoration in its bio-region. In Auroville, I am working on the Temple in the center of the "city". The mother said it would do magic when it is finished (which should happen by the end of this year).

    I love the story of the Universe. I have told it dozens of times over the last ten years and started a high school whose curriculum was centered on the story. To me, aside from its many portals into the wonder and mystery all around us, it demonstrates to the rational mind that the Divine exists and is present in and as everything. And I believe that is the single most important thing for the rational mind to know.

    I am looking forward to spending time with other lovers of our story. I discovered reading the bio's on the website, that I am already acquainted with one other attendee. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get her to have sex with me during her first week of college, years ago. She paid me back when our paths crossed ten years later at a Sufi carnival in CA by giving me the most excruciatingly painful foot massage I have ever received. I hope she's forgiven me by now.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: How can we collectively come to live consciously in the presence of the Divine? Has she forgiven me yet?


    My life changed when, in the course of writing my Ph.D. dissertation on R. W. Emerson and the political philosophy of the American Revolution, I underwent a personal psychic revolution. Put somewhat elliptically, I saw that all the voices within my own self — high, low, of every timbre — could be liberated according to the political logic of a democratic republic, each voice free to sound its meaningful place in the harmonizing chorus of me. In this, I found a new personal happiness. Simultaneously, I saw democracy in a new light, as a people extending the same liberating principle reciprocally to one another, forming a community where each resonating self may freely resonate with the whole. Here, I beheld the possibility of a shared, public happiness — as has in fact been described in historical democracies.

    I left the University because I found little opportunity for collaborative action there. Academia was all about becoming a star. To pay my rent, I spent about seven strange years as an independent business consultant, writing executive speeches, white papers, tech manuals, television programming, etc., for Fortune 500 companies and internet startups. When the dot coms crashed, I took the opportunity to act on my cherished visions of democracy.

    With the support of a few city legislators, and inspired by Thomas Jefferson's passionate vision of subdividing the nation into "little republics" (direct democracies to guide and undergird representative democracy), I developed a legislative proposal to create a citywide network of independent but officially-recognized "neighborhood assemblies" in San Francisco. I hoped to create a new model of democracy for the world.

    As I pondered a strategy to build support, I sought out ways to bring large, diverse groups of people together into neighborhood assemblies. I discovered methods such as future search, open space, world cafe, appreciative inquiry, etc., and met my current partner-in-sublime, Kenoli Oleari. Kenoli and I are keeping the flame burning under our vision of holding 50 or more future searches across San Francisco to kick off a system of neighborhood assemblies. We are building partnerships and looking for funds to form community assemblies around the world.

    As we advance toward our goals, Kenoli and I have been creating new experiences of coming together for different communities. This year, among other activities, we brought mayors from the world's largest cities into three days of dialogue for World Environment Day, organized meetings for city and state environmental agencies, began working with representatives of rural territories in the European Union, and started planning a visioning process for the largely African-American community in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.


    I arrive at this place in life very full with wonder and excitement for the possible. My path has been interwoven with teaching, facilitation, consulting, and business management - all in many flavors. While much of my professional life has been facilitating a learning environment for others, I continue to be humbled as a student of life. My own spiritual evolution and commitment to positive change are ever emerging and evolving themes. In the last decade my work in building bridges of intercultural understanding within various organizational environments has thrived from my fascination will the multitude of diverse perspectives and ways of life we find on our planet. I have a BA in French, an MBA in Marketing, and a lifetime of personal and professional development. I have taught business courses at Lesley University, Salem State College, the University of Massachusetts, and advised in the Leaders and Entrepreneurs program at Goddard College. Many years in business and marketing led me to explore and work with almost all European cultures. Most recently my learning path is through the Conscious Evolution MA program with the Graduate Institute in Connecticut. My culminating project and thesis are looking at how we can deepen and tap into our collective knowing to innovatively and creatively discover the elegant solutions that are our collective wisdom. And then how can we move with these emergent discoveries into collective and collaborative commitment and action. It is the evolutionary edge of collective consciousness that I am exploring and committed to bringing into my work and collaborations. I believe that we, as fully realized individual humans, cannot do this alone. I am committed to join with others who are moving with integrity and purpose along this trajectory of world service.

    BURNING QUESTIONS:How can we learn to come together in the spirit of simplicity, humility, and passionate caring and inquiry to move fully into the place of not knowing, so that another higher knowing can take voice through us? How can we move to this edge together? How can we be the evolution of consciousness itself? Can we do this across the many divides that separate us - be they cultural, religious, political, economic, and many others? How can we collectively discover new and practical ways of knowing that tap into the wisdom of creative, innovative, and elegant solutions that await us on the boundaries of consciousness? And with that knowing can we move together in collaboration and cooperation to actively change our world?


    Opening to flow, experiencing interconnectedness, allowing wisdom to emerge, containing all, resisting nothing, appreciating the present moment, enjoying dance and movement, quiet and solitude, joy and drunkenness, sensing the energy of the collective field, holding together opposites in creative tension, birthing the emerging future. Favorite color: turquoise. BA in economics from Stanford, Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning from Cornell, Professor of Sustainable Community Development at University of Texas, writer about Deep Democracy in developing countries and U.S. Current projects: facilitating neighborhood recovery planning in New Orleans; developing Neighborhood Academy pilot in Austin, Texas.

    BURNING QUESTIONS: How to co-create a new humanity?


    Kachina Katrina is a community organizer, deeply rooted in any community she joins and works with. She loves to be involved in progressive communities and organizing for the better good, especially those with a sustainable focus. A "master net worker" as some have called her connecting people together through important issues furthering growth and empowerment. She has learned community building and organizing skills with the City Repair project in Portland, OR since 1999. www.cityrepair.org. Kachina Katrina is currently the volunteer coordinator for the Burning Man sustainability movement, Greening the Burn, and working with the Evolver project, a portal for conscious consumerism driven by progressive organizations, and media documenting inspiring leaders and actions. She is driven by community good, connecting people together to create a more powerful network of activators, on every level- to bring a higher consciouness to the planet. Raising the vibration is the name of this game- come in and join the fun. Goddess of Spring and Laughter, balanced by deep wisdom from heart. =Kachina Doll! Kachina Katrina*

    Evergreen State College; studied Education and democracy issues in the classroom and after school programs. studied Community building, interend with City Repair. *Created an After school program (and start-up kit) fusing the two majors of education/ democracy and community building at a creative based community program, Procession of the Species in Olympia, WA for middle school students. National outreach coordinator for the CIty Repair projects, leading workshops in comunity design, templates for Community development workshops, and contributed to the new version of the Place Making Handbook with City Repair- to be released this Spring. "Taking Space and Making Place"

    BURNING QUESTIONS: 1. Where does plastic come from- and why?!? 2. How can we all stay conencted and strenghten this network of activators and community builders and find appropriate ways to share resources globally?




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