Website became archival 2023

MICHAEL DOWD died in 2023. In 2019 he founded
POSTDOOM. Colleagues continue his legacy there.

CONNIE BARLOW is devoting her senior years to the
group she founded in 2004: TORREYA GUARDIANS.


The Death of Michael Dowd (October 7, 2023)


Given that Connie learned of her husband's death by the knock of a police officer at her door, Day 1 of being a widow was really tough. But by Day 3, she had found solace and a unusual sense of aliveness by using her geek skills to strengthen Michael's legacy presence online. She produced this video on Day 5.

Do read the full caption to this video, as this is where she reports the basic facts of his sudden death by heart attack and summarizes the topical shifts in his speaking and writing career of three decades.

(The comments posted on the video page are extraordinary; so do look at those, too.)

Previous Videos by Dowd and Barlow on "Death as Natural and Necessary"

   • 2023 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (30 minutes)

This was Michael's final sermon — and many of us regard it as his best. He died less than two months after this appearance at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint, Michigan. Eerily, this sermon brought the topic of death into the foreground. As it was point 2 of a 3-point message:

1. Nurture intimacy with Life
2. Honor your & our mortality
3. Attend to what matters most
Connie says this was not a tragic death. Michael's life was complete. She knows he says, "Amen!"

   • 2018 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (18 minutes)

Upon hearing of Michael's death, Dean Spillane-Walker posted on his youtube channel the "Death" section of an 8-part video series by Living the Questions. That series was based on video captured in November 2018, while Michael was speaking to a large audience at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

The full video program is titled, "ProFuture Faith: The Prodigal Species Comes Home". A dvd version is available for purchase from the Christian educational organization that filmed and edited it: Living the Questions.

   • 2015 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (28 minutes)

Guest sermon delivered 2015 at People's Church of Ludington, MI. This is Michael's fullest and most personal rendition of "Death as natural and necessary and no less sacred than life". Following, he leads the congregation in a recitation of a litany written by Connie, "The Gifts of Death." Key references to the wisdom of others (with image overlays) include William R. Catton, Paul Kingsnorth ("Dark Mountain Manifesto") and John Michael Greer. Audios Michael recorded of all three authors are posted on his Soundcloud page - "Michael Dowd: RIP Homo colossus", with table of contents here.

   • 2020 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (52 minutes)

This video was produced in the the second month of the covid crisis in the USA. Connie had written her own "Covid Legacy Pledge" to supplement her living will. Here she grounds her pledge to forego hospital interventions re covid on a depth understanding of how pervasive and natural death was for her immigrant maternal grandparents — and how her mother spoke of that experience and her own sense of generational justice as core for her own in-home choice of dying.

The final 24-minutes is an excerpt of a 2011 video that she and Michael Dowd partnered: "Death, Budgets, and Generational Justice. Part 1 of this legacy pledge video pair is 33 minutes.

VIDEO: SERMON and Q&A at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint, Michigan

   MICHAEL DOWD: "This pair of videos is now my top recommendation for general audiences interested in the POSTDOOM concept and emotional support that I have been developing since 2019."

Posted September 2023

     Part 1 (Sermon / 30 minutes)      Part 2 (Q&A / 25 minutes)

Created a POST-DOOM page on Wikipedia

   CONNIE BARLOW: "In my retirement from our speaking tour of 18 years, I've continued my leadership in the citizen group Torreya Guardians, while assisting my husband in his continuing work. I've also honed my skills in doing substantive editing on wikipedia pages in my knowledge areas.

"This month (September 2023), I created a new WIKIPEDIA page titled Post-Doom, as there are now enough references by journalists and book authors who discuss this topic that a concept page was warranted."

VIDEO: Collapse of Culture and Ecology: The Death of Expectations

   This 75-minute conversation between CONNIE BARLOW and TERRY PATTEN was recorded and published October 2020 in AUDIO format on Terry's "State of Emergence" podcast series. The previous week, Terry had posted his conversation with Connie's husband, Michael Dowd — well known as the founder of the "postdoom" concept and community.
     The shared projects of Connie and Michael are major elements of this conversation, and all three were great friends. Terry's style of probing for deep insights and personal story revealed how worldviews and values arise and shift, so this is the only video online that entails substantial elements of Connie's own trajectory.

Terry Patten died one year after this podcast episode (October 2021). Michael Dowd died three years later (October 2023). Two month's after Michael's death, Connie was inspired to use her editing skills to shorten the audio and then add image/text overlays to post on youtube. Having spent 19 years on-the-road as an evolutionary educator with Reverend Dowd, and then settling in Michigan at the onset of covid, Connie had acquired an enormous stock of artistic photos and videos of NATURE. Thus, all video fragments and almost all images were filmed by Connie. She posted this video Christmas Day 2023 as a tribute to both her deceased husband and her dear friend.

Created and posted 36th VIDEO on Torreya Guardians actions

   This 34-minute VIDEO delves into the details of best forest planting practices. Paul Camire's experience, since 2015, in planting Florida Torreya in his southern Michigan forest will encourage other planters to (a) build strong cages to protect torreya where DEER are over-abundant and (b) don't give up when herbivory happens. Torreya will recover! This ancient species may be slow, but it is almost indestructible once it gets a roothold. Crucially, too: There is no evidence of winter kill or disease problems.

Note: Connie founded Torreya Guardians in 2004 and has been the webmaster and videographer ever since. The group has attracted media and academic attention since 2007.

VIDEO - "Deeply Adapting" (Post Doom with Jessica Canham)

   Jessica Canham is a member of the Deep Adaptation Forum. She is Co-Director of Caapi Cottage Retreats and is also a media producer and co-owner of LINK International Productions. Jessica is based in her ancestral island home of Dominica, in the Eastern Caribbean. She shares about her experience of 'deeply adapting' during and after Hurricane Maria hit the island of Dominica in 2017. Local communities responded by sharing food, restoring water, shelter and food production, as well as practical and emotional support.

42 minutes - (recorded and posted July 2023)

VIDEO: Talk and Q&A to Canadian Association for the Club of Rome

   MICHAEL DOWD: "I consider this 52-minute presentation delivered via Zoom on May 3, 2023 to the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) to be my most important and emotionally supportive video to-date."

(Many viewers regard the Q&A session as even more significant than the talk.) Posted May 2023

     Part 1 (presentation)      Part 2 (Q&A)

VIDEO: Citizen Science discovers Pawpaw Pollinators - Reflections by Connie Barlow

   Having retired from their travelling ministry in September 2020 to southern Michigan, Connie immediately adopted another tree species as part of her long-standing "assisted migration" advocacy series, as a necessary form of climate adaptation.

Pawpaw is a fruit-bearing subcanopy tree, whose historical range extends from Alabama into southern Michigan.

59 minutes - fieldwork in 2021 - 2022; summary video April 2023

VIDEOS: Eve Presentation and sermon at Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge

     LEFT: March 10 evening presentation (100 minutes)

     RIGHT: March 12 sermon (readings at timecode 32:45, sermon begins at 38:21 and continues in 3 parts


VIDEO: Michael Dowd posts a new POST-DOOM educational set at year end

   Here Dowd gives voice to a decade of research into (1) the unstoppable nature of denial regarding biospheric and civilizational collapse, and (2) how we can live fully and contribute meaningfully even in the worst circumstances.

"... Acceptance of collapse and its inevitable consequences may be the single most important thing any of us can do to live fully, fearlessly, and inspiringly in this Age of Decline."

"Basic Training - 94 minutes    "Cliff Notes" - 30 minutes

VIDEO - "Beginning with Heartbreak" (Post Doom with Deena Metzger)

   Although MICHAEL DOWD'S POST-DOOM CONVERSATIONS largely ended more than a year ago, occasionally he connects with someone whose worldview and ideas represent some way of being and acting well within such a context.

DEENA METZGER is a poet, novelist, essayist, storyteller, teacher, and medicine woman.

Her WEBSITE and her Wikipedia page

55 minutes - (recorded September 2022; posted in December)

VIDEO: David Baum interviews Michael Dowd on Collapse Club


Title on youtube: "What Can We Celebrate?"

CAPTION description begins: Michael Dowd is a scholar of culture and collapse, with a background in religion and environmental activism. His website "Post-Doom, No-Gloom" is a repository of commentary, resources, and guidance for people facing the current crisis of the Earth.

37 minutes - (recorded and posted live December 2022)

VIDEO: Jem Bendell (of Deep Adaptation) interviews Michael Dowd

   Title on youtube: "Reverend Michael Dowd discusses his journey on collapse with Prof Bendell and guests"

CAPTION description begins, Michael Dowd is known today for his leadership in the realm of post-doom, which his website defines as: "A fierce and fearless reverence for life and expansive gratitude — even in the midst of abrupt climate mayhem and the runaway collapse of societal harmony, the health of the biosphere, and business as usual."

58 minutes - (recorded and posted November 2022)

VIDEO by Michael Dowd - "True Sustainability"

   Michael Dowd delivered this Zoom SERMON, "True Sustainability: Cultivating a Repentant, Pro-Future (Indigenous) Heart and Mind" on November 27, 2022, to the Unitarian Universalists of Gettysburg, PA.

DESCRIPTION: What are key differences between truly sustainable cultures and today's attempts to greenwash our self-destructive and ecocidal civilization? How do Indigenous life-ways and practices inspire pro-future thinking, feelings, and actions?

28 minutes - (recorded and posted November 2022)

VIDEO: Torreya Guardians - Reflections by Connie Barlow

   Torreya Guardians is internationally known for conducting the first "assisted migration" action for a climate-endangered plant, Florida Torreya.

Connie Barlow founded this citizen group in 2005.

43 minutes - (recorded and posted November 2022)

VIDEO - "Meg Wheatley - Beyond Hope and Fear (Post Doom with Michael Dowd)"

   This is the third POST DOOM conversation with Margaret Wheatley.

It explores in depth the core elements of her October 2022 essay:

"Freeing Ourselves from the Addiction to Hope"

55 minutes - (recorded and posted October 2022)

3 VIDEOS by Michael Dowd, Autumn 2022

   To access any of the youtube videos, just click on its image here.

VIDEO - "John Englander: Post Doom with Michael Dowd"

   JOHN ENGLANDER is one of the foremost experts on the rapidity and unstoppability of global sea-level rise due to climate change. This episode of Dowd's Postdoom conversation series is titled, "Unstoppably Rising Seas".

John is the author of two books on this topic: High Tide on Main Street (2011) and Moving to Higher Ground (2021). Both are accessible via Amazon or John's website:

55 minutes - (recorded and posted August 2022)

New VIDEO SERMON by Michael Dowd: "Parenting and Grandparenting in Contracting (Crazy-Making) Times"

   DESCRIPTION: What are some emotionally nourishing and supportive ways of speaking and being with young families, teens, and children to help them in these challenging times? How do we communicate (or not) about worsening elements of their future that are already underway?

Delivered, via Zoom, by Rev. Dowd for First Unitarian Church of Hobart, Indiana.

Recorded sermon, 31 July 2022 • 27 minutes

New VIDEO by Michael Dowd: "Dowd on McPherson: Responding to Three Questions"

   Here is Michael's response to questions he is frequently asked:

(1) Why haven't you had a post-doom conversation with Guy McPherson? (2) Where do you agree (align) or disagree (diverge) with McPherson? (3) What is your history with Guy, and what do you honestly think of him?

This video has garnered nearly 10,000 responses and 600 comments — 98% of which are positive. (The few that offered suggestions for improvement were greatly appreciated, as well.)

Recorded July 2022 • 41 minutes

New VIDEO SERMON by Michael Dowd: "Big Picture: Clarity, Compassion, Courageous Love-in-Action"

   DESCRIPTION: No one needs convincing that "Creation is in Crisis." Even those with no understanding of the unstoppable nature of biospheric and civilizational collapse feel the stress. Just to read or watch (the propaganda formerly known as) "the news" these days is a sobering (or un-sobering!) experience. How do we cope? How can we stay inspired? And perhaps most importantly, how can we be a blessing to others who are confused, angry, depressed, or filled with fear, guilt, blame, regret, or grief?

Recorded via Zoom for Prairie Circle UU, July 2022 • 27 minutes

New VIDEO SERMON by Michael Dowd: "The Big Picture: What Every Young Person & Grandparent Should Know"

   Here Michael Dowd offers a practical and compassionate approach to understanding the challenges not only ahead, but manifesting right here and now.

How do we move past blame? How do we find peace, gratitude, and opportunities for still being of service?

Filmed live at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint, MI.

Recorded in the church sanctuary, July 2022 • 32 minutes

New VIDEO by Michael Dowd: "Hopium Detox and Recovery"

   "Hopium Detox and Recovery - Accepting & Trusting Unstoppable Collapse" is now the "post-doom" collapse education video I suggest that people watch first.

It has the core elements of my other collapse-related videos, listed here, plus vital content that none of the others address.

Recorded May 2022 • 57 minutes

New VIDEO by Michael Dowd: "Ten Inevitables"

   This visually rich and information-dense video includes the most credible and important resources available for understanding (A) where we are, (B) how we got here, and (C) what is possible and simply not possible going forward. It also, importantly, includes (D) practical tools and insights for staying sane, grounded, and grateful to be alive in increasingly crazy-making times.

There are 3 versions of this same content, all created February 2022, but of different lengths. See below for title and links:

   • "All you can eat buffet (2 hours)   •   "Mid-size meal" (49 minutes)   •   "Appetizer (33 minutes)

New VIDEO by Connie Barlow: "In Praise of Lichens"

Over the course of Dowd and Barlow's 18 years of living on the road presenting programs on the epic of evolution, Connie has also produced ecological advocacy videos on her GhostsofEvolution youtube channel. Her "Climate, Trees, and Legacy" video series (assisted migration of trees poleward) is posted on this website. Her videos documenting the nation's first "assisted migration" of a climate-endangered tree are linked from the Torreya Guardians website (a citizen group Connie founded in 2005).

   Retired now in her homestate of Michigan, Connie is putting more attention into her Nature videos playlist on youtube.

This is her newest installment. It is a wordless compilation of her best photos of LICHENS in the USA and Canada.

Subtitled, "Photos by Connie Barlow, music by Sydney Jill Lehman," this video is intended as a calming meditation and evocation of gratitude for Nature's small beauties.

21 minutes - (recorded and posted February 2022)

Two New Natural History VIDEOS by Connie Barlow

   "In Praise of Ferns (east USA)" - 24 mins

"Five Frisky Snakes" - 9 mins

Both videos were published April 2022.

Ongoing accomplishments of Torreya Guardians, founded by Connie Barlow in 2005

   IMAGE: This is the homepage of Torreya Guardians — an internationally known citizen conservation group, formed in 2005, to conduct "assisted migration" northward of an endangered conifer tree that had been stranded as a "glacial relict" in a small riverside refuge in the Florida panhandle, to which its seed had floated as glaciers advanced over northeastern USA.

Connie Barlow not only founded the group, but she carries on her roles as chief networker, advocate, and webmaster of this first volunteer effort to assist an endangered plant in returning northward to cooler realms in the southern Appalachians. Recent years have centered on seed distribution in states much farther north, inspired by seed production at the home of a volunteer planter in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2018.

Dowd and Barlow's itinerant lifestyle made it possible for Connie to meet many of the volunteer planters and to document northward planting success in both text and video.

Michael Dowd and Leon Kolankiewicz co-publish Walter Youngquist's BOOK


Geologist WALTER YOUNGQUIST died in 2018 at the age of 97 — before he could finalize a second edition of his 1997 classic book, GeoDestinies.

DESCRIPTION: The Earth's mineral riches are distributed unevenly over the globe, and this has tremendous effects on the human condition. Different regions have achieved great power and affluence with the development of resources, from water and fertile soil to oil and high-tech metals. What will happen to these economies as the resources are depleted?
Sadly, we are seeing what will happen right now in 2022!

Paul Ehrlich, Richard Heinberg, Alice Friedemann and many other luminaries praised the original 1997 edition — which the publisher let go out of print years ago. LEON KOLANKIEWICZ and MICHAEL DOWD volunteered to collaborate in ensuring that Youngquist's revisions would not only see the light of day in a NEW EDITION — but that the new edition would be FREELY AVAILABLE IN PDF.
    (Published on this website April 2022.)

VIDEO - Mike Lynch-White: "Post-Doom Scientists Rebellion"

   Mike Lynch-White is a former Theoretical Physics PhD candidate (U.K.) turned full-time climate activist. He helped set up Scientist Rebellion, which is a non-violent direct action group of scientists who believe the public can only take our warnings of climate and ecological collapse seriously when we start to take serious action.

Their next rebellion starts April 4th, 2022, with strikes and occupations around the world. Then on April 6th, 25+ countries will experience high-level direct action, with scientists acting commensurate with the urgency of the science.

30 minutes - (recorded and posted March 2022)

VIDEO - Karen and Jordan Perry: "Getting Real About Collapse"

   With her husband Jordan, Karen Perry has departed mainstream civilization to live "wild and free" on a smallholding in California. The Perrys keep in touch with people, though, leading two discussion groups as part of Michael Dowd's "Post-Doom, No Gloom" community. Access Post-Doom Discussions directly.

Note: This video was cross-posted from David Baum's "Collapse Club" Youtube channel.

48 minutes - (recorded and posted April 2022)

VIDEO - Jordan Perry: "Post-Doom Actions"

This video is the 81st episode in the Post-Doom series. (All episodes are also available in AUDIO formats, linked via the Post-Doom Conversations webpage.)


Michael Dowd learned of Karen and Jordan Perry's perspective and presentation skills when the married couple joined Dowd's newly launched "Post Doom, No Gloom, via ZOOM" twice-weekly discussion series. (Scroll down to February to see Dowd's post-doom video with Karen.)

Here Jordan Perry offers his list of 14 POST-DOOM ACTIONS, which include several commensurate with the ecological paradigm he shares with leaders in Deep Green Resistance.

73 minutes - (recorded and posted March 2022)

VIDEO - Karen Perry: "Post-doom BENEFITS of Collapse Acceptance"

The POST-DOOM series, hosted by Michael Dowd with video-editing by Connie Barlow, was initiated in 2019 and mostly completed in 2020. Nevertheless, sometimes an informal video conversation that Michael Dowd conducts to get to know and learn from a new colleague is so terrific that Connie insists on spending 3 days editing it into a formal post-doom conversation. This video is the 80th video episode in the Post-Doom series. (All episodes are also available in AUDIO formats, linked via the Post-Doom Conversations webpage.)


Michael Dowd learned of Karen Perry's perspective and presentation skills when she joined Dowd's newly launched "Post Doom, No Gloom, via ZOOM" twice-weekly discussion series. In late February Karen launched her own "Post Doom Bloom (Women's Circle), utilizing Dowd's web and zoom platforms.

Here Karen explains to Dowd (with examples and stories of each) the 15 benefits she herself has experienced from cultivating a worldview of post-doom acceptance.

45 minutes - (recorded and posted February 2022)

New video by Connie Barlow advocates "assisted migration" for Bristlecone Pine

   "7 Conifers of Colorado - Why Topoclimate Matters for Range Projections".

Connie Barlow filmed wild populations of 7 conifer tree species in 2017 — all within a few hundred yards of one another. Topoclimate is a crucial consideration in highly complex topographies, such as this site in the Colorado Rockies, 9400-feet elevation. In live commentary added in 2022, Connie makes the case for "assisted migration" of Bristlecone Pine.

48 minutes - published February 2022    WATCH

New video (and essay) by Michael Dowd is an invitation to Progressive Christians

   "My G🌎D, What Have We Done?" is a video narration (with text overlaying pictures) of an essay by Michael Dowd that was published in a January 2022 issue of the online journal Progressing Spirit.

A pdf is also available, as well as an AUDIO on Soundcloud.

There are four titled sections within it: "By Fate or Failure" • "Progressive Christianity Today" • "G🌎D's Judgment" • "Redemption"

14 minutes - (recorded and posted January 2022)


Michael Dowd initiates new ZOOM DISCUSSION GROUP

   This Post Doom, No Gloom, via Zoom discussion group was launched this month as a follow-up to Dowd's largely completed video series, Post Doom Conversations. As shown in the image left, the group meets online twice weekly. You will see on the access webpage that in February 2022, Karen Perry launched a twice weekly "Women's Circle" subgroup. The discussion groups are open on a drop-in basis, and available free of charge. (Dowd and Perry volunteer their organizing and hosting time as session leaders.)

Discussion began via Zoom November 2021

  • Michael Dowd creates a pair of short videos: his most popular ever!

    This pair of educational videos "in a nutshell" went viral — exponential growth in views in just the first few days.

        Collapse in a Nutshell: Understanding Our Predicament (33 min)

    "Overshoot in a Nutshell: Understanding Our Predicament (31 min)"

    (posted November 2021)

    New video by Connie features indigenous values and natural history

       "Helping Subcanopy Trees Migrate" entails two subcanopy species of the eastern USA. Pawpaw, while having a long north-south reach in its historic range, can benefit from "assisted range expansion" northward. Florida Torreya is an endangered glacial relict for which citizens, including Connie, have done what the official recovery program implementers have been unwilling to do — restore its health by nothing more difficult than planting seeds well to the north.
        Indigenous values are advocated as well as the "natural history" style of observation and interpretation — which is the foundation of western science.

    50 minutes - (recorded and posted November 2021)

    Connie creates REDWOOD HABITAT guidance for planters in Pacific Northwest

       Connie Barlow created a richly illustrated webpage to offer guidance for volunteer planters of Coast Redwood in the Pacific Northwest to select suitable habitat for siting the potted seedlings being donated by Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

    The "1000 REDWOODS Project" is citzen-led and a prominent example of "assisted migration" (a.k.a., "helping forest walk") as a crucial climate adaptation tool in this century of too-rapid climate change.

    "Beyond Hope and Fear: Clarity, Compassion, Courageous Love-in-Action"

       FOCUS: How can a big picture understanding of our predicament (ecological and historical) support people of all ages and backgrounds in moving from confusion to clarity, from blame to compassion, and from desperate activism to courageous love-in-action?

    Initially pre-recorded for West Shore Unitarian Universalists in Cleveland, OH, Dowd also delivered the slide program online — live — at several other churches (Christian and UU).

    Note: The content of this program (various titles) became the heart of Rev. Dowd's 2021-2022 message.

    "Beyond Hope and Fear: Staying (mostly) positive in abruptly disturbing times"

    Michael's sermon, delivered August 2021, begins the video.

    Connie's story, "Helping Forests Walk," begins at timecode 18:00.


       It has been a decade since Michael Dowd recorded and Connie Barlow edited and assembled the 38 episode "Advent of Evolutionary Christianity" conversation series. It took a lot of effort for us to prepare a leader's manual for the series, summaries of each episode, study guides, reflection questions, and a topical index for helping group leaders determine which of the 38 episodes to use for their group.

    Since then, we have continued selling the series (audios + transcripts + all support materials in pdf) online. But now, and especially with Dowd already having purchased a Soundcloud account for making audios freely available to all, it is time for us to make all products in this series freely available.

    VIDEO: True Sustainability: Cultivating a Repentant, Pro-Future Heart & Mind

       In this 16-minute sermon, Dowd points to key differences between truly sustainable cultures and today's attempts to greenwash ecocidal industrial civilization. He also looks at how indigenous life-ways and practices inspire pro-future thinking, feelings, and actions. This Zoom sermon was delivered in June 2021 for Community Unitarian Universalists of Brighton, MI (CUUB). Educational text and image overlays were added by video editor (Dowd's wife), Connie Barlow.

    16 minutes • (recorded and posted June 2021)

    New video by Connie in "Helping Forests Walk" series

       "Thinking Like a Yew" is the title Connie chose for the third episode of her "Helping Forests Walk" series. (It echoes Aldo Leopold's "Thinking Like a Mountain.")

    This video is an assemblage of forestry videos Connie took of wild yew species in western (Oregon and California) and eastern (Michigan and New York) North America. She hopes it will help colleagues in Europe and China have new ideas for assisting their own native yews in climate migration and recovering population levels signaling healthy ecological conditions.

    73 minutes • (recorded and posted June 2021)

    VIDEO by Michael: Serenity Prayer for the 21st Century: Pro-Future Love-in-Action

       This 25-minute video is a primer on how to stay sane, sober, and heartful in contracting times. It is now the main introduction to my "post-doom" website and resources related to climate change, ecological overshoot, true vs. faux sustainability, and how to discern what to accept and what to passionately engage in. It will also be the main follow-up program to my Zoom and in-person presentations delivered in secular and religious settings throughout 2021.

    25 minutes • (recorded and posted June 2021)

    Connie launches new VIDEO series in 2021: Helping Forests Walk

       Retired to her home state of Michigan, Barlow launched a new video series: "Helping Forests Walk". Episode 1 - Introduction begins this more reflective series on the topic of "assisted migration" than her 2014-2020 video series filmed across America: "Climate, Trees, and Legacy".

    This new series builds upon her founding of Torreya Guardians in 2004, which was the first group to help a climate endangered tree move poleward. This series will feature traditional natural history ways of observing and interpreting as a possible bridge between indigenous and modern science. 52 minutes • (posted June 2021)

    Connie Barlow co-authors new wikipedia page on climate adaptation

       "Assisted Migration of Forests in North America" is a lengthy wikipedia entry that features the publications of forestry researchers in the USA and Canada.

    Connie inserted an "Indigenous Perspectives" section, as well as most of the examples (images, text, references) of actual assisted migration projects already underway on this continent.

  • Dowd's POST-DOOM VIDEO series on youtube (recorded 2019-2021) is now freely available as AUDIOS

        LEFT: Post-doom AUDIOS, all 77 episodes, are now in a playlist on SOUNDCLOUD.


    The same set of audios is also available on:




  • 2021 PROJECT by Connie Barlow: Pawpaw Pollinator Watch, s. Michigan

        GOAL - To discover why some pawpaw patches produce little or no fruit in southern Michigan. This is a joint project of western citizen science (led by Washtenaw County naturalist), traditional natural history modes of observation and discovery (Connie Barlow), and indigenous approaches (led by indigenous practitioners of TEK).

    Three hypotheses have surfaced as possible causes of the non-fruiting. The one to be tested this spring during flowering season is a lack of effective pollinators, which Connie Barlow proposed in her 2001 book, The Ghosts of Evolution: Nonsensical Fruit, Missing Partners, and Other Ecological Anachronisms.

  • VIDEO: The Big Picture: Clarity, Compassion, Love-in-Action

    MICHAEL DOWD launched this video in February 2021, as the lead video he is now suggesting for religious and secular groups to watch in advance of a Zoom Q&A / comment session. This program is a distillation of eight years of nearly full-time study. It is information-dense and highly visual. Michael recommends that you watch, rather than merely listen, and do so without multi-tasking.

        Geared for adults and teens, this program discusses (A) key differences between sustainable cultures and unsustainable civilizations, (B) why 'progress' is never everlasting, (C) the nature of abrupt climate change, (D) what is inevitable (99% certain) and what is still possible and deeply soul-nourishing, (E) who, what, and where we really are, and (F) tools for living meaningfully and courageously in contracting and challenging times.

    80 minutes • (recorded and posted February 2021)

  • VIDEO: Unstoppable Collapse: How to Avoid the Worst

        This is a revised version (reflecting comments and incorporating suggestions) from the previous version of December 2020 that was titled, "Irreversible Collapse."

    66 minutes • (recorded and posted January 2021)

  • Connie Barlow posts two Natural History videos from final summer in Redwood forests

    September 2020 Connie and Michael ended 18 years of itinerant living and moved to southern Michigan to be near new-born grand-daughter. (Michigan is also Connie's childhood home.) Recently, Connie put time into editing the best of her raw nature videos from our final 4 months along Freshwater Creek near Eureka, Calif. Below are the results:

        Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus) - Wild Action with Shrew Mole Carcass (California)

    "California Banana Slugs" (6 episodes)

    (posted January and February 2021)

    "Post-Doom Compost Theology" - VIDEO of Dowd interviewed by Michael Shaw

        Director / Producer of "Living in the Time of Dying", Michael Shaw interviews Rev. Michael Dowd about the place and the state of religion in this time of social and ecological collapse.

    Michael Dowd introduces a new framework of religion that is life-centered rather than human-centered.

    50 minutes • (recorded December 2020, posted January 2021)


    As you scroll down this CHRONOLOGICAL "What's New?" page, you will find that, since Autumn 2019, most of the new contributions by MICHAEL DOWD and CONNIE BARLOW have been video conversations by Dowd (and sometimes also by Barlow) in what they call their "Post-Doom Conversation" series. This is a free series on youtube, with Dowd as lead host and Barlow as lead video editor — both as volunteers.


    PHOTOS ABOVE: Dowd and Barlow on video call with William Rees in Canada (left) and David Holmgren in Australia (right).

  • AUDIOS: Terry Patton Conversations with Barlow and Dowd

            Terry Patton has a "State of Emergence" audio podcast series that is more depth conversation than interview. Its pacing is intentionally slow, thus encouraging listener reflection. Autumn 2020 Terry spoke with each of us in turn:

    CONNIE BARLOW: "The Death of Dreams — and Becoming a Good Ancestor"

    MICHAEL DOWD: "A Sacred I-Thou Relationship with the Living Earth"

    (recorded and posted October 2020)

    IMAGES ADDED and REPOSTED ON YOUTUBE (December 2023 and January 2024):


  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd: Irreversible Collapse: Accepting Reality, Avoiding Evil

        This is the final episode of Dowd's 4-part educational "collapse" series on youtube. The program culminates in three suggested "applications." Dowd regards this episode as, "the single most important thing I've ever created."

    66 minutes • (recorded and posted December 2020)

  • First 3 episodes of VIDEO series by Michael Dowd posted established as a group

        POST-DOOM "Collapse and Adaptation Primer":
    "Collapse 101"

    "Post Gloom"

    "Sustainability 101"

    (completed October 2020)

  • VIDEO: Robert Hunziker: Post-doom with Michael Dowd

        Recorded in October 2020, this conversation with award-winning, prophetic (my word) journalist, Robert Hunziker, is a basic primer -- a fundamental education -- on the exponential, runaway, out of our control nature of Abrupt Climate Change...looking at the latest evidence region-by-region: Antarctica, Australia, Amazon rain forest, Oceans, Greenland, and Arctic.

    59 minutes • (recorded October 2020; posted December 2020)

  • VIDEO: Daniel Dancer: Post-doom with Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd

        Two decades ago, Daniel Dancer (an artist, photographer, and musician) built on his training in child psychology to bring "Art for the Sky" projects onto the grounds of schools across the continent. Notably, the children themselves (in colored shirts) form the body of a creature, which Daniel then films from a crane, a hot air balloon, or a drone. In this conversation he reports that in school assemblies "I always apologize to the kids for the kind of planet we have left them."

    49 minutes • (recorded July 2019; posted August 2020)

  • VIDEO: Rory Varrato: Post-doom with Michael Dowd

        Rory Varrato is an existential philosopher, XR advocate, and student of ecological overshoot and collapse. His 2018 essay, "We Are the Threat: Reflections on Near-Term Human Extinction", is acclaimed. Here he speaks of his welcome encounter in his early teens with the great existentialist writers, which helped him through a difficult youth in an economically collapsed coal town in western Pennsylvania. "Mortal foresight" and how to help students face up to personal, civilizational, and (possibly) species death salience in these collapsing times is his central inquiry.

    50 minutes • (recorded February 2020; posted August 2020)

  • New 2-Part VIDEO series by Michael Dowd for SECULAR AUDIENCES

    Earlier this month, Michael Dowd posted on youtube a 2-part series, "Postdoom Thinking and Living" (see below), which is what he continues to use for church "presentations" followed up with live Q&A via Zoom.

        However, collapse-oriented folks who appreciate his Postdoom Conversation series on youtube requested a fully secular program. Thus this new 2-part series covers the same material but without any religious references.

    (recorded July 2020; posted July 2020)

  • Connie Barlow's forest activism is highlighted in new science book

        Five years ago, Connie Barlow first exchanged ideas and information with science reporter Zach St. George. She was an early link in Zach's sleuthing about a new and divisive controversy in conservation, forestry, and endangered species circles that is known as assisted migration. With W.W. Norton as distinguished publisher, this book is a fact-checked, page-turning presentation of a new paradigm in applied ecology for this century of too-rapid climate change. Connie emerges here as a lead character, owing to her founding of Torreya Guardians 16 years ago, which encouraged citizen-planters to dash ahead of reticent managers in helping this climate-endangered conifer move poleward.

    (The Journeys of Trees was published July 2020)

  • VIDEO: Margaret J. Wheatley: Post-doom with Terry Patten

        Meg Wheatley, author of Who Do You Choose To Be (and previous books on leadership since the 1990s) had a zoom conversation with Terry Patten in April this year, as part of Terry's audio podcast series. This conversation is so extraordinary that Michael and Connie asked permission to excerpt and repost it in video format. Michael recorded a brief introduction, Connie did the video edit, and then we added it to our Post-Doom Conversations playlist on youtube — to high acclaim.

    59 minutes • (recorded April 2020; posted July 2020)

  • New 2-Part VIDEO series by Michael Dowd: Postdoom Thinking and Living

        Owing to Covid-19, all presentations by Michael Dowd in 2020 are limited to online technologies. This 2-part video series stands for Michael's long-form slide presentation style — this time, with extensive text elaboration such that the presentation feels like reading an illustrated book while listening to the audio version. Uploaded to youtube, this offers FREE VIEWING, along with an ability for each viewer to pause the program for depth understanding and note-taking.

    (recorded July 2020; posted July 2020)

    RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USES BY CHURCHES AND OTHER INSTITUTIONS: Rev. Dowd offers to appear for a scheduled live online session of Q&A / DISCUSSION as a follow-up to the group's assignment for watching one or both of these video programs. Each of the two videos is a stand-alone program; or the set can be watched in tandem. Consult the lengthy youtube caption of each program for a complete list of topics and sources, along with direct time-coded access to the internal chapters. The core content entails 67 minutes in one video and 75 minutes in the other, each followed by an extensive resources video section. Each video is divided into 4 "chapters", with direct access via the timecodes listed in the youtube captions.

    "Finding Meaning in the Dark: Sobering Inspiration for Hard Times" (67 min)
    "Embracing Our Predicament: Trading Confusion for Clarity" (75 min)

  • VIDEO: Gail Worcelo in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Gail Worcelo, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Gail Worcelo is a Catholic "Sister of Earth" and co-founder of Green Mountain Monastery in Vermont. Sister Gail is one of the most articulate presenters of the Earth community worldview set forth by Thomas Berry — and of its experiential gifts.

    54 minutes • (recorded June 2020; posted June 2020)

  • VIDEO: Sid Smith in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Sid Smith, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Sid Smith, a academic mathematician and Green Party contributor, became propelled into "collapsitarian" fame owing to 2018 and 2019 talks at Virginia Tech that were posted on youtube. His interdisciplinary brilliance is coupled with equanimity gained by his immersion in Catholic tradition and mysticism.

    53 minutes • (recorded December 2019; posted June 2020)

  • Denny O'Neil, author of Batman Comics (and "Ozzie and the Snortlefish" evolutionary parable) dies

    Tribute to Denny by Connie Barlow: This morning, June 20, scanning the online NYT book review, I noticed an obituary for Denny O'Neil. Michael Dowd and I met Denny in 2001, when Michael put out the word in Nyack NY (where Denny lived) that he would begin offering monthly worship gatherings for those who wished to celebrate the Universe Story, the Great Story.

        My recollection is that I had initiated and written several "Great Story parables" in the usual narrative storytelling style, when Denny O'Neil contributed a dialogic style parable that also included something else I had never attempted: humor! Denny's "Ozzie and the Snortlefish" playfully depicted the lineage of fossil fishes that first ventured out onto land.

    Next, I helped paleontologist Mark McMenamin shape his own parable, "The Lucky Little Seaweed" into dialogic format. In 2003 I formatted both parables into dramatic scripts — that then led to multiple instances of these stories being acted "on stage" in churches and other venues.

    Note on PARABLES: The history of how Great Story parables evolved is summarized on our old "Stories of Awakening" webpage.

  • Our 2009-2016 AUDIO PODCAST SERIES are now ARCHIVED on SoundCloud

    Our AUDIO podcast series (3 distinct series, as illustrated below) were left behind when YOUTUBE loosened its time restrictions, such that full-length sermons and even hour-long programs and interviews could be posted in video format.

       Now we have made those audios accessible once again, as archived playlists on SOUNDCLOUD.

    A single PODCAST WEBPAGE now links to pdfs of titles/summaries, which then point to the audio locations on Soundcloud.

  • Michael Dowd now delivers GUEST SERMONS live via Zoom

        Spring of 2020, Rev. Michael Dowd suspended his traveling ministry owing to temporary church closures and periodic lockdowns. Instead, he provides "live" sermons via Zoom and other online technologies. On May 10 he delivered the guest sermon from an outdoor setting in northern California to a Unitarian Universalist Congregation in McHenry, IL. The full title of this 18-minute sermon:

    "Reality 101: Coronavirus, Climate, and Compassionate Generosity

    18 minutes • (recorded May 2020; posted June 2020)

  • VIDEO: Bill Kauth in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Bill Kauth, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Bill Kauth is a founder of the men's movement in USA ("The New Warrior Training" began in 1984). This episode is titled "The World Will be Okay." Here Bill recounts two decades of his own growing concern about the downward prospects of this civilization. Focusing in recent years on building community, he and his wife Zoe Alowan have created a "Time for Tribe" e-course.

    42 minutes • (recorded September 2019; posted June 2020)

  • VIDEO: William Rees in Conversation with Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

        VIDEO of William Rees, in conversation with Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow.

    William Rees is a Canadian population ecologist and developer of the "ecological footprint" concept and tool. This episode is titled "Ecological Grounding," as it is a superb quick course (and reminder) of the basic ecological, sociological, and systems science principles which, for decades, have been flashing red-light warnings that the human presence is on a disastrous course toward catastrophe.

    58 minutes • (recorded April 2020; posted May 2020)

  • VIDEO: Tom Wessels in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Tom Wessels, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Tom Wessels is an emeritus professor of ecology/forestry whose book, The Myth of Progress, helps the reader grasp that our civilization's failure to abide by basic natural principles of "complex systems theory and dynamics" makes for a bleak near-term future. Nevertheless, because changes in nature can scale up from the community scale, his action now is local.

    44 minutes • (recorded August 2019; posted May 2020)

  • VIDEO: "Covid Legacy Pledge" for seniors (in two parts) - by Connie Barlow

       In mid-April Connie Barlow created a 2-part video-blog in which she reads the legacy pledge and background aloud, based on her March posting of the Covid Legacy Pledge webpage. In this video-blog series, Connie offers commentary while overlaying educational images, news articles, and the text itself.

    Part 1: Background - narration and commentary on "What and Why a Legacy Pledge by Seniors?"  •  32 minutes

    Part 2: Sample Pledge - narration and commentary of Barlow's own sample pledge  •  24 minutes + 25 minute appendix

  • VIDEO: Denise Rushing in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Denise Rushing, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Denise Rushing is a permaculture farmer, author, and community leader in northern California. Her community has been devastated by the wildfires in recent years, especially 2018. Her wise reflections on that catastrophe and its aftermath are eerily applicable to all of us now unsettled by the covid-19 pandemic.

    50 minutes • (recorded October 2019; posted April 2020)

  • VIDEO: John Halstead in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of John Halstead, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    John Halstead, author of Another End of the World Is Possible, is the first guest in this series who identifies as a naturalistic pagan — that is, one who finds ultimacy of sacred value in Nature itself. He is also the first to reflect on childhood in a Mormon context, to speak about the challenges of losing faith in both progress and in the utility of his own climate activism (including getting arrested) while parenting teenage children.

    52 minutes • (recorded February 2020; posted April 2020)

  • VIDEO: Dahr Jamail in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Dahr Jamail, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Dahr Jamail is a war and climate journalist, whose 2019 book The End of Ice has received a great deal of attention and praise.

    Access all 20 "Post-Doom Conversations" thus far in this series via

    50 minutes • (recorded December 2019; posted March 2020)

  • VIDEO: Jem Bendell in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Jem Bendell, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Jem Bendell is globally known for his 2018 long-form essay, Deep Adaptation Framework. This conversation video draws its title from his March 18 blogpost: "A Pandemic of Love: Deeply Adapting to the Coronavirus."

    Access all 19 "Post-Doom Conversations" thus far in this series via

    54 minutes • (recorded 17 March 2020; posted 24 March 2020)

  • "Covid Legacy Pledge for Boomers and Beyond" - by Connie Barlow

    Next month I, Connie Barlow, turn 68. Solidly a "senior" in a way that Michael Dowd (age 61) is not, I feel authorized to make a Covid Legacy Pledge — and to offer this gift to others in my age class. The tagline I use on this new webpage imparts what I mean by "pledge": Turning crisis into gift and fear into generosity (by saying no to ICU medical interventions).

        ALL SENIORS: Please read and consider this new pledge. Make sure to review the Supplementary Resources section at the bottom of the page, which aggregates key videos, audios, scripts, and essays that Dowd and Barlow have created during the past two decades on a deep-time understanding of "Death As Natural and Generative."

    (posted March 2020)

  • Final episode (likely) posted in Connie's Coast Redwood video series

       Pt. 9i - Coast Redwoods Assisted Migration: Collecting, Testing, and Dispersing Seeds Northward

    Field experiences and online learning have culminated in sufficient information for citizens to launch their own efforts for easily gathering cones, testing seed viability, and dispersing seeds (as the wind would do, if given thousands of years to track climate change) into fog-rich areas of the Pacific Northwest coast. The likely best microsite: patches of tall Sword Fern beneath deciduous canopy of Big-Leaf maple.  1 hour - published March 2020    WATCH

  • VIDEO: "Post-Doom Death of Expectations" - Sermon at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island, WA

        Connie Barlow offers what she has learned while video-editing the first set of episodes of Dowd and Barlow's Post-Doom Conversations.

    Barlow describes 5 patterns:

    (1) Diversity of outlooks; (2) Find a peer group; (3) Share stories; (4) Identity shift / myth; (5) Generational distinctions.

    27 minutes • (recorded December 2019; posted February 2020)

  • VIDEO: David Holmgren in Conversation with Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

        VIDEO of David Holmgren, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    54 minutes • (recorded October 2019; posted February 2020)

    Note: The above is the only post-doom video that Connie Barlow, beyond her behind-the-scenes role as video editor, appears onscreen conversing with our guest. Australian co-originator of permaculture David Holmgren wrote a long essay called "The Apology," which Connie, as a fellow Boomer, felt spoke her feelings of regret at our generation's failure to rein in excessive consumption born of the now-passing "Age of Exuberance."

  • VIDEO: Paul Chefurka in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Paul Chefurka, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    53 minutes • (recorded September 2019; posted February 2020)

  • VIDEO: Barbara Cecil in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Barbara Cecil, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    39 minutes • (recorded December 2019; posted January 2020)

  • VIDEO: Joanna Macy in Conversation with Michael Dowd and Barbara Cecil

        VIDEO of Joanna Macy, in conversation with Michael Dowd and Barbara Cecil.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    61 minutes • (recorded October 2019; posted January 2020)

  • VIDEO: Damaris Zehner in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Damaris Zehner, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    57 minutes • (recorded October 2019; posted January 2020)


  • VIDEO: Terry Patten in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Terry Patten, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    58 minutes • (recorded November 2019; posted December 2019)

  • VIDEO: Richard Rohr in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Richard Rohr, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    56 minutes • (recorded November 2019; posted December 2019)

  • VIDEO: Dougald Hine in Conversation with Michael Dowd & Barbara Cecil

        VIDEO of Dougald Hine, in conversation with Michael Dowd and Barbara Cecil.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    55 minutes • (recorded November 2019; posted December 2019)

  • VIDEO: "Post-Doom Inspiration: Honoring Grief, Empowering Action" - Sermon at East Shore Unitarian, Bellevue WA

        Dowd offers three sections in this guest sermon at East Shore Unitarian Church, Bellevue WA: (1) Getting to doom (honoring the stages of grief); (2) A post-doom mind and heart; (3) Post-doom living.

    Key concepts: Doom is the midpoint between denial and regeneration — with or without us. Doom is the emotional state that most people feel when they let go of the secular religion of perpetual progress. Post-doom opens us up to spheres of gratitude — and fearlesness.

    30 minutes • (December 2019)

  • VIDEOS: Connie Barlow posts 3 new videos on REDWOODS needing assisted migration

    Since 2012, Connie's activism shifted toward advocating "assisted migration" poleward of climate-endangered native trees. Autumn 2019 she published on youtube 3 new installments.

  • VIDEO: Richard Heinberg in Conversation with Michael Dowd

        VIDEO of Richard Heinberg, in conversation with Michael Dowd.

    Access all "Post-Doom Conversations" in this series via the Playlist on Youtube

    Access audios and other resources in this series on the website:

    50 minutes • (recorded Sept 2019; posted Nov 2019)

  • VIDEO: "Sustainability 101 - Ecology as Theology" - Sermon at Westside UU in Seattle, WA

        Dowd begins with 3 topics and how sustainable cultures differ in their interpretations of those topics from those of unsustainable cultures. The topics are (1) Reality, (2) Language, and (3) Cultures — that is, communities of understanding Reality and how they speak of Reality, relate to Reality. Along the way, he speaks of Pro-Future v. Anti-Future religions and lifeways. "Doom," he says, "is the midpoint between Denial and Regeneration — with or without us.... Post-doom is what opens up when we remember who we are, accept what is inevitable, honor our grief, and invest in what is pro-future and soul-nourishing."

    27 minutes • (17 November 2019)

  • VIDEOS: Michael Dowd and Joe Brewer joint talks


    Sermon 28 min.       Dialogue Pt 1 47 min.      Dialogue Pt 2 36 min.
    Recorded 20 October 2019 at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.

  • VIDEOS: "POST-DOOM" conversation series (more episodes)

        VIDEO of Stephen Jenkinson, in conversation with Michael Dowd and Barbara Cecil (posted October 2019).

    AUDIO version.

    All episodes of this conversation series are at

    One hour • (October 2019)

  • VIDEOS: Initial episodes of our "POST-DOOM" conversation series now on youtube

    A foreboding sense of climate chaos, societal collapse, and ecological "doom" is now widespread. Acknowledging our predicament and working through the stages of grief takes one only to the midpoint: acceptance. What lies beyond?

    MICHAEL DOWD (with occasional cohosts) invites guests to share their personal journeys along this trajectory and especially the gifts they have found on the other side of the post-doom doorway.

    CONNIE BARLOW volunteers as video editor. Her text and image overlays make this series highly educational. The visual and audio presence of both guest and host — and the stories they tell — offer an emotional and memorable experience.

    The POST-DOOM WEBSITE will launch in full in December. You can sign up for notifications now.

    The first half-dozen"POST-DOOM CONVERSATIONS" in VIDEO are already freely available on youtube. Click any of the images below to watch an episode. Or access the growing playlist of video conversations. (September 2019)




        Note: By the end of September 2019, Michael Dowd had already recorded video conversations with some 20 individuals.

    Video-editing by Connie Barlow will continue, and those videos will be posted on youtube in the months ahead. Access the Complete Playlist.

    As well, this autumn Michael Dowd will begin posting the audio portions on a Soundcloud page.

  • 8 SESSION VIDEO DISCUSSION COURSE: "ProFuture Faith" - Rev. Michael Dowd

        Earth Day 2019 marked the launch of an 8-session course for religious and secular groups — the core of each session being a 20-minute DVD segment, accompanied by a pre-session reading, facilitator guidelines for group discussion, and participant resources for "going deeper." Michael Dowd was filmed by 3 cameras at a cathedral church in Houston, TX November 2018: St. Paul's United Methodist. Living the Questions (progressive Christian ministers and staff based in Phoenix AZ) has previously produced educational videos series featuring Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong, and others.

    (22 April 2019)

  • AUDIOS: Dowd's Audio Narration of Best Essays on Deep Adaptation

        Since 2013, Michael Dowd has been recording the best essays, blogs, and books that explore the consequences of societal failure to provide for intergenerational justice. Consequences include climate chaos, ecological overshoot, economic contraction, and societal collapse.

    Recently, he has been reorganizing the audios into playlists on his SoundCloud account.

    (15 April 2019)

  • ONLINE COURSE: "Evolutionize Your Life" course of 2011 now feely online

        In 2011 Dowd and Barlow presented a 5-session online AUDIO course on the practical implications of evolutionary brain science. Now in 2019 we retrieved many of the course modules and reposted here (for free use).

    Session 1: YOUR LARGER STORY: Big History and the Power of an Evolutionary Worldview
    Session 2: PHYSICAL INSTINCTS: Our reptilian brain's hunger for safety, sustenance, and sex
    Session 3: SOCIAL INSTINCTS: Our old mammalian brain's longing for bonding, status, and play
    Session 4: INTERPRETIVE INSTINCTS: Our neocortex's drive for meaning, morality, and making sense
    Session 5: CO-CREATIVE INSTINCTS: Our prefrontal cortex's zeal for wholeness, transcendence, and contribution

  • VIDEO: "Ecology Is the Heart of Theology" - Sermon at Unity Church of Christianity, Houston TX

        Professionally filmed and live-streamed before a very large congregational audience, this is one of Dowd's best and most dynamic sermons. Sermon summary:

    Rev. Michael Dowd, will share why a deep-time big picture is vital for staying sane, sober, and inspired in chaotic and challenging times. His soulful, deep green message bridges the gap between head and heart and celebrates the convergence of science, inspiration, and sustainability.

    28 minutes • (31 March 2019)

  • VIDEO: "Sane vs. Insane Progress" - Dowd's voice narration over slides has 4 key points:

        (1) How we define and measure 'progress' determines our behavior and what kind of world we are leaving our grandchildren and other species. (2) Hoping for perpetual progress via techno-fix 'solutions' fosters complacency instead of responsible, pro-future actions. (3) Problems caused by economic growth and development will not be solved by more of the same; indeed, our predicament will worsen. (4) Understanding ecology, energy, and history undermines expectations that human ingenuity, technology, or the market can save industrial civilization.

    24 minutes • (12 March 2019)

  • ESSAY: "Christ as the Future Incarnate"

        Michael Dowd's essay in the Spring 2019 issue of the (bi-annual) Oneing magazine, published by Center for Action and Contemplation (led by Richard Rohr).

    The essay begins: "Humanity's biggest problems and most intractable predicaments stem from the failure of its dominant religions to ensure that every aspect of society is accountable to the future. When systems of governance and economics, for example, are free to operate in ways that are heedless of the future, society is propelled on a course that inevitably becomes self-destructive...."

    "... Let us begin to think of ecology at the heart of theology and Christ as the Future Incarnate...."

    (March 2019)

  • VIDEO: Reality 101 - Widening Our Circle of Compassion

        Rev. Dowd offers three main points in this Sunday morning sermon:
      • The shape of time and the nature of joy and fullfillment
      • The color of God and the purpose of religion and science
      • The way of life and the necessity of humility and gratitude

    Also, the malady of "cultural acedia", in which social conditions are no longer fulfilling 8 basic human needs beyond physical survival.

    Presented at Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North, GA.
    30 minutes • (February 2019)

  • PHOTOS from Dowd's 8-session lecture series in Houston

        Michael Dowd presented an 8-session lecture series at St. Paul's United Methodist Church November 2018. The talks were professionally filmed and will be made available June 2019 by the "Living the Questions" video series (Progressive Christianity). February 2019 we updated our PHOTOS webpage to include a dozen still images from the talks.

    The reason? Dowd chose to mark his 60th birthday at that time by adopting a new look: a Mennonite-style beard, as he sported when his first book, EarthSpirit, was published in 1991 — and like his elderly father adopted around that age, too.


  • VIDEO: Expanding Our Circle of Compassion

        "If the word compassion means to suffer with," begins Rev. Dowd, we're going to have no shortage of opportunities in the coming years to expand our circle of compassion." Attention goes to the "8 basic needs" of cultural fulfillment. If these needs go unmet, "cultural acedia" (increasing today) sets in. Dowd explores "how to be progressives when the idea of perpetual progress is no longer credible."

    Presented at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville, NC.

    19 minutes • (October 2018)

  • VIDEO: Confessions of a Recovering Progressive (version 2)

        Same title, same core message as the sermon presented a few weeks earlier at the Ludington MI UU church (linked below). Delivered extemporaneously, this rendering is about 80% different. Dowd's message entails three guideposts: (1) Remember who you are; (2) Remember what matters most; (3) Resolve to sweeten your legacy.

    Presented at Community Unitarian Universalists of Brighton, MI.

    30 minutes • (September 2018)

  • VIDEO: Confessions of a Recovering Progressive (version 1)

        Rev. Michael Dowd delivers his most vulnerable sermon to date.

    He begins, "Progress is the de facto religion of the industrial world. But something has changed in America, and beyond. What happens when we progressives 'lose the faith'?"

    Presented at People's Church (Unitarian Universalist), Ludington Michigan.

    27 minutes • (September 2018)

  • VIDEO: Ecology as Theology: Inspiring Science for Challenging Times

        This voice-over slide program by Rev. Dowd contains his most important ideas that he has been delivering live to audiences in 2018. Here you can proceed at your own pace.

  • Un-trivializing God: an I-Thou Relationship to Reality Is Not Optional
  • Religion's Purpose: Defender of the Future & Namer of Good & Evil
  • The Great Story / The Epic of Evolution: Cosmic 101-Year Timeline
  • Thus Sayeth Reality: What's Inevitable? What's Futile? What Now?
  • Legacy 101: Staying Sane, Inspired, and in Action
  • 70 minutes • (September 2018)

    Note: This program is shaped for all audiences — from atheists to pagans and non-fundamentalist interpretations of all religious faiths. For a longer version of this same slide program that also includes Dowd's ideas on how to reintepret core Christian concepts, click here.

  • VIDEO: Grief and Gratitude in a Time of Climate Change (Barlow)

        Connie Barlow's guest sermon (26 August 2018) for a Unitarian Universalist audience in Michigan conveys the anxiety and suffering of friends in Colorado, California, and Washington who are suffering yet another summer of forest fire danger, smoke, and flash flood warnings. Her message: Environmental damage (and consequent fear and anxiety) out West is clearly "21st Century." But climate change is mostly an abstract understanding in Michigan — where environmental concerns and calamities are still "20th Century".

    22 minutes • (August 2018)

  • VIDEO: ECOTHEISM - Ecology as the heart of theology

        This voice-over slide program by Rev. Dowd is for Christians who wish to sample the full range of his most important ideas (as of 2018) and to do so in a compact and image-rich way.

    80 minutes • (August 2018)

  • VIDEO: Ecotheism sermon: Ecology as the heart of theology

        Rev. Dowd's 24 June 2018 guest sermon at the First Congregational Church of Sheboygan (Wisconsin) is what he now regards as his best short presentation for a Christian audience.

    25 minutes • (June 2018)

  • VIDEO: Intergenerational Justice: Does any vision matter more?

        Guest sermon, 26 March 2017, at Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Newbury Park, CA.

    Unitarian Universalists have an exemplary tradition of taking the lead on social justice issues — less so on environmental issues. Here, Dowd makes the case for why climate change is not only a profound challenge environmentally but that its consequences for human survival propel "intergenerational justice" into the most compelling social justice issue of all time.

    24 minutes • (sermon delivered March 2017; published 2018)

  • VIDEO: Pro-Future Faith— The Death and Resurrection of Religion

    Rev. Dowd's April 2018 guest sermon at Church of the Beatitudes (UCC), Phoenix AZ, includes these key statements:

        God's revelation comes through all forms of evidence: scientific evidence, historic evidence, cross-cultural evidence, and of course the evidence of our own experience.... Idolatry is when your notion of God is no longer synonymous with reality.... We have an economic system that rewards the few at the expense of the many, measures progress by how fast we can turn the biosphere into pollution, and makes it inevitable for billions of us to betray the future — just by pursuing the so-called good life. In other words, we have an economy that doesn't mimic the reality of ecology.

    14 minutes • (posted April 2018)

  • VIDEO: Not the Future We Ordered — Staying Sane in Crazy Times

        Rev. Dowd's 31 December 2017 guest sermon at the UU Church of Sarasota (Florida) focused on helping listeners with the work of letting go of the worldview of perpetual progress and the expectations many of us were born into. Seeing the bigger picture of The Great Story (13.8 billion years), along with the full human journey (especially grasping that our own civilization is tracking a similar path of rise-and-fall that all 32 previous city-based civilizations experienced) is a crucial step in accustoming our psyches to the momentous shifts in the predicament of our time.

    36 minutes • (posted January 2018)

    Editor's note: Even though the titles are similar, there is only a 15% overlap in content between this sermon and the previous one (April 2017).


  • VIDEO: Not the Future We Ordered — Honoring Our Grief

        Rev. Dowd's 2 April 2017 guest sermon at the UU Church of Ventura (California) has three key points: (1) Understanding our predicament; (2) The six facets of grief; (3) Now what?

    Acknowledgments: Re the content of this sermon, I am especially indebted to the work of John Michael Greer, Joanna Macy, William R. Catton, Jr., Thomas Berry, Nate Hagens, and DJ White.

    30 minutes • (posted May 2017)

  • VIDEO: Ecology Is the New Theology (2017)

        Rev. Dowd's 26 February 2017 guest sermon at Long Beach Unitarian Universalist Church (California) differs from his 4 December 2016 sermon by that title (which is also posted on youtube; scroll down to access the earlier sermon).

    Here Dowd addresses our "human predicament" (which is ever more evident) within the context of our scientific understanding of the 14 billion year story of the Universe — and our historical understanding of 5,000 years of "the rise and fall of 24 civilizations."

    26 minutes • (posted March 2017)

  • Dowd shares UU pulpit with Valve Turner Michael Foster

        LEFT: Dowd and Michael Foster were guest speakers at the Sunday morning service on February 12 at Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Goleta CA. Connie videoed the sermon component (and Q&A) and posted 2 VIDEOS on youtube.

    CENTER: Connie and Michael with 3 of the 5 "Valve Turners" in Oxnard CA.

  • New Web Page Featuring "Valve Turners" Climate Activists

        Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd have volunteered to support the "Valve Turners" (left) in ways that match our skills. Connie has created a webpage that lists online links to news and videos. The Valve Turners are five elders (ages 50-64) who took nonviolent direct action in behalf of intergenerational climate justice. October 11, 2016, they cut through chained gates in order to enter facilities along remote portions of tar sands pipelines in four northern states. Almost simultaneously, they turned the emergency valves that shut down all Canadian tar sands entering the USA for about 8 hours, then calmly awaited arrest. All five face trials this year (2017) — with multi-year prison sentences as possible outcomes in four states. (posted February 2017)

  • Michael Dowd's work highlighted on Resilience website

        January 10, 2017 posting includes an informative essay by David MacLeod (originally published on Integral Permaculture) that introduces readers to several free resources by Dowd on this website: Grace Limits Audios, Standing for the Future 3-part video series, "Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction" (video), and Dowd's 2016 essay in Oneing journal: "Evidential Medicine for Our Collective Soul".

    (posted January 2017)


  • SOLSTICE RITUAL: A Unitarian Universalist congregation used the Tiamat Ritual

        For a family Winter Solstice gathering in 1996, Connie Barlow created a participatory and ritualistic script that celebrated the sacred science of the supernova star (now assumed to have been more than one such star) whose explosion dispersed all the atoms of the Periodic Table of Elements into our galaxy — and from which, later, our own solar system congealed. That family ritual has long been posted on this website: Gift of Tiamat.

    For Winter Solstice 2016 the script was adapted for an actual church service at BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Warrington, PA). This new script (with congregational "responsive reading" participation) was used for the Intergenerational Solstice Celebration on December 18. The adaptation is thanks to a member of the congregation, Dawn Star Sarahs-Borchelt. Click to access the script (which includes all aspects of the service) and the church bulletin used by each congregant. (posted December 2016)

  • VIDEO: Ecology Is the New Theology"

        Rev. Dowd's 4 December 2016 guest sermon at Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Tacoma, WA).

    Three stances are foundational for a sustainable culture, and they all indicate that "ecology is theology" — nothing is more important:

    (1) Reverent Humility
    (2) Reciprocal Gratitude
    (3) A Fierce Commitment to Future Generations

    29 minutes • (posted December 2016)

  • VIDEO: "Prophetic Inspiration for Chaotic, Challenging Times"

        Rev. Dowd preaches a pro-science, pro-future message on Nov. 20, 2016 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island (WA).

    His focus: (1) "Thus sayeth the Past..." (2) "Thus sayeth the Future..." (3) "How can we find meaning and inspiration in contracting times?"

    30 minutes • (posted November 2016)

  • VIDEO: Evolutionary Gratitude for Challenging Times"

        Rev. Dowd's 13 November 2016 guest sermon at Unity of Portland (Oregon).

    Note: For those with hearing problems, we have posted an "audio-enhanced" version of this video that, while eliminating the echo of the large hall, also eliminates the sounds of audience response (which is quite moving at times). If you prefer to listen to just the audio, you can access if here, as Episode 58 of our America's Evolutionary Evangelists podcast series.

    28 minutes • (posted November 2016)

  • VIDEO: "Faithful to God Means Faithful to the Future"

        Rev. Dowd's October 2016 guest sermon at Westchester Congregational United Church of Christ, Spokane WA.

    21 minutes • (posted November 2016)

  • Watch and listen to kids interacting with Grandmother Fish book

       Now on youtube, Heather Cleland-Host (for story time in a church setting) reads aloud this superb 2015 book by Jonathan Tweet and Karen Lewis. She reports, "Kids hoot, squeak, and laugh. The energy in the room builds up step by step. The kids start out wiggling like Grandmother Fish, and they end up wiggling, chomping, crawling, breathing, squeaking, cuddling, grabbing, hooting, walking, and talking like Grandmother Human." Note: For youtube, the audio of the reading with sounds of kids reacting is paired with still images of the pages of the book as being read aloud.

    book website or AMZ page for Grandmother Fish

    5 minutes • (posted November 2016)

  • VIDEO: Ecology as the Heart of Theology"

        Rev. Dowd's October 2016 guest sermon at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church of Bellevue, WA.

    28 minutes • (posted October 2016)

  • VIDEO: Ecological Wisdom for Chaotic, Challenging Times"

        Rev. Dowd's October 2016 guest sermon at Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Port Angeles, WA.

    26 minutes • (posted October 2016)

  • ESSAY: "Evidential Medicine for Our Collective Soul"
    The October 2016 issue of Oneing magazine, published by the Center for Action and Contemplation, has as its theme "Evolutionary Thinking." Michael Dowd's essay in this issue, "Evidential MEDICINE for Our Collective Soul: What's Inevitable? What's Redemptive?", is his second contribution to this series. The first (2014) was "Evidential Mysticism and the Future of Earth".

    (posted October 2016)

       VIDEO: "The Evolutionary Dimensions of Laudato Si'", by Ursula Goodenough

    Plenary address in 2016 at Dusquene University conference: "Integrity of Creation".

    Illustrated talk by Prof. Goodenough begins at timecode 0:26:45 and lasts about an hour. The summary chart at left (timecode 1:27:17) outlines the aspects of the Epic of Evolution that she touches upon. As a biologist, she begins with the "Biological Evolution" phase, then summarizes the earlier steps, and fast-forwards to the "Evolution of Minds" step for her finale. Goodenough draws upon her 1998 book, The Sacred Depths of Nature in drawing forth the religious/spiritual aspects of her understanding of the evolutionary journey: awe & wonder, reverence, humility, assent, gratitude, and "astonishment in being alive at all."

       VIDEO: From Techno-Utopian to Apocaloptimist

    Rev. Michael Dowd presented a guest sermon at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durango, August 2016. He shares how his worldview has dramatically shifted, owing to the crisis of climate change and his reading of classic and contemporary books and blogs on ecological overshoot and the rise and fall of civilizations.

    23 minutes - published 12 September, 2016.    WATCH


    This is the fourth installment in the Alligator Juniper Assisted Range Expansion series. Connie's role as narrator is silent, as she prepares for an assisted migration field experience by sorting seeds and watching a 1987 video of the key mythic story (by Jean Giono) that motivates her action: "The Man Who Planted Trees".

    14 minutes - published 10 August, 2016.    WATCH

  • 2 new podcast episodes in "America's Evolutionary Evangelists" audio series
    Episode 56, "The New Ten Commandments and the Coming Apocaloptimism", is an audio interview by Terry Patten of Michael Dowd. Episode 57 is 45 minutes of Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd riffing on new insights and learnings, titled "Overshoot and Grace Limits".   (posted July 2016)

  • 3-part VIDEO series by Dowd: "Standing for the Future"

        Three hours of live performance at the Mountain Top Lecture Series by Michael Dowd in April 2016 (in northern Georgia) were filmed and edited by Barlow — then posted on youtube (in low resolution).

    This VIDEO trilogy is Dowd's best and most richly illustrated compilation of ideas to date, and we aim to have leader guides prepared by end of 2016 for distribution with high-resolution versions of the videos on a program flash drive.  (posted April 2016)

  • 17 Minute VIDEO: "Reality's Rules: Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction"

        Rev. Dowd: "What Reality is clearly and compellingly telling us, through evidence, about how we must now collectively think and act if we hope to spare our grandchildren from hell - and spare ourselves their condemnation."

    This 17 minute video is the culmination of decades of research and collaboration. Dowd offers today's prophetic wisdom revealed via scientific, historic, and cross-cultural evidence. A 3-page companion document gives the full text of the commandments, with supporting links to online text, audio, and video resources.

    VIDEO: 17 minutes   (posted February 2016)

  • 3 New Audios of Dowd Sermons
    Summer 2015 Rev. Michael Dowd delivered a trilogy of guest sermons at Peoples Church Unitarian of Ludington, Michigan. This trilogy was posted in video format soon after their delivery, but now they are also offered as audios in our podcast series here: America's Evolutionary Evangelists.

    Titles: (1) When Religion Fails, Economics Becomes Demonic. (2) Embrace Death to Live Life Fully. (3) Inspired on Dark Mountain: The Big Picture.   (posted January 2016)

    on Dark Mountain

      Rue, Dowd, and Barlow

    Part 1a (50 mins) video or audio
    Part 1b (40 mins) video or audio

    Recorded in Iowa, September 2015. Video-edited by Barlow and posted on youtube, January 2016.
    Posted audio format as Episode 26a and 26b of Inspiring Naturalism Podcast in February and March 2016.


    "The Living Past" (youtube channel)
       This young man dreams of becoming a paleontologist — and he shares his enthusiasm (and knowledge!) with us. Take a moment to click on the link to his channel (above left), watch one or more of the short videos, and remember why you, too, are thrilled to be alive in this brief moment of geological time when the wonders of the past are no longer hidden.

    Ethan Cowgill launched his "The Living Past" youtube channel early in 2015, at age 16.

    Begin with his 11-minute video, "Why Fossils Matter".

  • GRACE LIMITS AUDIOS - recorded by MICHAEL DOWD . . .

    Increasingly, I find AUDIO format to be the best way for me to absorb (repeatedly!) the ideas in key writings — especially while relaxing in the evening, in transit, or while doing chores around the house. So in 2015 I audio-recorded a half-dozen books and some 50 essays and blogposts that otherwise exist only in text format.

    My study topic this year has been, what I choose to call, grace limits. These are the inescapable geological, ecological, and thermodynamic constraints that we ignore at our peril — and that, thankfully, climate change has now brought front and center.

       To learn to recognize and then scrupulously honor carrying capacity as Reality's grace limits is a task to which the authors included in these audios are devoted. Most of them I have come to know personally, and they heartily approve of this unofficial mode of extending their reach. Even so, please support the various authors and publishers by purchasing a physical copy of their books from the respective publishing houses, from Amazon, or (ideally) from your local bookstore. Links are provided. Some of the blogs (all free) have donation buttons.

    Please support these authors and bloggers in their Great Work.

  • Access the Grace Limits webpage. (posted December 2015)

  •    by Jonathan Tweet and Karen Lewis

    Published 2015: a superb, lively, and participatory book for pre-schoolers. The illustrations attract immediately — and surely the pathways of evolutionary connections will become increasingly meaningful as the child grows through the primary grades. Highly recommended! book website or AMZ page

    Endorsed by well-known evolutionists, including David Sloan Wilson, Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, and Daniel Dennett. Connie Barlow says, "I haven't been this thrilled by a children's book since I saw a draft manuscript of the now-classic Born with a Bang! trilogy." (posted November 2015)



    Jon and Heather Cleland-Host created a series of "Ancestor Cards" for their children to speak words of gratitude about as a ritual around the dinner table (especially during the autumn leading up to Samhain / Halloween / Day of the Dead).

    These cards are available for free for other families to enjoy. Just go to the webpage, print, and have the kids cut them into cards. Then read their blogpost to learn how to use the cards in family ritual.

  • VIDEOS: Lou Niznik Legacy Filming of Thomas Berry Talks now on youtube
        Lou Niznik's great work was certainly his journeying to speaking events of Thomas Berry in order to capture the talks on the pre-digital technology available at the time. All this he did with no remuneration. Now, The Thomas Berry Foundation has made the Niznik film collection available to everyone everywhere by way of youtube. The selection below is a sampling of the best.
  • "The Celebratory Liturgy of the Universe"

  • "The Art and Crisis of Planet Earth"

  • "The Universe and the University" (pt 1) and (pt 2)

  • "The Historical Mission of Our Time"

  • "Thomas Berry at Port Burwell" (pt 1), (pt 2), (pt 3), (pt 4)

  • "Thomas Berry - The Twelve Principles" (filmed 1984, with Brian Swimme also speaking)
  • Note: Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow like to repeatedly listen to the audios of these presentations. We used software (Wondershare AllMyTube) for freely and easily downloading just the mp3 audios from the youtube webpages.

  • VIDEO: "Inspired on Dark Mountain: The Big Picture"
        In this final sermon of his 3-part summer series at People's Church of Ludington MI (Unitarian Universalist), Michael draws from his sabbatical study of ecological and civilization history, and the increasing toll of climate change on our hopes for the future. His encounter this summer with "The Dark Mountain Manifesto" sparked the sermon title. (posted August 2015)

  • Sermon 1: "When Religion Fails, Economics Becomes Demonic"
  • Sermon 2: "Embrace Death To Live Life Fully"
  • Sermon 3: "Inspired on Dark Mountain: The Big Picture"

  • AUDIOS and VIDEOS: 7-part religious naturalism interview series with Loyal Rue
        Loyal Rue, Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy at Luther College (Decorah, Iowa) wrote 5 books on religious naturalism and the epic of evolution. Over the course of 2 days, Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd filmed interviews/conversations with him at his cabin in Iowa. Connie's editing of all 7 videos is now complete. Access these videos through the Loyal Rue VIDEO webpage on TheGreatStory site. If you prefer LISTENING just to the audio components, go to our Inspiring Naturalism podcast page and click on the Loyal Rue episodes.

  • VIDEOS: "Pro-Future or Anti-Future" series by Dowd begins
        In 2014, during his participation in The Great March for Climate Action, Michael donned a green clergy shirt and started speaking in churches and at climate rallies as "Reverend Reality"." You can access those sermons on his Reverend Reality youtube channel. The two most important videos on that channel are launching a new playlist: "Pro-Future or Anti-Future?". Episode 1 is "Eco-Theology". Episode 2 is "Right Relationship to Reality." And thanks to Rick Archer, of "Buddha at the Gas Pump" (scroll to bottom for videos with images), here's a 36 page transcript of the entire interview (both episodes).

  • New Symphony of Science MUSIC VIDEO, featuring Brian Cox
        John Boswell has posted his newest music video in the Symphony of Science series. This one, "Waves of Light," features Brian Cox. Click on the "Show more" in the youtube caption to see the lyrics, which includes this: "Isn't it a wonderful thing: the story of the universe is our story, carried on waves of light." (posted July 2015)

  • VIDEO: "Embrace Death To Live Life Fully"
        In this second of his 3-part summer sermon series at the Unitarian Universalist church in Ludington MI, Michael aims to link common concerns about personal death with new and vital concerns about the prospects of societal and civilizational decline and death — and about biodiversity loss, extinctions, and ecocide owing to climate change. (posted July 2015)

  • "Oliver Sacks: My Periodic Table"
        Jon and Heather Cleland-Host are not alone in linking chemistry's Periodic Table with the sequence of child (and adult) birthdays — and doing so in a celebratory way. Click the link above to learn how Dr. Sacks has been doing it. Then follow to "Elemental Birthdays" to learn how Jon and Heather have been doing it, and how you can too. (posted July 2015)

  • VIDEO: "When Religion Fails, Economics Becomes Demonic"
        Michael Dowd's sermon at People's Church (Unitarian Universalist) of Ludington, Michigan was delivered 28 June 2015. This is another in his "Reverend Reality" series of bold statements calling for action on the intergenerational injustice of climate change. "Climate is God," he states. "Religion has been asleep at the wheel, owing to the triple idolatries." (posted June 2015)

  • Michael Dowd and Katharine Hayhoe featured in CLIMATE ACTION VIDEO
        A powerful 4-minute video was published on youtube May 2015, titled, "ASK PHILANTHROPISTS: Climate Breakthrough Now! - #2".

    Featured as "Reverend Reality", Dowd dons a green clergy shirt for this role, with video graphics that support Dowd's claim: "The most important distinction of our time isn't left or right. It's not liberal or conservative. It's pro-future or anti-future."

    Learn about climate scientist (and communicator) Katharine Hayhoe.

  • A follow-up video of more clips of Dowd's presentations was posted in July as a 90-second video: "Michael Dowd: Catalyze the Giving".

  • ESSAY: "When Religion Fails, Economics Becomes Demonic"
       Published as a guest post in the blog, Patheos, May 2015. Dowd begins,

    MICHAEL DOWD: "Reverend Reality"

        "Carbon pollution is undeniably the material cause of Earth's climate breakdown, but what is the root cause? Blaming our growth-dependent economic systems does not, in my view, go deep enough. Ultimately, religion is responsible — but not in the way secularists might assume.

    "Crippled by what I call the triple idolatries our prevailing religions have failed to evolve norms and values on par with our species' escalating technological prowess. Religious leaders have failed to notice and then decry the suicidal path of societies dependent on massive extraction of carbon-rich fuels. And when religion fails, economics is unbounded by even the crudest requirements to protect nature's life support systems. When religion fails, economics becomes demonic."

    Three original children's stories on this website have been translated into FRENCH:

  • "Startull: The Story of an Average Yellow Star" - "Startull, Histoire d'une Etoile Jaune Moyenne"
  • "The Lucky Little Seaweed" - "La Petite Algue Chanceuse"
  • "Tree Talks About Death" - "Quete pour un Chien"
        Translations by Dominique Krayenbul, posted May 2015

  • Tribute to William Catton (new webpage)
        In January Michael and Connie began reading William Catton's famous 1980 book, Overshoot. That book has inspired many ecologists, human ecologists, and environmental activists over the decades, but neither one of us had yet read it. Lo and behold, while visiting Bron Taylor (author of Dark Green Religion) in Gainesville FL a week later, Bron told us that he had heard that Catton, age 88, had just died. Too late to meet the great man, but not too late to create a "Tribute" paper to him, rich with online links and short tributes we ourselves gathered (including from Paul Ehrlich!)

  • AUDIO: "The Grace of Challenging Times"
        Michael Dowd delivered on 4 January 2015 a guest sermon at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers, Florida. His 3 points: (1) Challenging times remind us of our humanity and promote humility; (2) Challenging times help us embrace our mortality; (3) Challenging times help us clarify what matters most. Topics include Dowd's advocacy of "legacy consciousness" and living in accordance with "the fundamental law of life," which he speaks of by resurrecting a legal/moral term that was a central concern for Thomas Jefferson: usufruct. Dowd concludes, "Religions have been failing in their most important task, which is helping us live in right relationship to reality and ensuring a healthy future." (posted January 2015)


  • 2014 updates on our "UU BEST PRACTICES" webpage
        Since we began living on the road in 2002, speaking on "The Great Story," we have visited many churches, including more than 400 Unitarian Universalist congregations. Connie, in particular, has been noting the diversity of excellent approaches to the standard service elements within UU Sunday services. We encourage UU worship committees and ministers to visit this now-lengthy page and consider experimenting with innovative approaches. January 2015 Connie updated this webpage with all the innovations she noted in 2014.

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd - "The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness"
        Throughout 2014 Michael Dowd presented this highly illustrated program to both secular and religious audiences across the USA. Here is a 77-minute voice-over version of his powerpoint slides, recorded December 2014 and available on youtube. (posted December 2014)

  • AUDIO: "Climate: The Great Reckoning"
        Michael Dowd was interviewed by the hosts of the podcast series Everyone's Agnostic. We edited it down to an hour for our own audio series. Climate change is front and center for Michael, and you will hear how the interviewers affirm Michael's view. Key points include: "God is Reality with a personality — not a person outside of Reality." Also, "The role of religion has always been to shame any individual or group of individuals who are harming the community or the future. Religion has not been playing that role in our time because of what I call 'the triple idolatries': idolatry of the written word, idolatry of the otherworldly, and idolatry of beliefs." (posted December 2014)

  • VIDEO: "3000 mile Great March for Climate Action 2014 — final day D.C."
        Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow scheduled their 2014 speaking schedule along the route of the 8-month Great March for Climate Action. Michael walked the final 7 miles into Washington D.C. on November 1, while Connie scampered across the street to film segments of it. Connie then edited the clips into a 9-minute video. (posted December 2014)

  • VIDEO: "Big History as the Great Story — and why that matters in a warming world"
        Michael Dowd's 20-minute sermon at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax, Virginia is his best and most impassioned presentation in a humanist/religiously liberal context to date. His message culminates in the ecologically central societal guidance espoused by Dowd's mentor, Thomas Berry (2014-2009). The pivotal work of philosopher of religion Loyal Rue (author of Religion Is Not About God) is also presented. Embedded within the sermon is the powerful 2-minute example of Nature personified offered in the 2014 series of video shorts by Conservation International, "Nature Is Speaking". (posted November 2014)

  • VIDEO: "Reality is Lord: Religion As If the Future Mattered"
        Michael Dowd's 25-minute sermon at the UCC church in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, is his best and most impassioned presentation in a Christian setting to date. This is his first sermon in which he is energized by his new ecologically symbolic green clergy shirt — and the first in which he steps up to the task of boldly speaking as Reverend Reality in a Christian context, charged by his commitment to help reshape religion "as if the future mattered."

    He makes 3 points about where religion has been out of step with Reality: "We've been catastrophically wrong about (1) God's Presence, (2) God's Word, and (3) God's Judgment." (posted November 2014)

  • VIDEO: "Rev. Michael Dowd comes out as Rev. Reality"
        Michael Dowd has for two years been sounding the alarm about climate change — and urging churches to get back on task with helping their congregants grasp how to "live in right relationship to Reality". In November, coinciding with the culmination of the 8-month Great March for Climate Action (in Washington D.C.), Dowd finally acquired a green clergy shirt as a symbol of his primary commitment to "a just and healthy future." This video is a 3-minute clip of his playful coming out as "Reverend Reality" (filmed at a gathering of the Shalom Center for Continuing Education, Pleasant Hill TN, Nov 2014).

  • AUDIO-VIDEO INTERVIEW SERIES: Michael Dowd interviews 55 leaders

  • VIDEO: "Becoming Passenger Pigeon"
        Episode 6 of Connie Barlow's "Climate, Trees, and Legacy" videoblog series is now available on youtube. The focus is the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and what it means for large-seeded forest trees of the eastern USA who now lack a long-distance seed disperser during this time of rapid climate change. This video is an extension of Barlow's 2001 book, The Ghosts of Evolution.

    All six episodes of CLIMATE, TREES, AND LEGACY can be accessed through a webpage that summarizes the content of each. (posted November 2014)

  • NEW WEBSITE: Religious Naturalist Association (RNA)
        Biologist Ursula Goodenough is a founder and president of the new "Religious Naturalist Association," which established a web presence in autumn 2014. Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd are on the Advisory Board. We look forward to our future activities and collaborations with this group that, while fully naturalistic, understands and commits to work with the breadth of emotional, cultural, and institutional proclivities with which evolution has provisioned our species. (posted November 2014)

    Social Networking and Resource Sharing website for the Great Story

       Deep Time Journey Network

    An online service connecting educators, artists, writers, storytellers, and all who are situating their work in the world within the deep time context of an evolving universe. This website features member profiles, resources, forums, groups, and events. Find out who is doing what, where, and how.

    "Science is handing us an origin story, and we've barely begun to understand its mythic dimensions."  —  Jennifer Morgan


    Jennifer Morgan

  • ESSAY: "Evidential Mysticism and the Future of Earth"
        Michael Dowd contributed the lead essay to the "Evidence" issue (Fall 2014) of Oneing Magazine. Access here the pdf.

    EXCERPT: "We now know that evolutionary and ecological processes are at the root of life and human culture. To disregard, to dishonor, these processes through our own determined ignorance and cultural/religious self-focus is an evil that will bring untold suffering to countless generations of our own kind and all our relations. We must denounce such a legacy. Ours is thus a call to action — a call to sacred activism." (posted November 2014)

  • AUDIOS and VIDEOS: Loyal Rue interviewed by Barlow and Dowd
        Loyal Rue, Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy at Luther College (Decorah, Iowa) wrote 5 books on religious naturalism and the epic of evolution. Over the course of 2 days, Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd filmed an interview/conversation with him at his cabin in Iowa. The first 3 episodes were published on youtube August 2014. October, November, December 2014 we are publishing in AUDIO format each of these three interviews via our Inspiring Naturalism Podcast series. Choose audio or video below. (posted autumn 2014)

  • Loyal Rue pt 1: "Amythia"    VIDEO    AUDIO
  • Loyal Rue pt 2: "By the Grace of Guile"    VIDEO    AUDIO
  • Loyal Rue pt 3: "Everybody's Story"    VIDEO    AUDIO
  • Loyal Rue pt 4A: "Nature Is Enough"    VIDEO

  • CHILDREN'S BOOKS by a range of authors


    Just a reminder that we keep adding new entries to the list we post of superb children's books on the Great Story / Epic of Evolution.

  • AUDIO: "Climate: The Great Reckoning"
        In an 8-minute 2014 religion and climate audio interview via the college radio station at Western Michigan University, Michael Dowd speaks boldly of human-caused climate change as "the great reckoning." (posted September 2014)

  • AUDIO: "The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness"
        Michael Dowd's guest sermon in September 2014 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Indianapolis IN, is now Episode 49 of our America's Evolutionary Evangelist podcast series (posted September 2014)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd - "Rebooting Religion for Climate Action
        "Why are so many good people engaging in great evil?" is the question Rev. Michael Dowd poses at the outset of his keynote speech at the Climate Action rally held in Davenport, Iowa, 24 August 2014. Dowd suggested that good people do great evil when their religious guidance is frozen in time — no longer helping them live "in right relationship to reality." "Evidence is how God is communicating today; facts are God's native tongue!" urged Dowd. (posted August 2014)

  • VIDEOS: Loyal Rue interviewed by Barlow and Dowd
        Loyal Rue, Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy at Luther College (Decorah, Iowa) wrote 5 books on religious naturalism and the epic of evolution over the course of his career. Over the course of 2 days, Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd filmed an interview/conversation with him at his cabin in Iowa. The first 3 episodes were published on youtube August 2014.

  • Loyal Rue pt 1: "Amythia"
  • Loyal Rue pt 2: "By the Grace of Guile"
  • Loyal Rue pt 3: "Everybody's Story"
  • AUDIO: "The Evidential Reformation"
        Michael Dowd's guest sermon in June 2014 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango, Colorado, is now Episode 48 of our America's Evolutionary Evangelist podcast series (posted August 2014)

  • 5-PART VIDEO SERIES: "God in Big History" launched by Michael Dowd

        July 2014 Michael launched the beta (draft) version of a free, online videblog series designed for both secular and religious educational settings.

    The 5 episodes are:

    1. The Big Picture (35 min)
    2. Sacred Science (35 min)
    3. Reality Rueles (43 min)
    4. Sin and Death (30 min)
    5. Evidential Prophets (49 min)

  • VIDEO: "Rocky Mtn Trees in Climate Peril"
        Episode 5 of Connie Barlow's "Climate, Trees, and Legacy" videoblog series is now available on youtube. Ten conifers native to Colorado are the focus, and Connie uses US Forest Service maps of species range projections as climate shifts.

    The video of Connie's live presentation in Durango Colorado (see below) is the core of this hour-long episode.

  • NEWS REPORT: Durango Herald features story on Connie Barlow's talk
        Colorado's Durango Herald posted a feature story on Connie Barlow's June 24 talk, "Rocky Mountain Trees in Climate Peril." The talk was hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango. The report begins:
    At Durango's Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Tuesday, evolutionary biologist Connie Barlow began her talk about climate change's effect on wild trees in Colorado by telling the crowd: "This is the next step in sadness." Judging by the 40-strong crowd's reaction to her slides, which included sharp intakes of breath, mournful sighing and head shaking, Barlow made good on her promise to devastate the room.

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd speaks at TEDx Grand Rapids 2014 (18 mins)
        "Reality Reconciles Science and Religion" was the title of Dowd's TEDx presentation in May 2014, posted on youtube in June. Description:
    What we call "Reality" the ancients called "God." This insight, according to Michael Dowd, bridges the science and religion divide and clarifies our way into the future. This talk highlights six surprising points of agreement where millions of religious as well as secular people find inspiration.

  • VIDEO: "Lesson 4 (Arizona Cypress)" of Climate, Trees, and Legacy (53 mins)
        This is the fourth episode in Connie's 2014 videoblog series promoting climate action by focusing on the dire need of forest trees to gain our assistance in moving north in this time of rapid climate change. (posted June 2014)

  • VIDEO: Connie Barlow presents Great Story Beads to Unitarians (4 mins)
        "This Is Our Story, Too!" was the theme that guest storyteller, Connie Barlow, performed for the Mother's Day 2014 Sunday Service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe.

    Her prop: a necklace of "Great Story Beads" that she had assembled 12 years earlier, and which entailed beads chosen to represent key passages in the 13.8 billion year "epic of evolution" that are meaningful to Connie. (posted June 2014)

  • 4 VIDEOS: Michael Dowd speaks to Christian audience in Albuquerque
        Watch 4 excerpts: (1) "What We Call Reality, the Ancients Called God" 25 min., (2) "God's Evidential Word" 3 min., (3) "Called to Greatness" 10 min., (4) "The Triple Idolatries" 5 min. (posted May 2014)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd speaks at CLIMATE RALLY in Albuquerque (4 minutes)
        Rev. Michael Dowd speaks to the marchers and local supporters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 10 May 2014, about "systemic evil" as the root cause of our deteriorating climate. The Great March for Climate Action - 3000 miles from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. March 1, 2014 to November 1, 2014. (posted May 2014)

  • VIDEO: Connie Barlow presentation: "Forest Trees in Climate Peril"
        A 45-minute talk that Connie delivered in Prescott, Arizona, is the single best place to begin learning how rapid climate change is endangering even common trees of American forests — and why our descendants will need to step in and help those trees disperse seeds farther north than birds and mammals can transport them. (posted May 2014)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd sermon: "Reality Reconciles Science & Religion"
        This 21-minute guest sermon was delivered at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Gallup, New Mexico, on 4 May 2014. Here Dowd presents the key points that he will deliver in TEDx Grand Rapids later that week. (posted May 2014)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd at Sedona: Six Agreements (9 minute excerpt)
        Michael Dowd spoke to the Sedona Integral Group on April 25, 2014. In this 9-minute excerpt, Dowd offers six points of agreement on which religious and secular people alike can agree — and through which we all might join together to work toward a healthy future. (posted April 2014)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd sermon: "Inspiring Science, Realistic Hope"
        This 23-minute guest sermon was delivered at Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Prescott, Arizona, on 13 April 2014. Dowd offers that "all gods and goddesses can be understood in either a fictional or a factual way." Other memes include thinking of the human as the "Prodigal Species": "We have squandered our inheritance, and now we must come home to Reality." He advises secular folk to "Make your legacy your primary concern." For Christians he advises, "Make your legacy your Lord." Audio podcast version is also available. (posted April 2014)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd speaks at CLIMATE RALLY in Phoenix (5 minutes)
        Rev. Michael Dowd speaks to the marchers and local supporters in Phoenix, Arizona, about how "The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness." 7 April 2014. The Great March for Climate Action - 3000 miles from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. March 1, 2014 to November 1, 2014. (posted April 2014)

  • VIDEO EXCERPT: Michael Dowd preaches "Science Is God's Evidential Revelation"
        Rev. Michael Dowd delivered a short homily at Guardian Angels Catholic Community in Tempe, Arizona (March 2014). In this two-minute video excerpt Dowd encourages clergy in all faith traditions to "subscribe to Science News" and to occasionally preach "what God is revealing through science." Dowd closes with, what he calls, "my favorite piece of scripture." Carl Sagan: "Science is at least in part informed worship." (posted April 2014)

  • VIDEO EXCERPT: Michael Dowd preaches "Good, Bad, Great, and Evil"
        Rev. Michael Dowd delivered a short homily at Guardian Angels Catholic Community in Tempe, Arizona (March 2014). This one-minute video excerpt presents the core of his message, which is on the theme of "The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness." (posted April 2014)

  • VIDEOS: "Climate, Trees, and Legacy" PARTS 2 and 3
          In this teaching series of 2014, Connie Barlow posted episodes 2 and 3, based on trees encountered and researched in California and Arizona: "2. Lessons of Torrey Pine" and "3. Lessons of Joshua Tree"

    (posted March and April 2014)

  • AAAS Science Report and Videos present urgency of climate action
        In March 2014, the top organization of scientists, American Association for the Advancement of Science united in voice to publish a rare report on the role of RISK in climate change, and thus the need for urgent action. We link to that report, "What We Know about Climate Change", on our own CLIMATE VIDEO LINKS page, as we highly recommend the 8 short videos that accompany it. (posted March 2014)

  • AUDIO: "Legacy Consciousness"
        February 2014, Michael Dowd delivered a new presentation to nurture "legacy consciousness" and to motivate action in joyful service of the future. He spoke at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, California. This was his inaugural presentation in collaboration with The Great March for Climate Action. You will hear embedded audios of three short videos that Michael played for the audience: (1) a TEDx climate talk by David Roberts, (2) a statement on the "intergenerational injustice" if we fail to act on climate change by climate scientist James Hansen, and (3) a recitation by poet Drew Dellinger. (posted March 2014)

  • VIDEO: Connie Barlow tells a Story for All Ages at a Unitarian Congregation
        "The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness" is this 7-minute children's story, told by Connie Barlow at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County, New Jersey, October 2013. Connie improvised a story to accompany a guest sermon by Michael Dowd (same title), and used these props: her necklace of Great Story Beads, Michael's long strand of Great Story Beads, the "Earth from Space" stained glass window in the sanctuary, a pair of Hubble Space photos she has on poster board, and the children themselves. (posted February 2014)

  • VIDEO: "Climate, Trees, and Legacy"
        42-minute VIDEOBLOG launching Connie's new learning and action series for helping trees adapt to climate change — species by species, decade by decade. Citizen naturalists are invited to "Leaf a Legacy" — to research a favorite native tree species and begin to work with others to keep up with the northward movement of forest zones by planting (and then monitoring) wild seeds of common species onto private forested lands well north of where those seeds were collected. Note: The audio soundtrack of this video was also posted as Episode 44 of our podcast series: "America's Evolutionary Evangelists." (posted January 2014)

  • SERMON TEXT: Dowd's new 2014 sermon, "The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness"
        Rev. Michael Dowd always delivers guest sermons extemporaneously. To prepare for his new sermon theme of 2014 (he is scheduled to present at churches along the route of the Great March for Climate Action), Dowd prepared a text version from which shorter talks will be drawn. (posted January 2014)


  • AUDIO: Roger L. Ray: "Evidence-Based Faith"

    Episode 9 of Michael Dowd's Evolving Faith Podcast is a 50-minute interview with the pastor of a progressive Christian church in Springfield, Missouri. Topics include post-supernatural faith, the importance of compassion in action, conservative religious backlash, the future of church, and the importance of online communities, including posting audios and videos of sermons. (posted December 2013)

  • Tribute to Celia Hunter, Wilderness Advocate of the 20th Century

    Celia Hunter was a major mentor to Connie Barlow. Since Celia's death in December 2001, Connie has been placing a pinch of Celia's ashes in wilderness and other natural areas in the USA, as Celia was executive director of the Wilderness Society in the years leading up to the 1980 designation of many national parks and monuments in Alaska. (posted December 2013)

  • SACRED SITE OF THE EPIC OF EVOLUTION: "Back to the Ediacaran"
        In a richly illustrated photo-essay, Connie Barlow reports on her serendipitous time travel "back to the Ediacaran", when she came upon a little pool in Alabama with hand-size blobs of torus-shaped green jelly masses. (posted December 2013)

  • EXPERIENTIAL: "Ancestor's Meditation" by Jon Cleland Host
        The "Ancestors Meditation" link above will take you to this website's main, annotated list of Experiential Processes. Scroll down to number 4B and that will give you a direct link to the Humanistic Paganism website that Jon Cleland-Host posted his guided meditation on, which begins with our modern human ancestors and works back through the joys and trials of our furred and even fishy forebears. Highly recommended! (posted December 2013)

  • AUDIO: "Chris Henderson: Aboriginal Power"
        Chris Henderson is one of Canada's foremost thinkers on innovation in the areas of business, cleantech, renewable energy, and corporate sustainability. His 2013 book, Aboriginal Power: Clean Energy and the Future of Canada's First Peoples. This is the 18th episode in their Inspiring Naturalism Podcast series. Note: An October 2013 Video of Chris presenting "Aboriginal Power" to a business group in Toronto is also superb. (posted December 2013)

  • VIDEO: "Helping Plants Move North In Anthropocene Climate"
        75-minute VIDEOBLOG by Connie Barlow summarizing her climate action volunteerism in founding and leading Torreya Guardians, which in 2005 began moving Florida's endangered conifer tree into North Carolina and even farther north. (posted November 2013)

  • AUDIO: "Religion 2.0 - Ecology As Theology"
        September 2013, Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow posted a new audio podcast of their conversation about Michael's newest ideas on this theme. The 6 core points in this 51-minute audio are: (1) Reality is our God; (2) Evidence is our scripture; (3) Big History is our creation story; (4) Ecology is our theology; (5) Integrity is our religion; and (6) Ensuring a healthy future is our mission. (posted September 2013)

  • AUDIO: "Stone-Age Instincts / Supernormal Allurements
        June 2013, Connie Barlow presented a guest sermon at Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Muskegon, Michigan. Her talk centered on 4 realms of profound mismatch between our instincts and the allurements within modern societies today: processed foods, feel-good substances (leading to addictions), connectivity compulsion, and elders suffering a prolonged death owing to advanced medical technologies. (posted August 2013)

  • NEW CURRICULUM: "Nurturing Worldviews with Children"


    In 2013 leaders in the freethought tradition (Dale McGowan) and evolutionary humanism (Connie Barlow) independently presented talks on how each tradition counsels parents and liberal religious educators to assist children in developing their worldviews. Each VIDEO is under an hour. The video pair is ideal for a 2 or 3 session discussion program for parents and religious educators determining how best to engage children in their charge. (posted July 2013)

  • WEBPAGE: Climate Change video links page UPDATED   (posted July 2013)

  • VIDEO: "Praise Darwin!" (an evolution revival with Charlie Varon)
        In 1986 comedian Charlie Varon performed live a 14-minute show, "The Evolution Revival Meeting". It is out-of-print, but Michael Dowd had an audio cassette, which Connie Barlow digitized, excerpted, and then added graphics to produce a playful and richly illustrated video posted on YouTube. This video is a stitch! (posted July 2013)

  • VIDEO: "How Religion Is Failing Our Youth — and What We Can Do About It"

    Connie Barlow presented this topic in April 2013 to the South Points Association for Exploring Religion (SPAFER) in Birmingham, Alabama. The film is edited to 58 minutes and supplemented with illustrations and stories of 5 kinds of evolutionary curricula posted on this site: (1) evolutionary parables, (2) We Are Stardust, (3) Great Story Beads, (4) My Universe Story, and (5) We Are All Cousins. (posted June 2013)

  • VIDEO: Karen Kudebeh: "The Story and Science of Belonging"

    Watch Karen Kudebeh present in 14-minutes the trajectory of cosmic, geological, biological, and cultural evolution, using her 2D and 3D Time Spirals, which have enraptured all ages with their pattern, colors, and superb attention to the key events discovered by mainstream science. Truly, "a bird's eye view of Big History." (posted June 2013)

  • VIDEO: Mary Southard: "Art for the Universe Story"

    Filmed by Connie Barlow in 2004 at Sister Mary Southard's studio near Chicago, this video is a richly illustrated introduction to the paintings and drawings created over the course of two decades by the artist whose work so movingly visualizes the Universe Story and the human role within it, as articulated by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme. (posted June 2013)

  • VIDEO: "Hot Climate Women Scientists in Cool Places"

    Connie Barlow volunteers some of her time to climate activism by doing what she does best: reporting on the science and creating videos. In this new 42-minute Youtube video, Connie leads viewers through an enhanced understanding of polar ice melt, a changing jet stream, and new discoveries in paleoclimates by excerpting the richly illustrated and powerful 2013 videos by four women in climate science: Jennifer Francis, Julie Brigham-Grette, Natalia Rybczynski, and Lisa Graumlich. Dowd embeds this video in his HuffPo blog here. (posted May 2013)

  • AUDIO: Jonathan Haidt: "The Righteous Mind"

    Episode 17 of "Inspiring Naturalism" podcast series features moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt in conversation with Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd about his new book, The Righteous Mind. (posted May 2013)

  • VIDEO: "Rev. Marlin Lavanhar on an Evolutionary Understanding of Easter"

    Rev. Marlin Lavanhar of All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa preached a sermon the Sunday after Easter 2013, in which he offered "an evolutionary understanding of Easter." Beginning with an understanding of how the death of stars (we are made of stardust) makes life possible, he goes on to apply this wisdom to the practical challenges of life and the spiritual challenges of our own mortality. We have embedded this powerful sermon in our own death programs page. (posted May 2013)

  • UU Best Practices webpage for Unitarian congregations

    Soon after we launched our itinerant evolutionary ministry in 2002, Connie began taking notes of some of the "best practices" she observed during Sunday services in the Unitarian Universalist congregations we presented guest sermons in. Then she posted them online and has been updating that page ever since. Worship committees and ministers at UU congregations are encouraged to visit that ever-updated page. (posted May 2013)

  • Two photos of Thomas Berry (2007)

    Dowd and Barlow visited Thomas Berry in April 2007 and took several photos of the 3 of us together. Connie just discovered that she could crop two photos into superb portraits of just Thomas (two years before his death). We've added the hi-res versions of these photos to the webpage we have devoted to photos, videos, and audios of Thomas. (posted May 2013)

  • "Ecology Is the New Theology"

    Dowd and Barlow cover article in the Spring 2013 issue of SpiritEarth magazine is a one-page manifesto of how the teachings of Thomas Berry are ever more urgent.
    (posted April 2013)

  • AUDIO: John Haught: Between Natural and Supernatural?"

    Episode 8 of Michael Dowd's Evolving Faith Podcast is a 43-minute interview with Catholic theologian and author John Haught. Here Dowd and Haught probe where they agree and disagree on their own preferences for "evolutionary Christianity." Haught describes his enthusiasm for a "third way" — neither naturalism nor supernaturalism — grounded in the work of Paul Tillich. (posted April 2013)

  • AUDIO: Jonah Sachs, "Winning the Story Wars"

    Episode 16 of Dowd and Barlow's Inspiring Naturalism Podcast is a 46-minute interview with story entrepreneur and author Jonah Sachs. The topic is his 2012 book, Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future. Jonah weds the meaningful story-making patterns identified by Joseph Campbell with his own speciality in digital animation. The result is, what Jonah calls, "the Digitoral Era." (posted March 2013)

  • VIDEO: "Ecology Is the New Theology" - sermon by Michael Dowd

    February 10, 2013 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Michael preached a guest sermon, now in video in edited form. His opening line: "Ecology is the new theology; big history is the new Genesis. Those who fail to understand that evidence is modern-day scripture, and that the world we live in is an honorable world, betray God and humanity in the most egregious of ways." Dowd calls fellow baby boomers to attend to their legacy re: climate change and the enormous costs of medicalized death. Also available in audio format and the title of one of Michael's blogs in the Huffington Post. (posted February 2013)

  • VIDEO: "Climate Change and Extreme Weather" (Prof. Jennifer Francis, 2013)

    Now that Connie and Michael have become vocal advocates for systemic responses to climate change, they have been donating their services where possible. Since Connie loves to make videos, she excerpted/edited a fine educational video (but far too long, at 112 minutes) of a top climatologist, Jennifer Francis, presenting at the 2013 "Weather and Climate Summit". Note: Prof. Francis told Connie that she was grateful for this 40-minute version. (posted February 2013)

  • "We Are All Cousins" children's curriculum online now

    After six years of testing and revising in actual classrooms, Connie Barlow has now made her evolutionary journey curriculum freely available for quick and easy download. She was forced to make major revisions in 2013, owing to new fossil discoveries and dating. This gave her a chance to update the digital downloads and instructions to make it easier for teachers to use. Highly recommended for 3 to 5 day programs in evolution-celebrating church summer camps.(posted February 2013)

  • "My Universe Story" children's curriculum report

    Marge Gonzalez, religious educator at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ft. Myers, has been using Connie's free downloadable "My Universe Story" curriculum for this school year. The photo at left is one child's creation during a crafts project recommended for Bead No. 2 - "Galaxies Form". Alas, owing to a lack of funding, Connie has finished only half of the 30-week curriculum. Marge will, thus, be creating her own stories and crafts for the remaining 15 weeks. (posted February 2013)

  • "An Ever Evolving Life View" (news article on Dowd's talk in Pennsylvania)

    Perhaps the most substantively rich and accurate news article on Michael's newest material is now available online. Ad Craber, a journalist with the local paper in Lancaster PA, did the story on Michael's invited lecture at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster PA in late January. (posted February 2013)

  • Michael Dowd: "Theologian in Residence" Methodist Sermon

    Michael Dowd served as "Theologian in Residence" for First United Methodist Church of Boulder (Colorado) for the month of January. He gave many presentations in the area (including at Colorado School of Mines and University of Colorado). His sermon at the Methodist church can be listened to online: "God Is Back! (Prophets Too): Evidence As Modern-Day Scripture". There is also an online audio for a similar sermon he delivered in January at Wellshire Presbyterian Church in Denver. Both sermons included a call-to-action re climate change. Pictured at left, Dowd is standing before a global warming exhibit at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. (posted January 2013)

  • Climate Change: new webpage of best online links and videos

    Connie Barlow continues to update's new Climate Change Resources page. In addition to climate-specific blogs, news reports, and indexes, our page embeds more than a dozen climate-change videos. Videos are the most user-friendly, emotionally evocative, and thus most successful way to help others "wake up" to the profound intergenerational injustice that will ensue if the USA continues to ignore the need to evolve our ways of obtaining and using energy sources. (posted January 2013)

  • 30-minute VIDEO of Michael's new sermon,"God Rebukes Religious Right: Repent or Face Hell and High Water"

    Rev. Michael Dowd delivered an entirely new sermon on January 6 at the two Sunday morning services at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, CO. Dowd presents "God" (Reality personified) as rebuking scriptural literalists for stalling collective action in response to climate change by engaging in denial or distortion of facts. Note: An online version is also available in audio. See the 2-minute excerpt, "Michael Dowd challenges baby boomers to leave a great legacy re climate change and death," now on Youtube. (posted January 2013)


  • 21-minute VIDEO performance of "Startull: The Story of an Average Yellow Star"

    Connie Barlow leads an impromptu performance of a parable she wrote to celebrate the creation of chemical elements inside stars. You will see that she recruits 3 audience volunteers to play the roles of: Startull, Elder Yellow Star, and Big Blue Star. She, herself, serves as narrator. Performance recorded Sept 2012 in Missoula, MT. (posted December 2012)

  • NEW FAMILY RESOURCE: "Elemental Birthdays"

    Jon and Heather Cleland-Host are two of the most imaginative and prolific creators of ways to bring inspiring "cosmic education" and scientifically accurate rituals celebrating the epic of evolution for families. After years of testing out birthday materials on their own 4 boys, these two scientists have made available for online purchase their "Elemental Birthdays" Guide (thus far, for birthday years 1 through 11). Each birthday year is named for the chemical element (atomic number; number of protons in the nucleus) that corresponds to that year. For example, kids turning 6 get to celebrate their Carbon Birthday. Those turning 8 celebrate their Oxygen Birthday. What playful, and life-long meaningful birthday parties! (posted December 2012)

  • 49-minute VIDEO by Barlow & Dowd: "Climate Change and Intergenerational Evil"

    This video was created to be the single best quickie overview of the problem (and solutions) to climate change / global-warming. In 2012 the speed and magnitude of human-caused climate disturbance became undeniable, making this the fundamental moral issue of our time. This 49-minute program includes video excerpts from talks by the world's most respected climate scientist, NASA's Dr. James Hansen, and by two powerful advocates for systemic change: Bill McKibben and David Roberts. (posted December 2012; also posted on Michael's Huffington Post blog.)

  • BLOGPOST (on HuffPo): "Failing Our Youth: A Call to Religious Liberals"

    Excerpt: "Here lies an extraordinary opportunity for theologically progressive institutions to do what the fundamentalist churches cannot. Liberal churches can offer the youngers an evolutionary worldview that delights children in their wonder years, offers immensely practical insights and guidance for those going through puberty (by teaching them about "mismatched instincts" and "supernormal stimuli"), and empowers teens to ponder the meaning of life — and their life — as they edge toward adulthood." AUDIO format also available. See also Harold Wood's "Evolution Sunday" 2013 sermon, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Visalia, which quotes extensively from this essay and from Cathy Russell's superb Epic of Evolution website. (posted December 2012)

  • NEW PODCAST EPISODE: "Evidential Wisdom"

    For Episode 37 of "America's Evolutionary Evangelists" podcast series, Michael Dowd is interviewed for Blog Talk Radio by Richard Brendan. Topics of this 50-minute program include: the evolutionary value of religions, how all religions necessarily are evolving, the "evidential wisdom" of science (science as humanity's "global collective intelligence"), science as "public revelation," and the distinction between "practical truth" (carried forward by all long-standing religions) and "factual truth" (the unique contribution of science). (posted December 2012)

  • NEW DVD: "Evolutionize Your Life" 2-disk set   (published November 2012)

    Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow explore how an understanding of our brain's evolutionary heritage can help us thrive despite "mismatched instincts" tempted by "supernormal stimuli". Watch 5-minute previews of each of the 6 sections:

  • "Inspiring Naturalism" (Michael Dowd)
  • "Physical Instincts" (Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd)
  • "Internet Gaming Addiction" (Shane Dowd)
  • "Your Brain's Creation Story" (Connie Barlow)
  • "Evolution and Infidelity" (Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd)
  • "Modern Women with Stone-Age Instincts" (Connie Barlow)
  • CALENDAR: Earth Story 2013 calendar

    Peter Adair follows up his acclaimed 2012 "Earth Story Calendar" with a 2013 version. This one is titled "The Great Journey" and you can sample online to preview the entire calendar, or go directly for purchasing. Here is a sample of the luscious narrative that weaves through the months:
       "Beginning thirteen billion years ago, ushered by transparent fields of beneficence, immense clouds of hydrogen collect and condense along seams of the fabric of the universe, forming the hundreds of billions of galaxies that paint the heavens. The fields of beneficence comprise the songlines of the universe."
        (posted November 2012)

  • TIMELINE UPDATES: Chronozoom and Stone-Age Institute examples added

    The two newest timelines added to our hotlinked list of 16 different evolutionary timelines are among the most scientifically sophisticated and digitally accessible. We highly recommend you explore both the Chronozoom Timeline and the 100-events Stone-Age Institute Timeline. (posted November 2012)

  • BLOG: by Dowd and Barlow on Metanexus site

    The most recent blog Barlow and Dowd posted on the Metanexus site points to very helpful scientific resources on understanding emergence. Prior posts include Big History Educational Resources, several posts on death and other topics. Access the index to all their Metanexus posts. (posted November 2012)

  • AUDIO: "Evolution: The Next Generation"

    Connie Barlow delivered this sermon at Cadboro Bay United Church, Victoria BC. (posted October 2012)

  • REVISED SCRIPT: "Startull: The Story of an Average Yellow Star"

    After half a dozen years testing out the original script for this evolutionary parable (on audiences throughout the USA), author Connie Barlow has made substantial improvements, including more audience participation. Both adults and upper elementary children can perform this story (with no advance preparation or rehearsal!) about the creation of chemical elements inside dying stars. (posted August 2012)

  • PHOTO-ESSAY: The Epic of Evolution Joins Big History

    Connie Barlow, Michael Dowd, and many other long-time collaborators in the Epic of Evolution movement (including Cathy Russell and Jon Cleland-Host in the photo at left) participated in the inaugural conference of the newly formed International Big History Association. Click on the link above to peruse this colorful photo-essay/collage. (posted August 2012)

  • AUDIO: "The Evidential Reformation: Humanity Growing Up"

    Michael Dowd delivered this sermon at First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY. (posted July 2012)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd at TEDx 2012

    "Why We Struggle Now" is the title of Dowd's 18-minute TEDx Talk, performed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 2012. Superbly filmed! The best short introduction to Michael's take on the practical importance of an evolutionary worldview. (posted June 2012)

  • EVOLUTION: This View of Life (website)

    Tagline of this superb multi-media website is "Anything and everything from an evolutionary perspective." Among the expert editors supervising the growth of this website full of evolutionary resources is biologist David Sloan Wilson, author of Evolution for Everyone. (posted June 2012)

  • Developmental Psychologist ALISON GOPNIK on Inspiring Naturalism Audio Podcast

    Barlow and Dowd converse with Alison Gopnik about her research toward understanding how young children acquire their picture of the world — especially the ways in which they seem to develop, test, and amend hypotheses not unlike the methods of scientists. What sparked the interviewers' interest, however, was a widely read essay she published in a January 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal, titled "What's Wrong with the Teenage Mind". There she offers both an evolutionary understanding of why making the transition from childhood to adulthood is so prolonged and problematic today — and what can be done to improve the situation. (posted May 2012)

  • VIDEO: "Thomas Berry Recites 9 Poems"

    48-minute video now on YouTube of Thomas Berry (1914-2009) reciting nine of his poems to an enthusiastic audience. This was one of the last videos filmed of Thomas in public performance. Videography by Lou Niznik. See also one poem as excerpted, "Thomas Berry recites his 'Earth's Desire' poem." (posted April 2012)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd at Skeptics Society (CalTech): "Evolution and the Global Integrity Crisis"

    "We're fortunate to have Michael Dowd on our side (the 'our' being humanity)," says Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, who introduces Dowd as part of Skeptic's Distinguished Lecture series at CalTech. This is an unabridged video of Dowd's bridge-building religious naturalism program, as presented in 2009. (posted April 2012)

  • VIDEO: "Ancestor's Tale for Kids"

    90-minute video on YouTube of Connie Barlow presenting a highly interactive children's program that journeys back through time (based on Richard Dawkins' 2004 biology book, Ancestor's Tale: Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution.) Connie is thrilled to finally have a video of her presenting this program, as this video should empower teachers, parents, and religious educators to conduct this program themselves. Make sure you click on "more info" so that the text fully scrolls open beneath the video window; you will see an annotated Table of Contents with hotlinked time codes for instant access to different parts of the video. Slides, scripts, and a leader's manual are all freely downloadable for this program.(posted April 2012)

  • "The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity" AUDIOCOURSE - leaders package now for sale

    38 hour-long conversations with leading Christian scholars and ministers who fully embrace a deep-time, evolutionary understanding of the world. Hosted by Michael Dowd, this teleseries aired Christmas 2010 and is now available for purchase and digital download (mp3 audios and pdf transcripts, plus study guides) by church discussion-group leaders and college teachers. (posted March 2012)

  • DOWD begins to BLOG at Huffington Post and Metanexus

    Michael Dowd began blogging for the Huffington Post and Metanexus in March 2012. He continues to host the Evolutionary Christianity blog he initiated in November 2010. Click on images left to sample his blogs. (posted March 2012)

  • VIDEO: "Your Brain's Creation Story"

    54-minute video of a presentation on the practical insights of evolutionary brain science, which Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd delivered at Seabeck Conference Center (Puget Sound, Washington) in August 2009. Make sure you click on "more info" so that the text fully scrolls open beneath the video window. You will see an annotated Table of Contents with hotlinked time codes for instant access to different parts of the video, just like the chapters in a dvd. (posted February 2012)

  • Neuroscientist TERRY DEACON on Inspiring Naturalism Audio Podcast

    Barlow and Dowd posted a 64-minute audio interview of evolutionary biologist / neuroscientist Terrence Deacon. The topic is his 2011 book, Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter. Terry is chair of the anthropology department at U.C. Berkeley. His previous book, published in 1997 book, is The Symbolic Species Note: You can access the full archive of the Inspiring Naturalism audio series. (posted February 2012)

  • "2012: The Triumph of Multi-Level Selection"

    Michael Dowd posted an essay that previews three forthcoming books (by Jonathan Haidt, Edward O. Wilson, and Christopher Boehm) that together might turn the tide from a restricted focus in biological and cultural evolution on the gene and the individual organism to a broader understanding that natural selection occurs at higher levels, too. This is especially true for the emergence of internally cooperative human social groups at far greater scales than kin selection and reciprocal altruism have ever been able to account for. As well, this paradigm shift would recast religion as a key adaptation for bonding humans at these greater scales. (posted February 2012)

  • VIDEO: Michael Dowd sermon at All Souls Unitarian (Tulsa): "Re-Imagining Religion"

    Michael Dowd spoke from the pulpit on a Sunday morning in August 2011 at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His sermon was part of their summer series: Re-imagining Religion. Michael's sermon title: "Reality Is My God, and Integrity Is My Religion." (posted January 2012)


    Connie Barlow posted a richly illustrated photo-essay of her 7-week participation in the life of "Sallie Pond" — an ephemeral forest pool in northeastern Alabama in which a local population of Spotted Salamanders lays eggs. Learn why a Spotted Salamander Pond is a superb place to experience in one's imagination two key transitional times in the Epic of Evolution. Note: You can access the full archive of all Sacred Sites of the Epic of Evolution. (posted January 2012)


  • AUDIO: Michael Dowd interviewed by Terry Patten: "Big Integrity"

    Michael Dowd was interviewed by Terry Patten in Terry's "Beyond Awakening Teleseries." Michael's topic was "Big Integrity: Deep-Time Eyes and a Global Heart." Audio length = 62 minutes. Note: You can access the full list of free audios by Michael Dowd (and Connie Barlow). (posted December 2011)

  • NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Peter Mayer - "One More Circle"

    Peter Mayer's classic end-of-year ballad, "One More Circle," has been made into a captioned and richly illustrated music video for contemplation or sing-along, using Connie Barlow's nature photos from travels throughout North America. You can also access all four music video collaborations between Peter Mayer and Connie Barlow. (4:30 min, posted December 2011)

  • AUDIO: Michael Dowd sermon at Unity Center of Davis, California

    Michael Dowd presented the Sunday morning service at Unity Center of Davis on 28 August 2011. His theme, "Thank God for Evolution," centered on distinguishing sanity v. insanity and maturity v. immaturity in the world today, especially given the widespread "idolatry of the written word" demonstrated by many religious institutions. Audio length = 45 minutes (posted November 2011)

  • BOOK: The Ghosts of Evolution freely available online

    Connie Barlow's 2001 book is now freely available online. It is a classic in evolutionary ecology and an entertaining example of using "deep-time eyes" to help us see the magic of reality in our kitchens and lurking nearby some of our favorite street trees (honey locust and ginkgo). Connie posted a playful 5-minute video introduction to this book on her YouTube channel. Also, a short text article (in PDF) on its practical implications: "Garden of Eden on Your Dinner Plate?". (285 pages, posted October 2011)

  • Primack and Abrams TEDx Talk VIDEO on Youtube

    The hosts of this TheGreatStory educational website (Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd) visited our friends and colleagues in Santa Cruz this past week: Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams — co-authors of the books The View from the Center of the Universe and The New Universe and the Human Future. There we learned of a superb new 18-munute video of their work: "Changing The World Through A Shared Cosmology". (18 minutes, posted October 2011)

  • The Magic of Reality - an inside look at Richard Dawkins' first children's book

    Barlow and Dowd created a VIDEO posted on Youtube that celebrates the 2011 book by Richard Dawkins, The Magic of Reality (22 minutes, posted October 2011)

  • Ventura County Star reports on Dowd talk at California Lutheran University

    The news report is titled, "Evolution doesn't have to clash with Christianity, author tells CLU crowd." An interview with Dowd prior to the event can be accessed online: "Bestselling author to give free lecture at CLU". (posted October 2011)

  • 2011 Darwin Day presentation by Dowd posted as VIDEO on Youtube

    Michael Dowd's dynamic illustrated talk for the interfaith celebration of Darwin Day in Omaha, Nebraska, February 2011, and hosted by Countryside UCC Church. Evolutionary topics include the importance of a Big History perspective in which we forthrightly see our evolved human nature as challenging us with mismatched instincts, especially in modern environments full of "supernormal stimuli" temptations. Death as "natural and generative at every level of reality " means it is to be honored, not feared." (68 minutes, posted September 2011)

  • "Primack and Abrams: View from the Center of the Universe" AUDIO

    Episode 10 of the "Inspiring Naturalism Podcast Series" features astrophysicist Joel Primack and cultural historian Nancy Ellen Abrams in conversation with Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd. Images and metaphors for helping us understand and feel a sense of belonging with the entire cosmos are topcs of discussion, drawn from their 2006 book, View from the Center of the Universe, and their 2009 Terry Lectures at Yale University, now available as an illustrated book, The New Universe and the Human Future. (70-minute audio, posted September 2011)

  • "Death, Budgets, and Generational Justice" by Connie Barlow - VIDEO or AUDIO

    In August 2011, Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd gave twinned theme talks at two events in the American West: "Evolutionize Your Life" (by Michael) and "Evolutionize Your Death and Legacy" (by Connie). Inspired by the audience response and poignant storytelling that ensued, Connie wrote a call-to-action in essay form, urging her boomer generation to transform the debilitating and financially untenable death-denial that pervades American culture — largely because of literalist Christianity that interprets death as "the enemy." More on a naturalized understanding of the role death plays in the universe can be accessed via our webpage "Death Through Deep-Time Eyes". (posted August 2011)

  • Durango Herald newspaper reports on Dowd presentation at Unitarian Church

    Michael Dowd promoted an evidential, evolutionary understanding of reality and faith at the local Unitarian Universalist Church in Durango. The news report concludes with Dowd saying, "Sending our teenagers out into the world without an understanding of mismatched instincts surrounded by supernormal stimuli is like sending out teenagers 20,000 years ago and not telling them anything about sabertooth cats." (posted August 2011)

  • "Jennifer Morgan: Born with a Bang" AUDIO

    Episode 9 of the "Inspiring Naturalism Podcast Series" features children's book author Jennifer Morgan in conversation with Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd. Key topics include how creativity emerges from chaos, and how individuals and cultures can derive gratitude and hope from our common creation story. (54-minute audio, posted August 2011)

  • "The Return of Universal History" (text by David Christian)

    Big Historian David Christian published a provocative paper in 2010 that called for the return of "universal history." He calls for history to, once again, have "a powerful impact on public thinking about the past because it will begin to play a role similar to that of traditional creation stories: it will aspire to create a map of the past as a whole. That map that will allow individuals and communities throughout the world to see themselves as part of the evolving story of an entire Universe, just as they once mapped themselves on to the cosmologies of different religious traditions, from the dreamtime stories of indigenous Australians to the Ptolemaic maps of medieval Christianity." (posted August 2011)

  • 2011 Sermon Audio by Michael Dowd

    Michael Dowd delivered one of his most prophetic sermons on Darwin Day at Countryside UCC Church in Omaha Nebraska on Feb 13, 2011. Title: "Getting Real About God, Guidance, and Good News". (posted July 2011)

  • Tribute to Paul S. Martin, Pleistocene Ecologist 1928 - 2010

    Paul Martin was a major mentor to Connie Barlow. He wrote the foreword to her 2011 Ghosts of Evolution book, and coauthored with her the first advocacy piece for assisted migration. Here Connie posts an hour-long AUDIO interview she recorded of Paul in 1999, plus a 6-minute video she just produced from a recording of him she made in 1997, with images overlaid. (posted July 2011)

  • "Pilgrimage to the Mammoth Site, South Dakota"

    Connie Barlow posted a new destination for this website's Sacred Sites of the Epic of Evolution inventory. She made the pilgrimage in 1999 to the stupendous fossil site in Hot Springs, South Dakota, called "The Mammoth Site." But here she posts reflections, photos, audio, and links to inspire others to make such a pilgrimage. (posted July 2011)

  • SERMON TEMPLATE: "Evolutionary Spirituality" by Mary Hitch

    Mary Hitch delivered a sermon titled "Evolutionary Spirituality" at her Unitarian Universalist congregation in Comal County Texas in July 2011. She did a great job of using some of the evolutionary brain science material in Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution, so we have posted her sermon template on this website and encourage others to download and adapt it for their own purposes. (posted July 2011)

  • AUDIO: "Modern Women with Stone-Age Instincts"

    Connie Barlow was interviewed by Claire Zammit for the online series Women on the Edge of Evolution. The topic: Why evolution served our ancestors, why it challenges us now, and how to step toward a brighter future. (posted May 2011)

  • "EVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE!" Dowd and Barlow's preview audio for their first ONLINE COURSE

    Announcing Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow's first ONLINE COURSE, developed in collaboration with professionals pioneering a new approach for transformative e-learning. "Evolutionize Your Life!" draws on Dowd and Barlow's approach for translating the discoveries of evolutionary brain science and evolutionary psychology into practical tools for improving lives and relationships. "EVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE": The science of how to decode human behavior, eliminate self-judgment, and create a big-hearted life of purpose and joyful integrity. Preview teleseminar May 18 (downloadable later, as well); course begins in June. (posted May 2011)

  • Epic of Evolution SONG for singing grace at meals

    Connie Barlow discovered this 2003 photograph (left) of a feast they enjoyed, prepared by Epic of Evolution elder PHILEMON STURGES (1929 - 2005). So she added the photo full size to illustrate the page used to share the lyrics (and audio) of the "grace" song Philemon wrote, and which they love to sing at meals. (posted May 2011)

  • 18-minute TED Talk Video on "Big History"

    Backed by stunning illustrations, Prof. David Christian narrates a complete history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the Internet, in a riveting 18 minutes. This is "Big History": an enlightening, wide-angle look at complexity, life and humanity, set against our slim share of the cosmic timeline. Also, check out the "Big History Project" website being developed (with funding from Bill Gates) to make timelines and course syllabuses freely available to high school teachers throughout the world. (posted April 2011)


  • 2-hour classic AUDIO of Miriam MacGillis, in her "Fate of the Earth" 1986 presentation

    Finally, available for complementary listening or download is the classic audio, which in cassette tape format 2 decades ago, awakened so many people who are now leaders in the Epic of Evolution movement. (posted December 2010)

  • Half-hour DOCUMENTARY (PBS) of DOWD now on You-Tube

    This 27-minute documentary, produced by New Hampshire's public television station, first aired in December 2010. The camera crew filmed Michael Dowd, "America's evolutionary evangelist," at one of seven presentations he made during November 2010 at UCC and Congregational churches in New Hampshire. (posted December 2010)

  • FREE AUDIO / TELE-COURSE Dec-Jan: "The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith"

    28 hour-long conversations with leading Christian scholars and ministers who fully embrace a deep-time, evolutionary understanding of this world are broadcasting each evening till Christmas in the month of December. Hosted by Michael Dowd, the free series (with all audios posted online for later listening or downloads) is a lively, insightful, and sometimes poignant opportunity to listen in on some amazing dialogues. (posted December 2010)

  • NEW ONLINE VIDEO: "Evolutionize Your Life"

    The 1:15 hr program Michael Dowd has been delivering as his introductory talk to a diversity of secular and religious audiences during 2010 is now available for free online viewing. Note: If your internet speed is slow, it may take a while for this page to upload, so be patient. If your internet speed is exceedingly slow, you will need to access a faster server. (posted September 2010)

  • NEW VIDEOS on science of STARDUST

    Scientifically accurate and inspiring videos available on YouTube have been embedded on this classic page of The Great Story website. Also updated is the companion Stardust Background webpage that contains a wealth of accessible information and charts to understand the process of stellar nucleosynthesis and how the mass of a star profoundly affects its brightness and lifespan. (posted September 2010)

  • RAP POEMS to accompany two Evolutionary Parables: "Seaweed Rap" and "Snortlefish Rap"

    While creating a full-year curriculum for elementary age kids ("My Universe Story"), Connie Barlow wrote 2 rap poems for use alongside 2 beloved evolutionary parables: "The Lucky Little Seaweed" and "Ozzie and the Snortlefish." (posted October 2010)


    Connie Barlow has produced a 30-minute script, and Jon and Heather Cleland-Host have produced a 45-minute script, that tells the 65 million year story of the North American continent. Performers include elementary-age children, plus older teens or adults. Costuming and props are important, but little rehearsal is required because the only words spoken are by 2 narrators, who get to use scripts. Because the theme is "death and rebirth" the play is ideal for the Easter/Spring season. (posted October 2010)

  • Articles Published in the Epic of Evolution Journal

    In preparing the online resources for an audiocourse that Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow will offer in 2011, Connie stumbled upon a vital hubpage (already on our own website!) for classic essays in the 1990s phase of the Epic of Evolution movement. You can access here 14 such essays in PDF by Connie Barlow, Ursula Goodenough, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Ruth Rosenhek, John Seen, Bill Bruel, Larry Edwards, Jennifer Morgan, plus intra-group forums. (posted August 2010)

  • "Pluto's Identity Crisis" Parable is now available in script format for full classroom use in elementary schools

    Connie Barlow has just rewritten this script for easy and fun use in elementary school classrooms. In this new kids' version, in addition to the 4 main characters, now 8 other children get to volunteer in the moment to read 1-3 sentence scripts when they each come on-stage to briefly assume the role of one of our Solar Systems' planets. (posted August 2010)

  • "Biblical Christianity Is Bankrupt" - online essay/blog by Michael Dowd
        In early August 2010, Michael Dowd delivered a new sermon title at several large, liberal Christian churches in Oklahoma City. His title, "Thank God for the New Atheists!" Although his message was well received in liberal Christian settings, media attention led to conservative Christian responses that were highly critical. In response to such a posting by Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dowd wrote this essay specific to the "biblical Christianity" that Mohler uses as his base. (posted August 2010)

  • "The Great Story in Kosovo" - 21-minute Vimeo video
        "The Great Story in Kosovo", which was created onsite in 2010 by resident James Nicholls, is a remarkable 21-minute example of how this story encircles the globe — and can delight children everywhere. Note several remarkable sequences where a book of evolution is paired with the Koran, so that children can see they can honor both. Here, the children learn that they are made of stardust, and go on a physical journey that carries them through the countryside around Kosovo, as the 13 billion year epic of their ancestry is laid out proportionally over the miles. (posted July 2010)

  • "Imprinting Is Not Indoctrination" (Connie Barlow's boldest statement yet!)
        Connie subtitled this 9-page essay, "An invitation to parents and religious educators to present a coherent cosmology to our children." Composed as a critique of Dale McGowan's invited lecture at the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists nationwide (in June), Connie calls for a reassessment of the way kids in religiously liberal families and institutions are taught "religious literacy". Our postmodern celebration of diversity and advocacy of free choice actually means we deny our children a basic human requirement: "a coherent cosmology (creation story / worldview) through which to enjoy and securely navigate the years of childhood wonder, learning, and innocence." (posted July 2010)

  • Preview of Full-Year Universe Story Beads Curriculum for Kids (for classroom use) 3rd-4th grade
        Finally, Connie Barlow is working on a FULL-YEAR children's curriculum, to bring the 13.7 billion year story of everyone and everything into the classroom of liberal religious institutions or private schools. She posted the first 3 lesson plans in draft form to solicit feedback for shaping this new project. A total of 28 events are put into story and craft, one per week, with a bead selected to signify each. Final class project: a full loop of Universe Story beads. (posted July 2010)

  • "AUDIO of Jon Cleland-Host providing guidance for FAMILIES"
        Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd posted on their "Inspiring Naturalism" Podcast Series a 2-part interview/conversation with curriculum innovator Jon Cleland-Host. Podcast 4a, "Inspiring Naturalism for Families" is full of practical suggestions for bringing the Universe Story into family holidays and other celebrations. Podcast 4b, "It's All Really There!" is a stunningly inspiring and emotionally resonant reflection by Jon on how the Universe Story gives him meaning and purpose, and why he and his wife are determined to make this living force available to their 3 young sons. (posted July 2010)

  • "The New Atheists As God's Prophets" (new, 2010 sermon by Michael Dowd)
        In June, 2010, People's Church (Unitarian Universalist) in Ludington MI invited Rev. Dowd into the pulpit to preach, for the first time, a controversial new sermon titled, "The New Atheists As God's Prophets." This sermon is based on material Dowd first posted in podcast form in September 2009, immediately after having been diagnosed with cancer. (posted June 2010)

  • New Videos of Loyal Rue, Nancy Ellen Abrams, and Neil deGrasse Tyson
        Connie Barlow has posted on her YouTubeChannel ("ghostsofevolution") 3 short video clips taken from the public domain, which she edited and embellished with graphics. Most recent is a 6-minute clip of Loyal Rue, presenting the essence of his book, Religion Is Not About God. A second video (3 minute) is a clip of a presentation at Yale by Nancy Ellen Abrams, coauthor of View from the Center of the Universe. Third is an amazing 8-minute clip of a widely heralded extemporaneous presentation by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, which Michael Dowd regularly uses in his own public presentations. (posted June 2010)

  • Memorial Weekend 2010: Michael's BEST SERMON ever!
        May 30, Michael was called the night before to substitute for his colleague, Rev. Ian Lawton, executive minister at the large and progressive church in Spring Lake, Michigan: C3 Exchange. Michael rose to the occasion and extemporaneously delivered "Deep-Time Remembering, Deep-Time Blessing". You can access this free audio via our podcast series at the link above. (posted June 2010)

  • Our Even Newer Podcast Series: "EVOLVING FAITH"
        In this podcast series Michael Dowd interviews/dialogues with clergy, theologians, religious educators, and other leaders in evolving faith to not only accommodate but to celebrate the evidential understanding of ourselves and our universe, as given by modern science. The first interview posted is with theologian and Episcopalian Bishop John Shelby Spong. (posted May 2010)

  • Our New Podcast Series: "INSPIRING NATURALISM"
        We launched our first podcast series, "America's Evolutionary Evangelists" in September 2009, to give us an opportunity to offer ideas and experiences from our own work. Now we have launched an entirely new series, "Inspiring Naturalism," in which we interview/dialogue with scientists, educators, and other leaders in this emerging movement toward science-based (hence, natural) worldviews and wonders. The first interview posted is with evolutionist Prof. David Sloan Wilson. (posted May 2010)

  • QUESTIONS for group discussion of Dowd's and Barlow's chapters in the 2009 book, The Whole World Kin: Darwin and the Spirit of Liberal Religion
        You can read online Dowd's chapter in its entirety: "A Story Big Enough to Hold Us All", and download in PDF 6 questions for group discussion. You can read or download Connie's chapter in its entirety: "We Are Stardust: The Epic of Evolution in Children's Religious Education", and download in PDF 6 questions for group discussion. (posted May 2010)

        On our own podcast page ("America's Evolutionary Evangelists"), we have added a list of the podcasts that we (Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd) regularly listen to. (posted April 2010)

  • "The Scientific Basis of Compassion" (AUDIO)
        February 27 Michael and Connie hit the road again, after 6 months of cancer treatment for Michael and healing in the Seattle area. February 28 Michael gave the Sunday morning lesson at the Unity Church of Portland (posted March 2010)

  • STAGE DIRECTIONS FOR PARABLE: "Startull: The Story of an Average Yellow Star"
        Tory Sonstroem, Director of Religious Education at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Stockton, California, has posted on this site the stage directions that her congregation used in performing this short evolutionary parable at an intergenerational worship service in February 2010. The script itself can be downloaded via the main parables page on this website. (posted March 2010)

  • NEW MUSIC VIDEO: "Ghosts of Evolution"
        Connie Barlow has posted a 5-minute music video on YouTube that she created to playfully summarize the science concepts in her 2001 book, The Ghosts of Evolution. Richly illustrated and ideal for kids, too! (posted February 2010)

  • Rev. Dowd Begins Bold, Prophetic Outreach to Christians
        Michael Dowd discusses how and why the Bible has become perhaps the Church's greatest liability: Atheists Promote Bible Reading?! He goes on to suggest that the future of faith lies in moving from mythic (unnatural) to measurable (undeniable) views of "divine revelation": The Salvation of Religion: From Beliefs to Knowledge. (posted February 2010)

  • VIDEO (in 4 parts) "Stardust and Death" by Connie Barlow
        Connie Barlow has posted the Stardust component of her "Death Through Deep-Time Eyes" program, from film captured at her July 2009 presentation on this topic at the Unitarian Center of Ashland, OR, and with lots of added illustrations. (posted January 2010)

  • ESSAY BY MICHAEL DOWD: "Evolutionary Spirituality: Coming Home to Reality"
        In preparation for his live online interview for the "Awakening the Impulse to Evolve" series, Dowd produced this essay and posted it on his blog. It is available here in PDF. You can also listen to the 1:15 hr interview of Michael, by Craig Hamilton, on these concepts by signing onto the "Awakening to the Impulse to Evolve" on the website (posted January 2010)

  • VIDEO clips of Connie's "Death Through Deep-Time Eyes"
        Connie Barlow has posted two 10-minute segments on YouTube of her evolutionary program on death, from film captured at her July 2009 presentation on this topic at the Unitarian Center of Ashland, OR. (posted January 2010)


  • MUSIC VIDEO on our Stardust Ancestry
        Connie Barlow wrote a chant-song, "In the Beginning," to tell the story of stardust and our deep connection with the night sky at the world's first evolutionary revival (held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, February 2008). She has now produced slideshow and/or movie forms available for free online viewing or download. (posted December 2009)

        Connie Barlow has posted 10 videos thus far under her new YouTube name "ghostsofevolution". Among them, music videos of her photographs set to evolutionary songs by Peter Mayer and by Keith Mesecher, plus YouTube video remixes of segments of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Michael Dowd, and Nancy Ellen Abrams (posted December 2009)

        When we launched our website in April 2002, "Great Story Beads" was one of our first pages. It has remained one of our most visited pages. Representing the 13.7 billion years of cosmic history in beads is a fun and meaningful activity for both kids and adults. Because so many people have sent us photos of their loops of beads and also children's curricula based on this project, Connie had to do a major webpage revision to make this topic attractive and navigable. (posted November 2009)

  • Michael Dowd's contribution is the PREVIEW CHAPTER in new book celebrating evolution
        Skinner House Books has published, The Whole World Kin: Darwin and the Spirit of Liberal Religion, edited by Fredric John Muir. Michael Dowd's contributed chapter, "A Story Big Enough To Hold Us All," was selected as the preview chapter and is thus available in its entirety for free online viewing. (posted November 2009)

  • LISTEN ONLINE to Connie Barlow read her new CHILDREN'S BOOK on DEATH
        The 12th podcast of "America's Evolutionary Evangelists" has author Connie Barlow reading aloud her children's book on death, titled Tree Talks About Death. (posted November 2009)

  • "RIVER OF LIFE" and other NEW CHILDREN's CURRICULA celebrating evolution
        Finally, Connie Barlow has converted her most successful children's program into downloadable scripts, digital slides, and instructions so that any parent or teacher in schools or religious education can bring the 3.8 billion journey of life to youngsters in fun and meaningful ways. She has also updated the children's curricula webpage, which now contains 8 distinct titles for free download and use. (posted November 2009)

  • The Symphony of Science Phenomenon
        Musician and video-artist John Boswell has topped the chart with two YouTube music videos that use auto-tune software to manipulate the voices of Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson into song. In its first month of posting, Boswell's first music video contribution in his Symphony of Science series topped the YouTube charts: "Number 1 Top-Rate Video of all time. Connie and Michael have celebrated this cultural phenomenon in their Oct 22 podcast, titled "Symphony of Science, and in two blogposts: "New Music Video Celebrates Science — and Tops the Charts" and "Sacred Science Music Videos". Boswell's new webpage is (posted October 2009)

  •     A new issue is posted online with links to a selection of Michael Dowd's blogs, "America's Evolutionary Evangelists Weekly Podcast", a new children's book by Connie Barlow, and more. (posted October 2009)

  • MUSIC VIDEOS for Contemporary Church Services
        Wow! Connie has posted a new webpage with high quality downloadable music videos that she regularly uses in her church and other programs. Her photographs, plus the musical compositions of Peter Mayer and of Keith Mesecher, captioned with lyrics to facilitate sing-along, are ideal ways for liberal churches to bring ecological-evoutionary themes into their services in visually rich and rousing ways. (posted October 2009)

  • YouTube Remix of CARL SAGAN "Cosmos"
        Normally, we don't use this webpage for posting links to other websites, but this 4 minute YouTube video of Carl Sagan (from Cosmos) is a gem. Click to be inspired by this deft Remix that tweaks Carl's own narration such that he sings his way through moving elements of his profound television series. (posted September 2009)

  • "PODCAST: America's Evolutionary Evangelists on the Road"
        Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd have begun half-hour WEEKLY audio podcasts for online listening or free subscription download. (posted August 2009)

  • Epic of Evolution Pilgrimage to "The Great Unconformity"
        Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd contribute a photo-essay of their July raft trip down the Grand Canyon with the National Center for Science Education. One highlight of the trip was spanning 1.2 billion years of geological time between one's own hands at "The Great Unconformity." Surely, the Grand Canyon as a whole, and this site in particular is a "sacred site of the Epic of Evolution." (posted August 2009)

  • "Gratitude: An Evolutionary Perspective": new sermon by Michael Dowd
        In August 2009, Michael Dowd delivered this sermon at the Unity Church of Bellevue, WA. Click link above for free listening. (posted August 2009)

  • "Your Brain's Creation Story": new sermon by Connie Barlow
        In August 2009, Connie Barlow delivered this sermon at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island, WA. Click link above for free listening. (posted August 2009)

  • Dowd interviewed on Fox & Friends nationwide television
        Michael used his insights and perspective from his recent raft trip down the Grand Canyon to deliver a stunning and well received performance on live television interview. Fox News hosts called his perspective "overdue." (posted July 2009)

  • "Evolutionary Transformations: Audio of New Sermon by Michael Dowd
        On 19 July 2009, Rev. Dowd shared with Mountainside Center for Religious Living (Placerville, CA) bold new understandings derived from his recent 300 mile raft trip through the Grand Canyon. (Photo left of Dowd in side canyon waterfall.) (posted July 2009)

  • Watch Online: Michael Dowd at Agape Center
        On 17 June 2009, Rev. Dowd shared his cosmic gospel message at the Wednesday evening service of Michael Beckwith's Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA. Three cameras captured this 35-minute dynamic talk. The full video is now available free online. When you get to the page, click the play arrow. (posted July 2009)

  • Sex Scandals and Instincts: Evolutionary Insights
        Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow have repeatedly weighed in with blogposts on how an evolutionary worldview can lend insight for not only understanding the current epidemic of sex scandels that are felling politicians right and left but also for suggesting practical advise for a less calamitous future. The link above contains a hotlinked list of all of these blogs from our evolutionary brain science webpage. You can also go directly to the latest political sex scandal blog, triggered by the confessions of Governor Sanford (South Carolina) and U.S. Senator Ensign (Nevada). (posted July 2009)

  • Texas Wesleyan University: Faculty Praise Dowd's "University Day" Keynote Address
        The provost of Texas Wesleyan, along with 3 faculty members, praises Michael Dowd's contribution as keynote speaker at their annual University Day events. (posted July 2009)

  • Music Video of a Revered Ancestor: Tiktaalik
        Within the Paleozoic portion of the TIMELINE on our website, we have embedded a new music video from YouTube that is a fun way to celebrate the recent discovery of one of our very own ancient ancestors — a "transitional fossil" between fish and land-based amphibian ("tetrapod"). Also visit the photo- and video-rich official Tiktaalik website. (posted June 2009)

  • New, professional drafting of EVOLUTION'S ARROW chart
        Josh Dodge donated this professional rendering of a hand-drawn chart Michael Dowd had long been using in his programs to speak of the trajectory of evolution in producing greater and greater top-level complexity through time. (posted June 2009)

  • An hour-long audio conversation with Connie Barlow
        On 7 June 2009, Jeff Carreira and Elizabeth Debold of EnlightenNext talked with Connie Barlow about, what Ken Wilber calls, "The Third Face of God" — that is, the creativity at work in the Universe at all nested levels. This interview is part of the EnlightenNext weekly webcast, available by online subscription. (posted June 2009)

  • Tree Talks About Death: a Children's Book
        Connie Barlow has written her first children's book. It is intended to provide children with a comforting "cosmic container" that will safely hold them and their grief when death (of a pet, a grandparent, a friend) comes their way. It conveys for children much of the content that she is accustomed to presenting to adults — that death is natural and plays a creative role at every level of reality (see Connie's webpage on death). The children's story is published on this website in draft form for comments. Connie is thinking about self-publishing it for sale at hers and Michael's ongoing public presentations. (posted June 2009)

  • New Middle School Curriculum based on The Lion King
        Connie Barlow has written a new curriculum for religious education of kids making the transition from childhood to early adolescence. It can be FREELY DOWNLOADED from this website. It is based on the mythic Disney movie The Lion King and a 2008 book by Bill Plotkin on a mythic approach to life and life's transitions: Nature and the Human Soul. (posted May 2009)

  • "The Good News of Evolution": NEWS STORY: May 2009
        Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd were interviewed for a full-page, pictorial news story in the Ludington Daily News, Ludington Michigan. (posted May 2009)

        Connie Barlow offers a webpage of links to the audios and podcasts of ministers (mostly in her own faith tradition, Unitarian Universalism) who deliver intellectually top-notch and soul-serving sermons. (posted April 2009)

  • 6-MINUTE AUDIO of Dowd reading his new PREFACE   
        The softcover, Penguin/Plume edition of Thank God for Evolution was issued April 2009. Listen to Michael reading the short, new preface to this edition. (posted April 2009)

  • Michael Dowd at United Nations Values Caucus
        Photographs of this event in New York City. Michael presented an illustrated talk: "Evolution and the Global Integrity Crisis" (posted April 2009)

  • Epic of Evolution Pilgrimage to the First Skeletal Dinosaur Discovery (New Jersey)
        Connie Barlow contributed a photo-essay of a pilgrimage to this New Jersey sacred site of the Epic of Evolution. (posted April 2009)

  • Epic of Evolution Pilgrimage to Arkansas River
        Connie Barlow contributed a photo-essay of four days along the Arkansas River near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Find out why she declares, "This riverine area has become a sacred site of the Epic of Evolution for me because of the juxtaposition of two species of life — one living, and the other extinct. (posted March 2009)

  • Evolution Week 2009 in TEXAS
        Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow had a packed scheduled around Evolution Week in Texas. Connie created a photo-essay of their Texas events and travels. (posted February 23, 2009)

  • Michael Dowd on ABC National News
        Michael Dowd was interviewed at the ABC News affiliate in Austin Texas for a program that aired nationally. (posted February 23, 2009)

  • Online Videos of Michael Dowd at Marquette University
        Michael Dowd was plenary speaker for 3 hours at the October 2008 "And God Said It Was Good" conference, held at Marquette University, a jesuit college in Milwaukee WI. The conference sessions are now available for online video viewing. (posted February 23, 2009)

  • New SERMON AUDIO: "The Gospel According to Science"
        Sermon by Michael Dowd at Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church, Houston Texas, of 22 February 2009. (posted February 23, 2009)

  • Thank God for Evolution now available in AUDIO (
        Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution is now available for download onto your computer or I-Pod for audio listening. The author reads his own words, so it is particularly moving. (posted February 17, 2009)

  • EVOLUTIONARY TIMES E-ZINE 2nd issue on Darwin's 200th birthday
        The second issue of the e-zine was published on the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. A free online publication supporting a sacred understanding of mainstream science. (posted 12 February 2009)

        On February 6, Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow made a pilgrimage to a Sacred Site of the Epic of Evolution. Johnson Space Center in Houston is where Earth first directed the launch of a piece of itself, off of itself, in order to see itself in its entirety, through the eyes of the human: the Apollo missions. (posted February 11, 2009)

        Connie has done a number of things to commemorate Charles Darwin's 200th birthday on February 12. The compilation of "26 Evolution Projects and Proposals" immediately below is one. So was the February 8 "Evolution Sunday" sermon Connie delivered at Thoreau Unitarian Universalist church near Houston TX. Finally, the day before his birthday, Connie posted this photo-essay of her 1994 pilgrimage to one of the premier sacred sites of the epic of evolution: Down House, the home of Charles Darwin, and where he wrote On the Origin of Species. (posted February 11, 2009)

        2009 is Evolution Year, thanks to its being Charles Darwin's 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his landmark book, On the Origin of Species. Connie Barlow, Michael Dowd, and colleagues have posted a pdf that outlines all 26 projects and proposals they are engaged in that would promote a sacred and practical understanding of evolution in many different venues. (posted February 2009)

        Jon Cleland-Host, a scientist and lay leader of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland MI, has developed a list of worship resources with evolution as the theme that can help a minister or worship leader flesh out an order of service for any evolution-theme service, notably what has come to be known as "Evolution Sunday" to commemorate Darwin's birth each year on February 12. (posted February 2009)

        Loren Acton flew on a 1985 NASA mission of the Space Shuttle Challenger. After reading Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution, Acton contacted Michael to let him know that the book inspired him to preach this sermon in his Methodist church in Montana. We then posted the sermon audio on this website. (posted February 2009)

        Draft of an 8,000 word chapter by Connie Barlow, contributed to a forthcoming book edited by Unitarian Universalist minister Fred Muir. The book is titled, Sleeping with the Fishes: Charles Darwin and the Spirit of Liberal Religion, and it will be published (by Skinner House Books) just in time to commemorate the 150th anniversary of publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin in November 2009. This chapter is Connie's summary of her work and philosophy in bringing the Epic of Evolution into religious education for children. (posted February 2009)

        A short proposal written by Connie Barlow to stimulate the funding and creation of a website to foster musician and videographer collaborations to produce a new form of music video to assist contemplation and sing-along at worship services of liberal churches, on the themes of evolution and ecology, from an interfaith perspective. This project was stimulated by ongoing music video creation by Connie, who is doing her own video work toward an 8-song DVD, in collaboration with singer-songwriter Peter Mayer. (posted January 2009)


        Singer-songwriter Keith Mesecher, with his band "The Cosmic All Stars," are now selling online a CD of the 5 participatory songs they led at the world's first evolutionary revival February 2008. The title song of this CD is "Thank God for Evolution." The CD is not only for evolutionary spirituality and liberal religious church events, but also just for listening, dancing, and aerobic exercise. (posted December 2008)

        In September 2007 Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow visited 2 sites in central Kansas that are superb places to pilgrimage in honor of the interior seaway that divided North America 80 million years ago and to get a visceral sense of the immense and amazing sea and land creatures of that time in the Mesozoic. (posted December 2008)

  • "The Evolutionary Times": a NEW PERIODIC E-ZINE
        Supported by proceeds from the sale of Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution, Dowd and his staff are now producing a free, periodic E-Zine. You can sign up for the E-Zine by registering at the "Join the Evolution" block on the homepage of the website. (posted December 2008)

  • Michael Dowd's BLOG ARCHIVE: The Evolutionary Evangelist

    Titles include: "A Story of Awakening (Teen Boys)" ♦ "Evolve or Perish" ♦ "I'm a Human with Mismatched Instincts" ♦ "Making Death Right" ♦ "The Unnaturalist Fallacy" ♦ "Teach Both Sides of What Controversy?" ♦ "Sex and the Olympics" ♦ "Evolution Theology: Religiion 2.0" ♦ "Why I Thank God for Charles Darwin" ♦ "Why Evangelize Evolution?" ♦ "Lizard Legacy Bites Three More Alphas" ♦ "Evolutionary Morality and Ethics" ♦ "Clergy Letter / Emerging Churches" ♦ "Thank God for the New Atheists and Creationists!" ♦ "The Gospel of Evolution" ♦ "Evolutionary Christianity" and many more

  • YouTube Tribute to the Hubble Deep Field
        Moving animation of the Hubble Telescope legacy, and how it shifts our sense of who we are in the Universe. (posted November 2008)

        President-elect Barak Obama has set up a website in which anyone can contribute ideas to help his presidency make the change. The site is Connie Barlow has long been making presentations to all age groups on how an evolutionary understanding of death shifts our view of end-of-life issues and helps us accept with gratitude our own mortality. Prompted by Obama's website, she finally put up a webpage on a radical proposal for a new opt-in group health policy that emerged from her evolutionary worldview. (posted November 2008)

  • New THOMAS BERRY DVD now available
        Caroline Webb and colleagues have just made available for online sale a new DVD with 2 short pieces ( 8 and 9 minutes) on and with Thomas Berry. Beautifully illustrated, and with superb narration and music, this is a must-have video for institutions to use for events on the Universe Story, Thomas Berry, and Ecozoic awareness. Price: $18.00 plus shipping. (posted October 2008)

        Cafe Press is now selling buttons, hats, tee-shirts, bumper stickers, tote bags, and coffee mugs that bear some of the main images of our work and Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution. Click the link in this title to browse the items and images. Connie Barlow gives the evolutionary brain buttons (pictured at left) to teens when she does her "Brain's Creation Story" for youth groups. They are a real hit with the young folk! Note: Although we are the store owners for this CafePress products site, we have chosen to use no mark-ups on the products. You will purchase them at cost. (posted September 2008)


    Connie and Michael always deliver sermons extemporaneously, but in August 2008, Connie wanted to produce a kind of manifesto for religious educators in her faith tradition: Unitarian Universalism. So she wrote out a sermon, titled, "Evolution Now: A Manifesto for Our UU Congregations." It is posted here on this website in PDF (and also on the church website, Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church of Bethesda, MD, in in PDF). But minutes before she was supposed to read her sermon, she reverted to a comfortable old habit: she walked away from the pulpit and launched into an entirely extemporaneous presentation of it instead. Later, she recorded it in mp3 AUDIO.
        Later in the autumn of 2008, she delivered an entirely new sermon in a church setting, available in audio here titled, "Evolution: Truth, Beauty, and Utility".
        Also available online is a VIDEO of Connie's sermon "Celebrating Evolution, recorded in June 2008 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canandaigua, NY. (Click on "Celebrating Evolution" in the left column of choices.) (posted August 2008)


    25 minute audio of "Thank God for Evolution" sermon delivered by Rev. Michael Dowd at First Unitarian of Dallas, 20 July 2008. (posted August 2008)

  • "4 Reasons Why Nothing Is More Important Than What We Think About Evolution

    This blogpost by Michael Dowd is now available in PDF on this website. (posted August 2008)

  • Michael Dowd and Thank God for Evolution on CNN
        Michael Dowd is interviewed live on CNN in New York City end of June 2008. His book is featured as part of discussion on the evolution v. creation controversy. The clip is now available on You-Tube. (posted July 2008)

  • 2 new SONGS to celebrate OUR BRAIN'S CREATION STORY

    For two years, Connie has been presenting in churches and schools a program called "Your Brain's Creation Story." She uses playful ways to teach about our evolved Quadrune Brain. Now she has posted two versions of songs she uses in these programs. (posted July 2008)

  • Astrophysicist Preaches Evolution on You-Tube
        Normally, we don't use this webpage for posting links to other websites, but this 9 minute YouTube video of Neil deGrasse Tyson is a gem. Click to be inspired by his personal story of how how he became a scientist and his peak spiritual experiences in doing science. (posted June 2008)

  • NEWS REPORTS on Michael Dowd's Thank God for Evolution
        19 June 2008 Viking/Penguin released the new hardcover edition of Dowd's Thank God for Evolution. The book website provides links to the news articles about it, including New York Times Magazine and Washington Post. August 2008 the book becomes available as an AUDIOBOOK. (posted June 2008)

  • New York Times Magazine article on Michael Dowd as evolutionary evangelist
        The 15 June 2008 New York Times Magazine includes an article titled "Darwinists for Jesus" that brings to national attention the ministry of Michael Dowd in Christian churches. The article also launches his new book, Thank God for Evolution, prominently into the science/religion debate at the highest level. (posted June 2008)

  • Free, downloadable STUDY GUIDE
        A STUDY GUIDE for the new book by Michael Dowd Thank God for Evolution! and its companion DVD by that same title is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD. There are two distinct versions: one for MIXED RELIGIOUS AND SECULAR GROUPS and another for CHRISTIAN groups. (posted March 2008)

  • New DVD: "Thank God for Evolution!"
        The companion dvd to Michael Dowd's acclaimed book, Thank God for Evolution! is now available for purchase online. This 2-disk set was filmed in audience settings and then richly supplemented with illustrations during the editing process. (posted March 2008)

        The world's first evolutionary revival attracted 150 enthusiastic participants to First Unitarian Church of San Diego. Initiated and organized by Keith Mesecher, Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd also played key roles in the celebratory event. (posted February 2008)

  • SONG: "In the Beginning"
        At the world's first evolutionary revival (above), Connie Barlow decided to sing rather than lecture on the science of stardust, as her introduction to performance of the dramatic script of the parable Startull: The Story of An Average Yellow Star". She wrote this chant-song the day before the event, projected the lyrics on the screen, and then sang it in the dark as the dramatic prelude to the parable performance. (posted February 2008)

  • LITANY: "It Matters What We Think About Evolution!"
        Michael Dowd has written a call-and-response LITANY that he now uses in his sermons and talks, based on his new book Thank God for Evolution! (posted January 2008)

  • "Zoey 101, Brain Science 101"

    On a guest blog, Connie Barlow writes about how evolutionary brain science can help us gain compassion for the foibles of ordinary human beings turned celebrities — and how this new science can help us avoid the same pitfalls in our lives and in the lives of our intimates. (posted January 2008)

  • 2 More Stories of Awakening

    People say amazing things! After our presentations on practical and sacred ways of taking mainstream evolutionary science into one's life and spirituality, people tell us profound stories of how these understandings have enhanced their own lives. The lastest two anecdotes (related to evolutionary brain science, stories #4 and #5) have just been posted on our main "Stories of Awakening" webpage. (posted January 2008)


  • "Jesus Loves Darwin" Clothing

    The website for Michael Dowd's new book, Thank God for Evolution!, now includes an opportunity for enthusiasts to purchase online caps, tee-shirts, coffee mugs, and bumper stickers with either of two logos: (1) the Jesus fish kissing the Darwin fish, or (2) the Christian fish symbol superimposed on a golden fossil fish. (posted October 2007)

  • Stardust Curriculum for Kids

    Connie Barlow has posted an 80-page pdf on this website from which you can print (for free) any or all of the components of a 12-session curriculum for religious educators, private school teachers, and homeschooling parents to use with their elementary-age students. This curriculum is based on 5 years of Connie's experience, bringing the wonders of cosmic science to kids in a variety of settings. It takes a long time to download this PDF, so be patient! (posted September 2007)

  • ""
        Michael Dowd's November 2007 book now has a splendid companion website, including a dynamic video book trailer and links to news articles that have since appeared about his book or our "evolutionary evangelism." You can also click on audio and video presentations by Michael on this theme and keep up on his thoughts and travels via Michael's new blog. The book has been endorsed by 6 Nobel laureates and many other scientific and cultural leaders. (posted September 2007)

  • Fabulous Radio Interview with Michael Dowd
        An August 2007 radio interview of Michael Dowd on Interfaith Radio can be freely listened to at the link above. (posted September 2007)

  • THOMAS BERRY audio & video

    A community of folk, including Caroline Webb, has posted a terrific new website that highlights in audio, video, and slideshows the profound influence Thomas Berry has had on the movement to regard life and humanity within a reverential cosmic context. (posted September 2007)

  • "NEW LOGO": Jesus fish & Darwin fish kissing

    Graphic artist Kevin Pease volunteered to donate his services in applying to the 2 sides and the back of our van this graphic that appears in Michael's forthcoming book, with the new website for that book beneath it: (posted June 2007)

  • "MENAGERIE OF THE MIND": a new evolutionary parable

    This new evolutionary parable by Connie Barlow is a playful introduction for adults and teens to the facets of our evolved "Quadrune Brain", which we like to call our Lizard Legacy, our Furry L'il Mammal, our Monkey Mind, and our Higher Porpoise. Scripts for 6 actors. This brings our total number of evolutionary parables to 16, 8 of which are scripted for dramatic readings/acting. (posted April 2007)

  • Sheet Music for 2 EVOLUTION SONGS

    Palm Sunday 2007, Connie presented the guest sermon at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, NC. Their minister of music, Dan Smith, had selected for the choir to sing two evolution songs from our website. He created lovely arrangements for them, and now the sheet music is available in pdf for anyone to use. One song is "I Love to Tell the Story", lyrics by Evelyn Pease Tyner, traditional melody. The other is "Praise Birth and Death Amid the Stars", lyrics by Connie Barlow, traditional melody. (posted April 2007)

  • "PETER MAYER SINGS The Great Story": CD

    Singer-songwriter Peter Mayer collaborated with us to produce a retrospective of 13 of his songs that celebrate the Epic of Evolution. His two most famous songs in this collection are "Blue Boat Home" and "Holy Now". You can listen to samples and purchase the CD through by clicking on the title above.

    "I was in tears when I first heard "Blue Boat Home." A year later, I wept again, on Earth Day Sunday, as I walked up the aisle of a church while 500 congregants sang Peter's words of praise to our beloved planet." — Connie Barlow

    (posted March 2007)

  • Unitarian Universalist AUDIO SERMONS

    Here you can access the webpages for on-stream or downloadable audio listening of some of the best sermons by Unitarian Universalist ministers. (posted March 2007)

  • PLUTO PARABLE is revised!

    In August 2006, the world's astronomers collectively decided to demote Pluto from the status of being a planet to that of a "dwarf planet". Thanks to a suggestion by Bella Downey, the parable is now revised to have the up-to-date science. Its new title: "Pluto's Identity Crisis." (posted March 2007)

  • "Of Black Holes and Hol-i-ness

    Paula Hirshboeck, author of "The Buddha Bowl parable", has written a second Great Story Parable. This one explores the science of black holes inn the context of psychological understanding of darkness and the divine feminine. (posted February 2007)

  • "River of Life" (40 element) Great Story Beads

    Connie has updated one of our most popular pages/activities, "Great Story Beads", to suggest a new version of the beads that celebrates the 40 events in "The River of Life" experience. (posted January 2007)



    Cathy Russell in Boulder CO has taken the initiative to post a terrific first set of linked pages for an "Epic of Evolution" entry on the Wikipedia. Join in the creative process of making this a fabulous introduction to this movement and its ideas. (posted November 2006)

  • New Stardust Ritual that incorporates THE BUDDHA BOWL parable

    Beth Fitzgerald has created and facilitated a new form of meditative ritual that celebrates our connection to ancestral stars that created the chemical elements in our bodies. She has made a number of excellent adaptations, including using "The Buddha Bowl" parable as central. (posted November 2006)

  • Fabulous quotations from the book View from the Center of the Universe


    Joel Primack and Nancy Abram's 2006 book is chock full of ideas that, as Connie Barlow enthuses, "can take our Universe Story from 2-D to 3-D". Here Connie has aggregated onto a single webpage her 45 favorite quotations drawn from this book. (posted October 2006)

  • Ancestors Meditation

    Created by Jon Cleland-Host as a meditational reading for an autumn Samhain ritual, this script images a journey back through time to visit significant forms and life conditions of our ancestors, and then continues back to our atomic ancestral origins in the chemical cauldrons of stars. (posted October 2006)

  • 6 SERMONS available ON-LINE (free)

    Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow have posted on this website 6 of their sermons for free, on-line downloading (in MP3). (posted September 2006)

  • Evolutionary Life e-newsletter

    Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow are collaborators and sponsors of the Co-Intelligence Institute's new bi-monthly free e-newsletter, Evolutionary Life. Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute is the editor and webmaster for it. (posted September 2006)

  • "The Gospel According to Evolution": SERMON by Michael Dowd

    Listen on-line or download a half-hour sermon delivered by Michael Dowd at the Unity Church of Christianity, Houston TX. Titled, "The Gospel According to Evolution", this sermon/lesson was delivered in the spring of 2006 and is available in MP3 AUDIO. (posted September 2006)

  • DANCE for "Spirit of Life" Song

    "Spirit of Life" is perhaps the most loved and sung piece in the Unitarian Universalist hymnal. Penny Wollan-Kriel of Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Springfield IL has created a simple and easy-to-learn dance for kids and adults. You can access a 4-minute VIDEO of the dance and instructions, by Penny herself. (posted August 2006)

  • "The River of Life SONG"

    Connie Barlow has created a playful song for adults and kids designed to teach in a celebratory way the same wondrous story as conveyed in The River of Life Ritual, which is based on Richard Dawkins' 2004 book, Ancestors' Tale. It can be used at the end of the ritual, or taught in sequence for a kids curriculum based on this same story. You can access both the 25 verse song and an audio sample to listen to the simple melody as sung. (posted August 2006)

  • Vol 3 of Born With a Bang Kids books now available

    In September 2006, "Mammals Who Morph" becomes available. This is the third and final volume in the award-winning kid's book series by Jennifer Morgan and Dana Lynne Andersen. You can access the author's website by clicking above, or go to any bookseller to purchase the new title. (posted August 2006)

  • Joint Sermon by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

    Listen to the audio of the sermon, "Cosmos, Mysticism, and Reverence for Life" that Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow delivered at the First Unitarian Society of Denver on July 30, 2006. (posted August 2006)

  • Stardust Chapter: Kids' Book of Awesome Stuff

    Here, for the first time, you can view and download Chapter 1 of Charlene Brotman's 6-chapter, acclaimed children's book. This first chapter ("Awesome Stuff #1") is titled, "We're Made of Star Stuff!" (posted July 2006)

  • Stories of Awakening

    The most moving way to glimpse the kinds of awakenings that happen when people are deeply moved by a sacred telling of the 14-billion-year evolutionary cosmos is by way of anecdotes. Sample this richly illustrated compendium of vignettes gleaned from four years on the road evangelizing "The Great Story". (posted July 2006)

  • Report of Great Story Travels for 3rd and 4th Years

    You can now access a short and richly illustrated report of Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow's prior two years on the road, telling "The Great Story." Included is a tally of the kinds and numbers of institutions that they presented talks at, as well as highlights of other accomplishments. (posted July 2006)

  • New DVD by Michael Dowd: "The Great Story"

    Michael Dowd has a new 4-hour DVD for general audiences that includes his most popular programs: Evolution's Arrow; Worldviews in Transition; The Next 250 Years — A Hopeful, Inspiring Vision; and Gifts of The Great Story. Filmed in 2005 before live audiences. Digitally enhanced with supplemental charts, photographs, and other illustrations. (posted June 2006)

  • A New Great Story Parable (about Stardust)

    Connie Barlow has written a new parable, "Startull: The Story of an Average Yellow Star," that celebrates the role that stars play: red giants creating carbon; blue stars for other complex atoms; average yellow stars for burning steadily enough to make life possible. Values include finding one's own gifts, trusting in the ways of the universe, learning that death is natural and important even for stars. The parable is in script form, intended for ADULTS or KIDS to act: 4 characters. (posted June 2006)

  • Curricula for Kids!

    We have finally created a page that lists links directly to all the programs and curricula on this website designed specifically for kids or teens. We also changed our home page to include a "Stuff for Kids!" link so you can go directly from there. (posted April 2006)

  • "The River of Life": An Evolutionary Experience

    Connie Barlow has created a second, more kid-friendly version of the original ritual ("Greet the Concestors") that was inspired by Richard Dawkins' 2004 book, Ancestor's Tale. "The River of Life" ritual is best conducted outdoors, and with 20 to 100 participants. (posted April 2006)

  • Illustrations for "COMING HOME TO NORTH AMERICA" Program

    Four more charts to illustrate the 65-million year history of animal evolution in and immigration to North America during the Cenozoic have been posted on this website. (posted April 2006)

  • "The Wonder of Evolution" (article in UU World)

    The cover story of the spring 2006 issue of the national magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association features the work of Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd — "itinerant evolutionary evangelists" — in bringing a sacred understanding of evolution into Unitarian Universalist circles, where it powerfully bridges the spiritual and philosophical diversity inherent in this liberal faith tradition. (posted February 2006)

  • "Evolution's Gospel" (Sermon by Michael Dowd)

    You can now listen online to a 30-minute sermon by Rev. Michael Dowd, delivered at the Unity Church of Woodinville, WA in Dec. 2005 (posted January 2006)


  • "Ancestor's Tale: A Ritual Pilgrimage through Time"

    Connie Barlow has sifted through Richard Dawkins' 2004 book, Ancestor's Tale, to extract a new RITUAL for experiencing the immense journey of life, which she calls "Greeting the Concestors". A concestor is an ancestor that we humans share with another living lineage of life. For example, Concestor #1 lived about 6 million years ago, and is the common ancestor of chimps and humans. Amazingly, only 40 concestors connect us humans with the very origin of life 3.8 billion years ago! (posted November 2005)

  • "Scablands" Sacred Site of the Epic of Evolution


    In the course of their travels, Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd made a pilgrimage to sites in Montana, Washington, and Oregon that tell the story of catastrophic floods of lava and glacial waters, and in so doing reveal that disastrous events can seed unexpected richness and beauty in the world — and in one's life. (posted October 2005)

  • "Sacred Sites of the Great Story"


    Photos, descriptions, and pilgrimage suggestions have been added for 4 new sacred sites: Dinosaur Ridge (CO); The Little Colorado River (CO); Darwin's Home (Sussex, England); and The Wall of Diversity (American Museum of Natural History, NYC). You can click on those pages from the main page of Sacred Sites. Read how to contribute a favorite Sacred Site of your own to this website! (posted August 2005)

  • List of Unitarian-Universalist BEST PRACTICES
  • In our 3+ years on the road, we (Connie & Michael) have given Sunday sermons and other talks in more than 150 Unitarian Universalist churches. Along the way Connie has kept track of the Sunday service components that we regard as exemplary, and we have just now posted this illustrated list on this website. (posted July 2005)


  •    We are the first culture in the history of humanity
    to be able to celebrate birthdays with particular birthday stars.
    For example Sirius is the birthday star for 8 year olds, because
    Sirius is 8 light-years distant from Earth. This means that when
    an 8-year-old gazes at Sirius, she is seeing how the star looked
    in the year she was born. Vega, at 25 light-years distant, is the
    anniversary star for couples celebrating their 25th year.
    (posted July 2005)

  • "We Gather Together" Grace Song by Philemon Sturges
  • Posted in memory of Philemon Sturges, an elder in the Epic of Evolution movement, who died in May 2005.

  • "Evolutionary Salon"
  • Michael Dowd initiated and served as chief organizer of an amazing gathering of leading evolutionary thinkers and activists, which took place in California (north of San Luis Obispo) May 12-16. For a synopsis and more photos, click here. (posted May 2005)


  • "Evolution's Evangelists", in Pan Magazine
  • Paul Harrison of World Pantheism organization captured the essence of our traveling ministry in this dynamic interview. PDF version is available on our website or via (posted April 2005)

  • San Francisco Chronicle Interview of Michael Dowd
  • A terrific interview with Michael was published in this influential newspaper on 25 April 2005, and can be read on the newspaper website by clicking above. (posted April 2005)

  • Universe Story Songs
  • We have been building the Songs component of this website for some time, but call your attention to it now. A week ago, Connie and Michael used a familiar song, "I Love To Tell the Story", lyrics rewritten by Evelyn Pease Tyner, during a chapel service they led at a convent in Wisconsin, and two weeks earlier, Connie used her "Praise Birth and Death Amid the Stars" at a conference of Unitarian Universalist ministers in Madison. Newest is "Death Lifted Us", written in honor of long-time Universe Story teacher Jack Heckelman, who has just been admitted to hospice care in his home in Minneapolis. (posted March 2005)

  • High Resolution Photo of THOMAS BERRY
  • During our visit to the home Lou Niznik and Jane Blewett in Maryland (both are long-time friends and colleagues of Thomas Berry), Lou gave us a high-resolution jpg of a photo portrait of Thomas Berry, which we have posted on this website so that now — finally! — anyone can download a high res (212 k) image of Thomas. (posted March 2005)

    low-res; click above for hi-res

  • "The Great Journey" - Ritual
  • Ursula Goodenough edited and reconfigured a ritual script originally written by Connie Barlow. She very successfully used this experiential process in a church setting for more than 100 participants. Here you can access Ursula's version in pdf. (posted February 2005)

  • "4-hr DVD: "Evolutionary Christianity"
  • Selections of the best of Rev. Dowd's high-energy presentations to various Christian audiences in 2004 are now available in high-quality DVD format: digitally filmed, imaginatively edited, and enriched with evocative and educational images and graphics. Available by mail as a 4-hour (2 disk) set for $29 + $4 shipping.
    (posted February 2005)



    PREVIEW Disk #1:  

      HIGH band-width  
      LOW band-width  
      AUDIO only  

      PREVIEW Disk #2:

      HIGH band-width  
      LOW band-width  
      AUDIO only  

  • Two new examples of GREAT STORY BEADS
  • See photos of two new sets of Great Story beads, and learn about how the creators of each used beads to signify relative time as well as major events. (posted January 2005)


  • Audio Clips of THOMAS BERRY reading from The Great Work
  • In 2000 Thomas Berry's book, The Great Work was published, and in 2001 Connie Barlow and John Cock recorded him reading 11 short passages. It is now possible for anyone with a computer and a phone link to experience the beauty of Thomas's own rendering of these inspiring words. (posted January 2005)


  • "Evolution's Arrow" DVD for general audiences
  • Michael Dowd's highly acclaimed talk on patterns in evolution that give rise to a realistically hopeful vision of the future was filmed at Unity Church of Dayton, Ohio, in 2004. Sections include "Worldviews in Transition," "Spiral Dynamics and Integral Thinking," and more. Available by mail as a 2-hour disk for $20 + $3 shipping. (posted January 2005)

  • "Swirling Chaos, Dancing Stars: An Intergenerational Service for the New Year"
  • This is a PDF of the text used for a special Sunday service on the stardust theme, written and conducted by Rev. Ruth Gibson, at First Universalist Church of Denver. (posted January 2005)

  • "The Star Within: An Ash Wednesday Service"
  • This is everything you need for duplicating in your church the Ash Wednesday service conducted in 2004 at Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis. Congregants are offered an opportunity to pledge to do something for Earth as well as the traditional opportunity to pledge to give something up during Lent. A short version of the Cosmic Creation Story is told, with an emphasis on how we were shaped from stardust. Thus in the ritual itself, congregants have a choice of having either glitter or ash placed upon their foreheads. Created and conducted by Rev. Dr. Paula Lehman and Rev. Sarah Griffith of Plymouth Congregational. Script available on-screen or in PDF. (posted January 2005)


  • "Torreya Guardians"
  • Connie Barlow is now webmaster of a new website,, which keeps her active in conservation biology, specifically the rewilding of America's most endangered conifer tree, the yew-like Torreya taxifolia. In the December 2004 issue of Wild Earth journal, Connie (with coauthor Paul Martin) are proposing "assisted migration" of this evergreen tree from its "native" range in Florida northward into the Appalachian Mountains. Why? Because, from a "deep time" perspective, they conclude that the tree became stranded in its peak-glacial "pocket refuge" in northern Florida. In a warming world, Torreya now needs human help to make the trip north. (posted December 2004)

  • "Evolutionary Christianity"
  • Michael Dowd is now webmaster of a companion website, Evolutionary Christianity is an integral vision of Christian faith that honors biblical and traditional understandings, conservative and liberal, while enthusiastically embracing an evolutionary worldview. It sees the entire history of the Universe and emergent complexity of matter, consciousness, culture, and technology in a sacred, God-glorifying way. Sample faith-enriching pages on how an evolutionary understanding strengthens core Christian concepts of God, the Gospel, and others; see his take on "Seven Post-Biblical Revelations"; use the "Resources" page to visit excellent related sites on the web. (posted November 2004)

  • "K - 12 Children's Programs"
  • We have just up-dated the list of programs pertaining to cosmic and life evolution that Connie presents for kids at schools, nature centers, and in liberal religious education settings. In addition to her traditional "We Are Made of Stardust" and "Coming Home to North America" programs, she has added a new program: "Who Loves Rhinoceros Poop?" (posted November 2004)

    Testing honey locust pods (a North American native) on one of the ancient animals they co-evolved with: rhinoceros! Rhinos lived in North America from 55 million to about 5 million years ago, when they mysteriously went extinct here.

    Now you can access from our website short video or audio clips of presentations by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, presented to Unitarian Universalist, Unity / New Thought, and Christian audiences. (posted October 2004)

  • "In Praise of North America" - by Thomas Berry
  • This inspirational oratory was previously published in EarthLight and EarthSpirit magazines. We have edited it for liturgical use, and suggest it as accompaniment to our North American Ritual. (posted August 2004)

  • "Beads for Telling the 65 Million Year Story of North America"
  • Two years ago we posted on this website directions for and examples of loops of beads for telling the 14 billion year story of Cosmos, Earth, Life, and Humanity. Now we also offer a shorter timeline (with abundant photographs) for those who wish to make a set of beads that tells the Cenozoic story of just the North American continent, beginning with the extinction of the dinosaurs. Represented are the comings and goings mostly of mammals, in this "Age of Mammals", but also some trees, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. A loop of North American beads can be used as a tool for contemplation, as a kinesthetic way to learn the story, and as an easy set of "notes" for telling the story to others without having to rely on a script. (posted July 2004)

    Bears, felid cats, and mastodons immigrate to North America from Asia during the Miocene epoch. Small green spacer beads distinguish the Miocene from other epochs in the Cenozoic Era. The small red beads surrounding the bear and cat beads signify carnivores.

  • "Death as Natural, Generative, and Pervasive in the Cosmos"
  • Here you can view the chart and read the explanation for how 5 centuries of work in geography, geology, paleontology, evolutionary biology, embryology, cell biology, and astronomy / astrophysics have opened our eyes to the importance of death as not only utterly natural (at all scales: from cells to organisms to continents to stars and to galaxies) but also as creative, as generative of new levels of complexity. Connie uses this chart in many of her workshops, and for a Unitarian Universalist sermon she sometimes presents: "Death in the Heavens for Life on Earth." (posted July 2004)

  • "Worldviews in Transition"
  • A major part of Michael Dowd's public presentations is the teaching of how worldviews have shifted through time, from a Medieval worldview in the west to the now-dominant "Mechanistic" worldview. Underway, however, is a shift from a mechanistic understanding of Earth and Cosmos to one of "Nested Creativity," in which creativity is seen as present and pervasive at all scales of the cosmos, from subatomic to galactic. God is no longer regarded merely as an otherworldly, transcendent "divine watchmaker" but is now also fully present and personal as the creative impulse that pervades all. (posted July 2004)

  • "We Are Made of Stardust!" Teaching Tools for Kids Programs
  • Connie has finally gotten around to putting up on this website the 10 components of the Stardust Story she uses with kids; written in a form so that anyone can teach the story (posted May 2004).

    Connie created this New Periodic Table of Elements to show that hydrogen appeared right after the Big Bang, that helium is created inside our sun, that ancestral Red Giant stars produced most of the atoms of oxygen that we breathe, that ancestral Super Blue Giant stars forged all the calcium in our bones, and that all the heavy metals (like gold) flashed into existence in the instance of supernova explosions. All this was what scientists discovered, beginning in 1957.

  • "Our Second Year of Telling the Great Story On the Road"
  • A fun, informative, and fabulously illustrated report of people, experiences, and ideas, while on the road, telling The Great Story of 14 billion years of cosmic creativity (posted April 2004).

  • "Let There Be Sight! A Celebration of Convergent Evolution"
  • Mainstream science shows that the epic of evolution is more soundly interpreted as producing forms, functions, and innovations that are in many ways inevitable, thus countering Stephen Jay Gould's contention that the pageant of life is bereft of meaningful patterns. 18 pages of background science (PDF), rich in examples, written by Connie Barlow in June 2003 (revised version posted March 2004).

  • "Seven Post-Biblical Revelations"
  • A 2-page flier in PDF, written by Michael Dowd in September 2003 (revised version posted April 2004). Outlines 7 fundamental truths about the nature of reality destined to impact science, religion, and the humanities. For people of all faiths and philosophical backgrounds.

  • "Coming Home to North America"
  • Four versions (3 for adults, one for kids) of Connie's scripts for learning the 65 million year story of the North American continent in fun, participatory, and reverential ways. Connie developed the first version for her own use in presentations on the road in the summer of 2002. In March 2004 she posted a "how-to" page that allows anyone in North America to select a version right for any size of group in any situation, and to facilitate its unfolding with participant volunteers.


  • "Evolutionary Parables: Scripts for Performing"
  • In 2003, Connie converted 4 of the dozen multi-author parables on our website into PDF-downloadable scripts, thus enabling anyone to facilitate parables performances in groups large and small. Consistently, audiences tell us that this is a favorite part of our Great Story presentations, wherever we go.

    Left: "Pluto, the Adopted Planet." Right: "Ozzie & the Snortlefish"

  • "Programs by Michael and Connie on their Great Story Tour"
  • Constantly updated and revised, click here for now-illustrated lists of presentation topics, categorized for educational institutions, various faith traditions, and others.

  • "Annotated Timeline of Cosmic Evolution"
  • A 23-page document in PDF, which makes our 14 billion year timeline easily downloadable. This is our most accessible version, especially for use in assembling Great Story Beads. You can still access the longer, html version too.

  • "Photos"
  • In addition to finding a host of photographs of people, events, and places taken on tour in our travel reports, we have added a number of pictures of us (some high-res) to our own photos page, suitable for publicity use by organizations who host our events.

  • "Itinerary of Upcoming Events"
  • Constantly updated, here is the best way to see when we will be speaking in your neck of the woods (or prairie, or desert). We also have archived our list of past events.

  • "Charts, Maps, Graphics"
  • You will notice by browsing around on this website that a great many pages are now supported by graphics. As well, we have a new section that enables anyone to view and download the charts, maps, and other graphics that we use in our presentations.


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