The World's First
"Evolutionary Revival"

a pictorial report of the event of 15 February 2008
at First Unitarian Church of San Diego, CA

organized by Keith Mesecher, Connie Barlow, and Michael Dowd


The Cosmic All Stars band plays and participants celebrate, including belly dancers!
Some 150 people attended, and many sang and danced at their seats.


Keith Mesecher on lead guitar initiated, organized, and emceed the event.
Keith also wrote all five participatory songs (words projected on-screen, right)
Keith Mesecher on guitar and vocals; Pete Thompson, bass;
Drew Massicott, piano; Melanie Davis, vocals; Stu Anderson, drums


Above: Click for Sing-along MUSIC VIDEOS on YouTube
of two of the songs performed by the Cosmic All Stars


LEFT: Connie Barlow wrote and performed a chant to teach the science of stardust
(which is now available on YouTube by clicking the image above).
You can view/copy the lyrics and download mp3 audio of this chant by clicking HERE.

(RIGHT) Volunteers acted out the parable, Startull: The Story of an Average Yellow Star.


LEFT: Michael Dowd delivered the Revival Talk. Behind him is the slide he used for
"Your Brain's Creation Story" component of his presentation.
RIGHT: Dowd and Mesecher relax on an ocean cliff post revival (photo by C. Barlow).

Click on the CD image left
to purchase CD
or listen to song samples below:

  • "I Feel the Fire in My Body"
  • "We Are the Cosmos"
  • "I Feel the Energy"
  • "Cosmic Blues"
  • "Thank God for Evolution"

    Keith Mesecher, guitar and vocals
    Pete Thompson, bass
    Drew Massicott, piano
    Melanie Davis, vocals
    Stu Anderson, drums

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